Watch Batista's Heel Turn Promo On This Week's WWE Smackdown

WWE has posted Batista's heel turn promo on their official YouTube channel following this airing of this week's episode of Smackdown. You can watch it at this link or embedded below:

The decision to turn Batista finally came after Elimination Chamber when Vince McMahon was described as "past upset." As we reported in our backstage PPV notes, the attempt to get Batista over as a babyface in Minneapolis could have been Vince's breaking point.

  • Adam

    I didn’t find this promo impressive whatsoever.Batista holds no interest to me whatsoever, his line about dismantling all the fans heroes sounded like a watered down Bray Wyatt promo.I watched Batista’s then fast forwarded to Bray’s its sad the difference between the 2.For such a “star” Batista’s return has been a huge flop.

    • Jonathan Salcido

      It’s called bad booking. Plus I don’t ever remember Batista being great on the stick. So I’m not sure why the Wyatt comparison.

      • Scott Davies

        Batista’s best mic work was when he was a Heel in 2010. So I think this will save him.

      • Adam

        It was more when he said about destroying all the crowds heroes.It just struck me as something Bray has been saying for a while now.Just my opinion that’s what it reminded me of.

    • thepowerserge

      I don’t know why you’re comparing him to Bray when, in reality, it seemed more like Bitchtista has been stealing promo notes from Ryback.

  • kingdook24

    I hope Vince learns from this that him thinking he can just bring back an old past star for a short stint, as well for a big payout @ WM is what fans want to see. Fans are getting smarter now. I’ve been saying this for a while now – WWE has done this with the Rock now… TWICE. And the only reason why it worked with the Rock… just my opinion… is because it was against John Cena, and people were seriously hoping & ‘praying’ Cena was going to turn heel. But Cena made valid point, whether it was a work or shoot, about Rock saying he was back & never going away… umm… The Rock left. And I’m pretty sure that after Batista’s 2-year deal is up, he’s probably gone, too. And WWE editing out the “We Want Ziggler” chants doesn’t help Batista either – it makes it worse. WWE can’t hide from this – they don’t want Batista at WM, or anywhere near the title.

    I’m pretty much convinced now that everything that has happened (the reactions at the Royal Rumble… Daniel Bryan not being in the Rumble… Batista’s failed return… Cole’s comments about Bryan being screwed by HHH @ EC… Bryan doing Backstage Pass, talking about being disrespected by HHH & the Authority, etc…) All this, no matter how ‘real’ and ‘true’ this may all be, they have worked it all into a storyline, so WWE is benefiting off Bryan being overlooked, overshadowed & held back from the title.

    I’ve said this many times & I’ll say it again… The WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WM with Randy Orton & Batista is going to be a disaster. You have two people in this match that NOBODY wants or CARES for. In these type of matches, you gotta have somebody to cheer for and what’s going to happen is if WWE goes through with this… either TWO things will happen – it WILL, not may – it WILL, make Randy Orton the face simply because of how Batista has been booked & has overshadowed Daniel Bryan’s success OR everyone will just crap all over this because nobody wants Orton/Batista. The way this match can be saved, I know this idea has come up several times so I take no credit for this idea:

    Make the Bryan/HHH match a qualifying match for Bryan to added in the WWE WHC match.
    Then, make the WWE WHC match a Triple Threat OR you can still have the match with Orton/Batista, and the winner will go on face Bryan.

    That’s the only way to save this match, IMO.

    • Danny_Boy

      Fans aren’t getting smarter, they’re actually getting dumber. They are paying money to watch a show just to NOT enjoy and dump on everything. How is that smart? If some fans don’t like the product or the people getting pushed then don’t pay the money to see it. That would be the smart move, but I wouldn’t expect that from the yes movement b/c it’s full of morons

      • Snap

        You can’t really generalize like that. Sure, there is likely a portion who have no intention of being happy or enjoying the product yet still pay to watch the show, but there are likely others who honestly WANT to enjoy the show and, I know this may be an incredibly difficult concept to grasp, WWE may drop the ball.

        I agree with your point that not dropping money on the product you’re not particularly enjoying would be the smartest move and it’s one that I employ myself, The only money I have put into recent WWE projects have been the recent video games and that has been largely due to the retro elements included in them.

        Ultimately, I find RAW to be too long at three hours each week and, to be honest, there are other things during that time period which I would rather be watching, thus if there is something I find interesting on RAW, I would usually see it on a replay or a DVR recording. While I hope the product improves, I am not one of those who are blindly clamouring for a return to the Attitude Era of blood, swearing and raunch. I just don’t particularly enjoy the current product and not even Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt or The Shield can save it for me. There’s always hope, though.

    • AB

      The Rock’s return also worked much better because…well, he’s The Rock. He’s one of the biggest names and most popular wrestlers in the history of the business. If WWE was thinking they could get the same reactions with Batista, they were either underestimating The Great One or overestimating The Animal.

    • Scott Davies

      Batista is back fulltime

  • Kleck

    Time to deal with it

    • Glass Jellyfish

      Deal With It shirts coming soon.

  • Scott Davies

    Good job WWE universe. Vince is probably balling his eyes out on his Official WWE Superstar pillow case with An awkward stare down between Bastista & John Cena. Shame on you he wants you to cheer them both. lol

  • EvilMenace666

    I really don’t like Daniel Bryan at all…no reason at all just can’t stand his gimmick the YES chants his Girlfriend/fiance,the way he looks like a bad episode of Duck Dynasty, I don’t get it never will get it what idiots see in this NERD!

  • Padres4life

    why can’t they just embrace Bryan? is it really that tough for them? i’m seriously wondering what the problem is…i just don’t get it! can anyone help me with this?

    • Glass Jellyfish

      I’m not sure what the reason is, but I do believe that if they hold off much longer people are going to lose interest. The WWE seems to think its doing something awesome by dragging Bryan along because the crowd loves him so much, but if they don’t let him get the payoff soon the crowd isn’t going to stick around. They might not be embracing him for something as dumb as “insert big name here” doesn’t like him. The company is run like a playground so what’s best for business doesn’t matter much, it appears.