Watch Derrick Bateman's Newest Vignette As "The USA Guy" Here

WWE and several Superstars are using Twitter to promote the newest vignette for The USA Guy, played by Derrick Bateman. The video, which ends with the phrase "Shock and Raw," is embedded below:

Click here to watch the first vignette.

  • Kings of Wrestling

    Um, Really?

  • themcdangler

    Wtf did I just watch

    • eurosario

      I second that thought

  • Lyrik

    And people thought the spirit squad was bad.

    • Rob

      What you talking about people he’s a man of action, a man of eagles,a man who does think and a man who’ll make us hold out flag poles!!! ( obvious innuendo)

      • _JIM_

        Don’t forget dogs and chicks! Lol. I wonder if he is related to Mr. America?

  • keagan

    I found it pretty funny myself. I like the randomness of it all

  • christopher525

    This takes me back to the old days of Val Venis, I actually like it.

  • Ken

    "Who is the USA Guy?" asks the video. I'd say Batman by the sounds of the music used.

    This could be one of the funniest gimmicks to come out of Creative in many a year. It looks like a complete p-i-s-s take of everything Americana, and so far I love it. He could be one of my favourite characters.
    Over the top, blindly patriotic to the point of absurdity, 'doesn't waste time thinking things through' (I love that one, that is SO very typically American), and eagles too! Eagles are cool.

    If this goes how I think it's going to go, chances are Derrek will be cheered blindly by a large portion of the fanbase who simply see the red, white, and blue pattern on his trunks and who haven't the sense to realise that they're being mocked.
    If it goes how I think it's going to go, that is. That would be the smart way to go.
    This 'The USA Guy' character is so heel-trying-to-be-face that his character almost writes itself.
    If Bateman comes out and simply channels Hacksaw Duggan then this will be such a letdown. He needs to be Dugganesque in his demeanour but in such a sarcastic, exaggerated way that eventually even die-hard patriots realise they're being mocked.

    Please, WWE Creative, please, do the right thing on this one.

    • Rob

      Quite racist there ken

      • Ken

        Never have I brought race into the matter at all, you muppet. Nationality, perhaps, but not race.
        For clarity, American's aren't a race. Just as the British aren't a race, and the French aren't a race, and so on and so forth. They're nationalities, and like it or not there ARE certain national traits that tend to dominate.

        Brits, for example, tend to be binge-drinking chavvy alcoholics who passionately despise anyone who's claimed success in their life, and blinded to the fact that their once-great society is spiralling into an abyss. I'm a Brit, I don't fit the stereotype, but if someone assumed I was I'd understand, because so many British people are.
        Americans are fiercely patriotic to the point of maniacal hysteria at times, completely convinced of their own superiority even when all evidence to the contrary indicates otherwise and love to impose that upon others because American cannot be wrong because it's America, and often tend to be religiously fanatical to the point of the absurd. Not all, but enough that it becomes a stereotype.

        These things aren't racial. They're not inherent to a person's physical makeup, and have nothing to do with skin colour or genetic heritage, and so on.
        They're societal, they arise from how people are taught and raised, and each country on Earth has its own identity in that regard.

        To just classify everything as being racist really underscores your ignorance over what the term racist actually means, and to classify Americans as a race unto themselves comes very close to blind arrognce.

        Quite stupid there Rob.

        • Kevin

          Wow! Way to channel Damien Sandow! That initial post, and then your response to the imbecile Rob, were both so eloquently written. I could actually hear Damien Sandow's voice as I read your words. Excellent work, Ken, excellent work. As an American, I must say that I do agree with you; Americans do tend to be fiercly patriotic and completely convinced of our own superiority. As a country, America has made quite a few enemies of other countries because of our "We are the best" attitude. We are, in the eyes of thousands and thousands of other people around the world, quite stuck on ourselves. We are brash, arrogant, and self-centered. The reason first Pearl Harbor then the Twin Towers in New York were even able to happen is because we were so arrogant as to believe that it COULDN'T. And religious fanaticism runs rampant in this country.

          Ah, but enough of this diatribe. I agree with you: if WWE creative does this right, The USA Guy could very well be one of the funniest gimmicks we've seen in years. It seems to me The USA Guy could be the love child of Lex Luger and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. We'll just have to wait and see if the powers that be do him right.

      • British bulldog

        HAHAHAHAHAHA feel a bit silly now do ya’ rob??

        • Ken

          He probably doesn't. I was probably a little too subtle for him. Another common trait of Americanism is a blatant inability to understand anything not underlined several times in big flashing neon lights with sirens and instructions as to how they should react. It makes subtlety, complexity, and sarcasm a little difficult at times.

          Still, it's not their fault. It's how they were raised. They're American, after all.

          Boo Yah!

  • Chris

    I concur it was pretty legit

  • jdl

    Ironically, if this was for a Canadian, IE "The Canadian Guy"… he'd be a heel, even though Canada is completely unheel.

  • Bishop

    I thought it was hilarious. Move over “Lex Express” and the Patriot….Derrick Batmane is here to save us

  • Pat

    Confused but I like it!

  • Patrick Peralta

    oh brother you have got to be kidding

  • Monty

    Seems like Denis Leary’s character in his Asshole song.
    I think itll be hilarious, but I don’t think it’ll work. A 21st century USA might be ready to have an African American President, but they aren’t ready to have a little giggle at themselves.
    Good on creative for having a go. Hope it works. Wish Colt Cobana was able to play thy role. He’d shine.

  • Jase

    As the great Booker T says:

  • ruisliptiger

    America doesn't deserve Bateman. He's far to good for you.