Watch The Latest Vignette For Derrick Bateman As “The USA Guy” Here

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The latest vignette for The USA Guy, played by Derrick Bateman, has been posted to YouTube. The video, which reveals his face, is embedded below:

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    My blood is red, my veins are blue and Im white THE USA GUY ( should be his catchphrase)

  • woolf

    so are they ever gona debut him as this

  • jdl

    Is this Bateman trying something on his own, or is this actually the WWE's work? Either way, it's a wee bit stupid.

  • Bishop

    Is this something he is just doing on his own for fun or is this going to be his persona/gimmick/character?

  • carrie

    damn…he not even wrestled yet and hes already got haters…lol….he couldnt b any worse than some of the clown n wwe already (ie: ryback, damien sandow, tensai…omg…really?)