What You Didn't See On Last Night's WWE Raw Supershow

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CM Punk beat Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE Championship in a dark match main event after last night's WWE Raw Supershow went off the air. After the match, Kane came out but on his way to the ring John Cena attacked him. Kane countered but Cena ended up hitting the Attitude Adjustment.

  • jan labenz

    i wish they would show us everything that happens instead of waiting until it goes off the air that doesnt seem right.

    • jan labenz

      why do they wait until they are off the air to show all of that other stuff

      • WyFo

        It’s really just to give the live crowd something a little extra.

      • All the good stuff is off the air

  • brada619

    man i hate it when they do dat they should show the whole show

  • brada 619

    we dont care about kane or cena we want rey mysterio

  • brada 619

    we the wwe universe should have live shows every knight