What You Didn't See On Tonight's Raw Supershow - 41-Man Battle Royal

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After tonight's WWE Raw Supershow went off the air, there was a 41-man Battle Royal dark match main event. The match featured some developmental names including Eli Cottonwood. Dolph Ziggler won the match then got a shot at the WWE Championship against CM Punk.

Punk went over Dolph Ziggler in the second dark match main event after hitting the GTS to retain the WWE Championship.

  • Shannon Sylvia

    i was at the show and the crowd was ticked off when dolph won cause that's not the right decision. they thought ryder was gonna win this one.

    • Matt scott

      I forgot when a heel who the crowd don’t wanna win it’s the wrong call. Damn it, knew WWE rejected my application for a reason!

    • diddy

      if it had been Ryder who the battle royale and he lost to cm punk the fans would be ticked off as they would be thinking Zack should have beat Punk

  • Greg

    Was Orton in the battle royal?