What You Won't See On Smackdown, NHL Players Talk Wrestlemania, Sean Waltman & Marty Jannetty Interviews

- Big Show beat World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan via disqualification in a dark match main event after last night's Smackdown taping in Omaha, Nebraska. The DQ was caused by interference by Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. Show took them out after the match and Bryan left with AJ.

- Jim Varsallone interviewed Florida Panthers players about their love for WWE and Wrestlemania XXVIII in Miami. You can check out the cool feature at this link.

- We were asked to plug shoot interviews with Sean Waltman and Marty Jannetty. Due to explicit language we aren't embedding the video but you can watch it at this link.

  • Dan

    Oh god, “due to explicit language”.. Come on Richard, this is the Internet.. I guess tou’re going PG as well?

    • GODSENT83

      Always had been

    • Mike

      Much more professional to do that and give people the choice about viewing it rather than thinking "Well…this is the internet so people can deal with it"

      • Dangerous Lee

        But you still have to click on it first whether or not it is embedded…..

    • gpturbo81

      just proof of how sensitive and afraid the world is becoming

  • wanderthewastes

    *marty jannety voice* You know wut I’m talkin bout?

  • Doug

    I remember about 2 or 3 years ago you imbedded a link to very explicit photos of Matt Stryker in a towel and less. I always thought that was in poor taste but perhaps that was done by mistake.

  • Thumpa

    Richard seems like a typical god fearing American, very odd people you lot.

    • Jackson

      That’s just an ignorant thing to say! I’m not the president of the Richard Gray fan club but here’s the bottom line, his site, his rules, his wishes, if you don’t like it then get out, simple as that. Another thing, what’s wrong with fearing God? He’s the almighty, He’s the one that ultimately decides if you live or die, prosper or fail! Now if your athiest than I feel bad for you. Sorry, I’m not here to start trouble but what you said was just ignorant.

      • XKonn247

        I’m an atheist. Why feel sorry for me? I don’t give a crap what you believe in. In fact, I think a book that preaches sexism and homophobia should be banned altogether. Just me though.

      • dan

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! who's the ignorant one now? A) you know nothing about atheism, obviously, B) your religious antics are prejudice in itself by segregating others for their beliefs… but this isn't nearly the time or place to discuss this.

  • the_prototype

    You guys need the chill out. If there’s a video that Richard doesn’t want embedded on his website, so be it. It’s not like he’s stopping you from exercising your right to watch it.