Why Christian Didn't Appear For TNA, Punk vs. Ryback, Bringing Back The Cruiserweight Title, Sin Cara's Spot

Why did Christian not make a second appearance for TNA at Bound for Glory weekend? Wasn't this the reason WWE was holding him off television?

We reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com last Monday that Christian's scheduled appearance at the inaugural TNA Hall of Fame Ceremony was "in doubt." He ended up not appearing and while we haven't heard the reason why, it would be naive to assume it didn't have to do with TNA's ongoing litigation against WWE. Vince McMahon had issued a directive that Christian was not to be featured prominently on WWE programming until after he appeared with TNA. After we ran the report, word got out that Christian had shoulder surgery. We believe this was done to show WWE wasn't acting in bad faith and it was actually an injury that had sidelined Christian. The procedure was outpatient and generally seen as a scapegoat.

It's set. CM Punk vs. Ryback for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell. What are your thoughts?

This match is impossible to book. If CM Punk goes over, the entire "feed me more" gimmick is dead on arrival. If Ryback goes over, CM Punk is no longer a viable opponent for The Rock [at Royal Rumble] and Ryback is unproven as a main eventer, much less the WWE Champion. I heard there was talk of utilizing Brock Lesnar to program against Ryback if they went with this match but this would create a similar problem, as Lesnar vs. Ryback would be impossible to book. Just as Ryback has begun to turn the corner, WWE has backed into one that is going to be hard to get out of.

With WWE Saturday Morning Slam being marketed towards a younger audience, and many kid-friendly fast-paced superstars, do you think WWE could bring back the cruiserweight title, restricting it only to the show?

As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, there was actually a plan pitched to revamp WWE Saturday Morning Slam into the "cruiserweight show" originally tapped for the WWE Network. The show would be built around Sin Cara as the top name and feature the return of the Cruiserweight Championship. Whether or not it happens depends on the program's success and the ability to expand to a full hour on the CW Network.

How is Sin Cara seen backstage now? Obviously, he has had his fair share of botches, but he is one of the guys that really draws me to the show. Is he still considered a pet project to Triple H? Surely the projected match between him and Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania must signify some sort of confidence in him?

Despite all of the Sin Cara detractors, he has a spot in the company because of his marketability towards WWE's younger audience. Read the question above and you can all but see Vince McMahon considers masked workers as a marketing paradise on a show geared towards children. So while there is and has been considerable heat on Cara, the PG initiative has clearly benefitted him.

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  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard here is how the hiac match will play out.. Lesner will help punk escape the cage and they will leave meaning the match ends without a winner. Ryback and Cena will team to take on Brock and Punk at survivor series than Cena and Punk at tlc with punk winning than going on to face the Rock at rumble… That’s how I would book it

    • mjledesma

      that sounds good.

    • Wainwright

      Wow. That sounds pretty good. And logical, you know what That means…

      • CrankyVince

        WWE won’t do it. Creative has got their head far up Stephanie McMahon’s ass…

      • snap

        Logic has NO place in WWE? Sadly, it seems to be the case far too often. Let’s hope WWE doesn’t disappoint with this one.

    • joe

      Great idea except i'd lean to a fatal-four-way between Cena, Brock, Punk and Ryback at survivor series so the title isnt forgotten about it the lead up.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Like I said in earlier Ask WNW, Ryback is very overrated yet he still got nothing to prove, still he's been given a main event caliber match at Hell In The Cell. Ryback is going to fall flat after Hell In The Cell, trust me. Now, who's with me?

    • smithmiester

      No one

    • ain't witcha there ray

    • donny

      I'm with u

  • Ricky

    I think WWE should have made it a Triple Threat Match with Cena playing a small role. That way Punk could pin Cena and keep his title and not make Ryback look weak. If they go like this the only way I see getting out of it is a 5 man Elimination match at Survivor Series with Team Ryback vs team Lesnar and Lesnar either getting DQed or Counted out to save face.

    • Ray

      Yep. Should of been a triple threat. Hell in a cell is now a throw a way ppv.

    • Duckfannaz

      No way could it be a triple threat. Cena would have to hook up with Ryback at some point in the match. And who would get the better of who?

  • jjjj

    Here's how I'd book Ryback/Punk. Recycle the match that never happened, when Jericho beat Trips for the title. Punk's already got a feud going with the refs, so it only makes sense that after he loses Punk flips out on the ref and intimidates him into reversing the decision.

  • antgilroy

    I disagree.. I think they can book the punk as follows… lesnar hides under ring comes out they lock the cell beat up on ryback cena comes out … start of a 5-5 at survivor series

  • Lee Wilson

    To the first poster on here hiac isn’t a cage you can’t excape over the side of a cell.

    • Me.

      The door has been opened/removed before. Spots in several HIAC matches have been outside the cage.

      To think that they have a no finish in a HIAC match isn't that far fetched. Sure, it's never been done and may weaken the image of HIAC slightly, but it's not an impossibility. It's probably better in this situation than either wrestler going over.

      • kelvin

        The guy clearly said “Lesnar will help punk escape the cage”. What he meant was Lesnar will help Punk win

  • ou812

    Ryback is certainly turning a corner… The same corner that kozlov and big zeek turned.

  • steve2

    So should some of the underutilized workers put on masks in order to get pushed?

  • Scottyo614

    I am hoping for the spectacular finish. Won't get it, but hoping… Something like Punk hitting a couple GTS' but how about Ryback on the first kicks out at 1. Make it something so rare no one forgets. Then power out of the anaconda vice… Finishing with going through the cell in which he finally keeps ryback down long enough for a W. You can keep both strong in this situation, just have to avoid Rock vs. Brock at Rumble or Ryback vs. Rock at rumble IMO.

  • “The Nightmare”

    Ryback over Punk right now is almost career suicide! Almost, don’t hate on that! Ryback, although not that “new” to the sceen has yet to have an opponent that has “pushed” him to a long match. He’s been “fed” tons of inhancment wrestlers to squash, and only a handful of SuperStars to get his name out there more, henceforth the Goldberg chants. If you remember WCW did something similar to it with him as well. He flourished after that, but I don’t see the same with Ryback.
    The career suicide part is that of Punk’s. If he goes under he looses some, not all, credibility if by being the “guy who lost to Ryback” if Ryback does not pan out from this point on. Look at the Miz, in a way he didn’t pan out past his WrestleMania headline and has just now started to gain it back more every week.
    I say Punk goes over or, to keep the streak, have a Dusty finish and continue onto RAW the next night.

  • The Breaker

    I'm not excited for Punk vs Ryback, because it is guaranteed the match won't have a finish without interference of some sort. That said, I'm glad they didn't decide to throw Cena out there again in his condition. Hell in a Cell isn't a big enough PPV that they should be willing to risk his availability long-term, especially because there are some huge ones coming up that he'll need to be at. Last night, they used Cena the best way they could– to get Ryback over. In terms of build (considering the circumstances surrounding Cena), they've done all they can to push Ryback as a viable challenger. It's actually pretty amazing that they've successfully built him into such a believable threat in about six months, especially after the "failed experiment" known as Tensai. I don't even think people were buying into Sheamus when they first pushed him to the moon.

  • tngbeard

    I see something happening next Monday that moves Ryback out and Cena in to HITC. Maybe even turning Ryback heel and joining Heyman.

  • Thebigbowboskie

    I’m interested in punk vs ryback
    But rybacks type of match is beat them up in under 5 minutes so as the main event I’m interested to c how they script this match

  • Mark3man

    Mmmm I think ryback needs a mouth piece. I would have a screwy finish with ryback joining heyman. therefor neither loses and then can build up ss. team heyman v team McMahon. Something like this is right up heymans street. it also gives punk an exit from heyman sometime near royal rumble by Paul e turning on punk.

    • Duckfannaz

      Ryback is a face. Way to much time was invested in this guy to get him over. Whether or not he is,, well that’s open to argument. No way is he going to be heel and join Heyman.

  • Brian

    It’s impossible to book if the matches were to end clean…they won’t. Lesner will interfere in the Ryback/Punk match….Triple H can end up helping Ryback go over dirty on Lesnar at SS…this sets up a HHH/Leanar 2 and Ryback is still untouched for taker vs Ryback at WM…punk is still untouched for the rock…set

  • Jose

    Maybe they will have ryback win at hiac then lose it at surviver series?

  • Kyle

    Cm Punk vs Ryback and towards the end of the match Brock Lesnar comes out, rips the cage door open and delivers a F5 to ryback and out cm punk over him. Then at Survivor Series make it Team Heyman vs. Team McMahon with it being Cm Punk, Brock Lesnar, & 3 other superstars vs John Cena, Ryback, & 3 other superstars and make that the main event of Survivor Series. Maybe add something like winner gets control of company or Raw(in that case make AJ apart of the match because she has a feud with Heyman & Punk right now)

  • that_one_guy

    Im a huge cm punk fan but i can really see ryback winning the title but this is how i would book it: have punk and ryback detrory each other to the point they can’t get up before the 10 count then on raw have heyman brag about cm punk retaining the champion then have ryback stalk heyman then at the end of the show ryback catches him put him in the ring than cmpunk try to mak only for ryback to cotlhsline him then when ryback picks heyman up for finsher brock music hits he walks to the ring cm punk blind side ryback they jump than cena runs out for save thus setting up the classic SS match

    • that_one_guy

      Sorry about the misspelt words i was rushing lol

    • mario

      that is actually good

  • Btb

    A big part of Punks gimmick is the streak. This one needs a screwy finish. I was originally booking it as a triple threat where Ryback turned on cena and joined a Heyman stable.

    As for Lesner, I would personally like to see him built up, beating all the big names up until wrestlemania. Monster Lesner versus UT at wrestlemania?

  • Joe

    Cena has said injured or not he will appear at Hell in a Cell. Cena will enter the cage and help Ryback win the belt. It's all going to be something for Punk to complain about and it will protect him for a showdown with The Rock since he didn't lose clean. TLC is where Punk gets his rematch and wins a Ladder or TLC match to regain the title. Ryback loses without being pinned. Sets up Rock/Punk at the Rumble while protecting Punks credibility by having him losing in screwjob finish and protecting Rybacks undefeated streak.

  • Howard Stern

    Punk has to beat JBL's title run, so it's obvious that Cena will join Punk and Heyman and help destroy Ryback.

  • alex

    Has anyone ever thought about a Stone cold Steve Austin possible interference?? That would be something that’ll totally blow us away!!

  • partyjereme

    I never understood how Ryback losing a match will somehow kill his "feed me more" gimmick, that just doesn't make any sense to me.

  • Jamie

    Honestly I thought it was going to be a triple threat Punk would pin Cena, but now i have a feeling lesnar is gonna interfere and srew Ryback setting up for Lesnar Vs Ryback and Punk Vs Rock at the Rumble, maybe Austin will screw Punk at the Rumble giving The Rock the title and then Ziggler cashes in..? I dunno seems a bit long winded by I like it

  • jim parks

    goldberg breaks into the cage and destroys both of them

  • Mr.Kevo

    If there ever was a time to turn Cena heel I would say do it at HIAC. In order to protect both Punk and Ryback a simple solution would be to have Cena come in and look like he's about to help Ryback and then turn on him giving Punk the victory. This would set up a Cena-Ryback feud and leave Punk for his feud with the Rock. We can also still get Lesnar-HHH at Survivor Series also.

    I think this would be the best way to book the match because it would protect both wrestlers and help elevate Ryback more with a feud with Cena. I realize that this would never happen but the only other way I can see this working is if Lesnar interferes and this would only set up a Lesnar-Ryback feud which would be a lot worse and even harder to book. Regardless I think Punk needs a dirty win and I think the way to do this effectively without making Ryback look too weak, is to have someone interfere in the match.