Why Punk & Not Ziggler, Mysterio's Career Over?, Cena The Next WWE Champion, Hogan & Bischoff's Motives In TNA

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You've said before that if CM Punk was to beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania and ended the streak it would propel and solidify him for the future. While I agree with that what I don't get is Punk is already a top guy. Wouldn't WWE be better served having someone such as Dolph Ziggler end the streak to push him to the top?

One of the reasons I've been so against ending "the streak" is because I didn't see anyone on the WWE roster capable of such a feat. Ending The Undertaker's undefeated streak [at Wrestlemania] would be so monumental it couldn't be a rub given to an unproven talent. While he has a huge upside, Dolph Ziggler is still an unproven talent and is not (at least not yet) a main eventer. So when trying to decide who should get the rub we have to look at are they a proven top guy, while still being able to benefit from it. John Cena wouldn't benefit from ending the streak. He's as far up the pecking order as one can get and is the unanimous face of the company. Randy Orton lingered for years as the "1b" to Cena but he's too risky with Wellness problems. Enter CM Punk. Here's a proven main eventer coming off a historic WWE title reign. Not only is he dependable but he can get over as both a babyface and a heel. He's been nipping at Cena's heels as the face of the company and such a monumental win could be all it takes to propel him to the next level. This is why I feel WWE has a tremendous opportunity by booking Undertaker vs. Punk.

With the recent injury to his knee once again do you feel it is time for Rey Mysterio to hang-up his boots and walk away from an in-ring career?

Only Rey Mysterio can make that decision and I'm in no position to offer career advice to one of the best in-ring performers of all-time. There was some concern during Mysterio's personal leave of absence that he might have re-injured his knee and now that looks to be the reality. It's extremely unfortunate, especially given how hard he's worked to come back from the same injury.

It's basically a foregone conclusion that John Cena is leaving Wrestlemania 29 with the WWE Title, but can you see any scenario in which The Rock goes over Cena at Wrestlemania?

I don't like assuming "foregone conclusions" in this business because we all know things are always subject to change until they actually happen. There is a feeling the outcome of John Cena vs. The Rock is extremely predictable for obvious reasons. How could WWE possibly go forward with Cena as their number one guy only to go under The Rock in back-to-back Wrestlemania main events? Any scenario involving Rock retaining would have to include a swerve that would not kill Cena as the top guy. I don't know what that would be but there is always a possibility.

Considering the various public shots that Hulk Hogan has taken at Dixie Carter, why doesn't he and Eric Bischoff acquire the capital to buy TNA from Panda Energy? Or is that why Bischoff's production company is pumping out so many shows?

Panda Energy has no interest in selling TNA Wrestling… at least not yet. Last year Jeff Jarrett was in talks with Royal Capital Corporation, the parent company of Shoney's, to invest into TNA. Some felt that Jarrett was trying to bring in a new investor to try and regain majority control. I never heard how that turned out but here's what we know. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff do not have the capital on their own to purchase TNA, assuming Panda would sell their majority share and Hogan and Bischoff wanted to buy it. It would have to involve an outside investor even if they were interested. I personally feel Hogan and Bischoff care more about Hogan and Bischoff and are taking advantage of Hogan's name value to collect hefty paychecks. Sure, it's been rumored they've taken pay cuts since joining TNA in 2010 but does anyone really think that Hogan and Bischoff are there solely for the good of the company? Or are they there to collect paychecks so they can invest in outside projects (e.g. restaurants, retail shops, TV production companies)? It sounds harsh but I'm not naive enough to believe anyone has pure motives in this business.

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  • Michael

    What ever happened to the undertaker earning the right to retire undefeated at wrestlemania? And hasn’t CM Punk said he could possibly only be wrestling for a few more years? If there was a person that was deserving enough to end the streak they would need to be a main eventer for more than just a few years.

    • Undertaker has earned the right to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania… But how much more would it mean for the business if he was willing to put over Punk in his final match? Undertaker has earned it but I think passing the torch then returning next year for the HoF would be win/win for everyone.

      • Xavier

        What’s the point of Punk going over Taker? Punk has said himself on numerous occasions that he’s retiring in 2015 after his contract up. It would be pointless to pass the torch to Punk when he won’t stick around anyway

        • Why is everyone believing Punk when he says he’s retiring in 2015. Has everyone forgotten that he’s the master troll of the internet? Regardless, back in 2011, he signed a 7 year contract. That”s a fact. He might leave it early, he might spend the end of it backstage. Who knows. But he’ll be around past 2015.

      • Yung

        As a fan i wouldn’t want to see anyone defeat Undertaker, and doesn’t “what’s good for business” technically mean “what the fans want”?

  • Loren Goldstein

    Am I the only one who isn’t happy with they way they’ve set up the Taker/Punk match? The big deal with the last four streak defenses was the emotion and background between the three men. Now Punk gets a shot because he won a fatal-four way? I know that the IWC is always harping on creative but c’mon! There’s no “reason” for Taker to fight Punk. I personally would have rather seen Punk come out and hit Taker with a chair when he first came out. Then he could run his promo about ending the streak. Let’s put some emotion behind why these two are facing at WM.

    • Chris

      So, night 1 of the feud and you already want the payoff? Patience is a virtue.

      • Loren Goldstein

        The payoff will be the match. What I’m looking for is a feud. Why is it a feud right now? Because Vickie made a match that Punk won? We don’t have a feud yet, we have a scheduled match. For those that are just looking to watch a wrestling match that’s good enough. Me personally, I want a story. Right now I’m thinking about putting this book down because I’m not invested in the story. Make me want to be excited for this match other than the fact that its a Taker/Punk match.

        • didn’t HBK get his first chance at the streak in the fatal 4 way???

          • sir-rusty82

            Na he fought Kozloff as he was undefeated and it was believed Kozloff was going to beat him and face Taker

        • Chris

          The difference is that the guys who had the opportunity (Triple H and Shawn) have been in the company for an eternity and have enough history with Undertaker to build that. Sheamus (as stated) has never had a match, but had been rumored in the past. Orton had his shot and could have been an interesting option, except for the whole 2 strikes deal. Big Show would have been an interesting choice, but they couldn’t really acknowledge that HIS spot on the streak is the one time Undertaker beat a tag team, because his partner is now a comedic character on the roster again. They could have gone in the direction you wanted a week ago, but decided not to overload the show. If you’re willing to give up on what will be the match of the year (once again) because they aren’t blowing their load in the first week of a 4 week buildup, you aren’t much of a fan and may be better suited not paying attention anyway.

          • Loren Goldstein

            First off I never said I was giving up on the match. My comment about the book was making a point. There needs to be a catalyst to jump start the feud. There hasn’t been that “bang” yet. That’s all I was saying. I figure as a fan it’s my right to question the logic and reasoning for events to occur. Otherwise I’m just being spoon-fed this story and I’m no better than your common mark. I guess I should just want Taker to win because I’m a fan of his and he has the streak? I should be happy that Ziggler is on a losing streak because he’s a heel as well?

            I absolutely hope that the Taker/Punk match is another MotY worthy event. I can’t wait to watch it, my only point was I thought they dropped the ball with the way “creative” is starting the feud.

          • Look at punks promos the last year and a bit and youll realise the feuds been set up for ages. The respect characteristics were to set it up vince always likes to set things up well in advance

          • Loren Goldstein

            I think the respect angle would have gone over better in Takers American Bad Ass days. And yes, I see that that has been there for a long time but you also have to realize that it wasn’t on purpose. The original plan was for Punk to face Austin at WM, not Taker. And again, I’m looking at this from the casual fans perspective who doesn’t understand that those of us in the IWC knew this match was going to happen. To them, Punk gets a match because of a F4W match win. Nothing too special about that.

        • Yung

          I definitely agree if they wanna follow up a match titled as “End Of An Era” than they’re gonna have to do something BIG!

  • dragonicbeast

    i agree with you Michael i want him to retire udefeated and if he wrestles next year it should be against cena or sheamus

  • Orton wasn’t really a proven talent when he faced taker either. I hate that you usually kind of shoot down ziggler vs taker. Ziggler clearly doesn’t need to go over but if he can hold his own in the ring with taker and put on a quality match that WILL take him to the spot you say he can’t get to. With Punk only having a few more years left and Ziggler going to be around for a while its overall better to help build him up for the coming years then someone who is already as established as you can be

    • Chris

      Orton had been part of Evolution, as well as being the shining star in said group at that time, as well as going up the ladder as the Legend Killer. He was proven enough, and was also Triple H’s “guy” at that time. Difference being that Ziggler is already essentially holding his spot in the main event, and with his current losing streak, losing to Undertaker wouldn’t help him at all, Punk on the other hand is coming off the longest title run in 20 years, so it makes sense.

    • Yung

      Don’t get me wrong, Ziggler is my favorite wrestler in the WWE but when Orton faced Taker, they had a good storyline “Legend vs Legend Killer” it would be hard to play off and find a way for “Lengend vs Show-Off”?

    • Zigglers 32 so i would say hes maybe got 5 years or so

  • I think they’re there to collect paychecks. If they were to own a stake of the company then they’d almost certainly end up getting less money out of TNA. They would like to own a wrestling company, but they like the position they’re in at present.

    • Ricky

      Only reason those two are in TNA is becuase WWE won’t have them. Just look they put thier children on TV in big angles. Hogan and Bishcoff are out to fatten thier own wallets and puts thier friends on TV.

  • Richard you said this about Rock V Cena last year, is it possible that Cena is going to be against Undertaker next year, since he did say a few years ago at a press conference that if ever did goto WM with The Undertaker it would be at WM30.

    Also I still think Undertaker should retire undefeated, there is still a list of superstars I wouldn’t mind seeing go against the Undertaker at WM, like The Rock, Lesnar, Orton and Cena.. but even against such big names Undertaker should retire undefeated and I don’t think anything will make me change my mind about him

  • Benjamin

    Hullks not a happy bunny with you and “wrestling world news” Richard

    • No, I believe I hit a nerve.

      • KingKongBrody

        Glad you did.

  • Michael

    I agree totally Hogan isn’t helping Tna never was. Dixie does this huge press conference to bring Hogan into Tna. Hogan makes huge promises that he has yet to keep. Egbert chance Hogan gets when he’s either doing an interview or on twitter he drags Dixie and her decision making through the mud. I haven’t seen one good thing that Hogan has done for Tna. He brings his big ass daughter in for what she knows nothing and hasn’t helped in any way. Dixie needs to realize her mistake own up to being played and used by Hogan and release him and refocus on Impact and her stars Styles, Joe, Roode, Austin, Storm, and a much needed revamped X division.

  • Chris

    I could see Brock taking out Rock, giving Cena the win but no title to set up Brock/Rock next year. Rock could get beaten by Brock so bad he is forced to vacate the title. Undertaker beats Punk by the skin of his teeth, leading to Cena/Undertaker next year also.

  • K

    Why bring the undertaker if he’s gonna lose. There is nothing to prove for him and everything to gain for punk. Plus if taker loses there is no way on bringing him back next year if he wants. I just hope they don’t let cena end the streak.

  • Richardorship

    It seems like you are trying to
    Hype that Punk could actually beat Taker as a favor to someone, or even the WWE. We all know who’s going to win, we’ve know for the last 10 years Taker would always win at WM! It’s just stupid to think otherwise. Stop trying to troll the fans into believing it just so you can get more insider info.

  • Last year we tuned in cause of a “Once in a Lifetime” match and for the “End of An Era” match… Taker and hunter both have matches for WM…. We also have the “Twice In a Lifetime” match with the most odvious result ever, still waiting for that MUST SEE match that isnt soo predictable

  • karlos

    My dream wrestlemania xxx line up. 1Austin vs punk
    2 rock vs Brock
    3 taker vs cena
    4 hbk vs Ziggler

  • Lets go Cena………
    Rock suck………….

  • soulfool

    Sting is the man to end the streak !!! Fat Chance of that happening !!!

  • soulfool

    It could be a No Win finish , as both Icon’s could retire right there !!!

  • soulfool

    Hey…wishful thinking !!!

  • soulfool

    For Hogan and Bischoff to try and buy out TNA/Impact Wrestling from Dixie…HOLY FUCK !!! Would that EVER be a Disaster in so many terms !!!

  • soulfool

    TNA need to cleanse itself of this infection !!!

  • soulfool

    Hulkamania is Dead !!! And so is TNA/Impact Wrestling if He stays employed under them !!!