Why Sandow Didn't Cash In, Alberto Del Rio's Push, Battleground Was A Ripoff, Cena's Absence

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Was Damien Sandow supposed to cash in at WWE Battleground with the amount of times they mentioned his injury?

There were not plans for Damien Sandow to "cash in" the Money in the Bank briefcase at WWE Battleground. The mentions were kayfabe in nature but clearly the company wants fans to realize that Sandow is packing a title shot. I know I've mentioned this before but I absolutely hate how Sandow has been booked since winning the briefcase and am in complete disagreement with the amount of jobs that he's done. Also, it's worth noting that his knee "injury" [from Battleground Kickoff] was kayfabe and not legitimate.

Why does WWE keep giving Alberto Del Rio opportunity after opportunity as World Heavyweight Champion? I know he is a good technical wrestler but his personality is very bland and the crowd reactions he receives are atrocious.

WWE sees Alberto Del Rio as a main event talent that helps them carries the Latino fan base. I'm not the biggest fan of Del Rio but I don't have a problem with him working in the top of the card. His in-ring work isn't great but he keeps it simple and doesn't try to do too much.

So Big Show knocks out two referees, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton and the match is over? I find it funny they can find a small clan of referees for any other segment, but they pull that with the main event of a PPV. What is WWE's logic in doing this?

The booking was nonsensical and it was done to extend Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton to Hell in a Cell. While I understand what they were trying to accomplish, I'm diametrically opposed to how it was handled. I will usually give B-level shows a pass when it comes to storyline progression but I'm not giving WWE a pass here. You can't charge people $55 for a WWE title match and not give an outcome. Could you imagine ordering a boxing match or UFC fight and not getting an outcome to the headline fight? WWE Battleground was a complete ripoff from my perspective and an absolutely skippable show. Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns was great but it could have just as easily been done on Monday Night Raw for free. As hard as all four worked, none are headliners or people WWE can expect to justify the hefty price tag. This was a "thrown together" show that ultimately hinged on Bryan and Orton to save it. WWE took that out of their hands with the booking and how they believe this will make fans shell out another $55 for Hell in a Cell later this month is beyond me.

Do you think WWE is utilizing John Cena's absence well in developing new main event talent for the future?

There's no question that WWE misses John Cena right now, take a look at the ratings. However, I will give the company credit for establishing Daniel Bryan as a main eventer in his absence and recreating Randy Orton as a viable headliner. Both have taken advantage of the opportunity and answered the call to the best of their abilities.

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  • Chris

    Richard do you think it would have been better to skip this ppv (and a few others), to allow a longer build for other ppv’s and increase the buys for those ppv’s? I.e skip HITC and just use this time to build for a bigger and better survivor series.

    • There are too many PPVs, no question.

      • TheBigKing1

        I agree with everything you said Richard. The PPV should’ve ended with a legit winner and a WWE Champion. That is ridiculous. As far as the booking of Sandow, WWE are so damn stupid with that break you down, build you up thing. SMDH! They really need to book him better…like seriously. Or else, how are we going to take him as a champion, how are we going to look at him as a believable contender for the title and as a legitimate World Heavyweight Champion?

  • heel_vienna

    now they r feeling cena’s absence!

  • Venom

    The problem is that if people decide to skip the next ppv because they got ripped off twice in a row to teach WWE a lesson they’ll assume it’s because Daniel Bryan doesn’t draw. It’s kinda like a catch22.

    • Danny_Boy

      It’s because he can’t draw. Everyone is blaming WWE creative for RAW being so bad but in reality it’s because guys like Bryan & Punk don’t have the ability to get their angles over. But the internet will never admit that in a billion years so they’ll continue to pass blame on everyone else. Too much time is being focused on them. But watch, when Cena returns everyone will find a way to blame him for everything in typical Internet fanboy fashion.

      • Venom

        But then how do u explain crowd reaction? The fans that attend the tv shows and ppv arnt all part of the iwc. What I do find interesting is that guys like ziggler and Bryan can’t hold on to their titles yet Cena and del rio are shoved down our throats. Even the first time edge and punk one the main titles it was short term and fans were behind them. Sometimes I think WWE tries to prove that Cena is the face by having him sit out on a December PPV like in 2011 or do lame bookings like this to drive fans away while he’s injured. And I’ve read reports where writers are saying WWE misses Cena badly as if it’s now planted in their heads that he is their savior.

        • Danny_Boy

          WWE doesn’t have to prove a thing when it comes to Cena. The ratings speak for themselves. Ratings sucked with Punk on top but I didn’t hear you complain when he was being shoved down our throats, typical. Quit blaming Cena for Bryan’s inability to draw. A 2.6 ratings is horrible. It’s time for Vince to push Cody and make him champ. And LOL, so now you think creative is creating bad storylines on purpose to make Cena look good? This is why I don’t take the IWC seriously. You guys always wanna blame everyone else but refuse to pass any blame on the internet darlings, but I bet if ratings were going thru the roof you guys would give all the credit to Bryan and refuse to give anyone else any credit.

          • Venom

            Trust me I was getting sick of punk but I only post when I have time which today I had the day off…. People get burnt out. I was a Cena fan early on before he was wwe champion but after 10 years people get tired of it. Same thing that happened to punk and the same thing will happen with Bryan a year from now if he’s champion that long. People want someone to root for which is why a lot of people root for Ziggler or when Christian is around because even when they were world champions it was so brief. And I agree that I’d like Cody to have a main event push he should have had one a year ago. And the reason y people are complaining isn’t because DB isn’t champion it’s because the ppv sucked and had no winner. Had big show cost Bryan the match people would be pissed but not as pissed as they are now. They could have just had orton win then Bryan win that beat the clock challenge they do every year to face orton at HIAC. But after this post I still think you’ll find a way to criticis my comments and bash the iwc (even though your part of it).

          • AlaminoCasino

            The ratings are hardly any better when Cena is on, I see just as many Punk and Bryan shirts in the crowd as I do Cena shirts. The real truth is, if Cena was really THAT important to the product, he would catapult the ratings back to 4’s and 5’s, and maybe even higher, just like they had back during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. But sadly, the company just acts he’s the be all end all to everything. And I don’t wanna hear “but but, wrestling’s not as popular” because at one point, say the mid 90’s, you could have said the exact same thing, and then boom, outta nowhere they were getting 6’s and 7’s in the late 90’s and early 2000’s

            If all the company (a wrestling company) is catering to is mostly family’s and their children, then they have a slew of other entertainment to compete against as well. I always hear “they aren’t catering to the wrestling audience because there isn’t one” when there obviously is because there is this website and a hundred others like it with many different users utilizing the comment system. Other TV shows I watch cater to the fans of those TV shows. You don’t see Game of Thrones or Parks and Rec trying to cater to the general audience, they may have one or two things in there, but generally, they appeal to fans of the show. Same thing should be happening in wrestling, they have completely lost sight of who they are and instead of being an entertainment or wrestling company, they’ve become like a bad nightclub.

            When creative consists of people who don’t really care for wrestling, then its gonna suck. End of story. Until they start catering to the wrestling audience again, they can expect 2’s and 3’s.

            But hey, what do I know. I don’t work there and my last name isn’t McMahon. So I don’t know anything about wrestling.

          • Terra Ryzing


          • Jay El Bee

            If Raw was bringing in 4’s & 5’s that would mean there would be more people watching now than there were in the Attitude Era. Now I know that Cena is a huge draw for the WWE but he is not going to be able to outdraw the Rock/Austin combo on his own.

          • AlaminoCasino

            They got 5’s and 6’s a lot during the attitude era. In fact in 1999, I believe one show in May of that year did like an 8.1 in the Nielsen Ratings. That’s pretty high.

          • Jay El Bee

            You’re right they did get a lot of 5’s & 6’s back in the day, but it only took about half as many viewers to get those ratings compared to today. Those ratings would be about 2.5’s & 3’s these days, and that 8.1 would be a little over a 4.0 rating.

          • Stephen

            Back then ratings meant more then what they do now. And before people start bashing it’s a common fact people like to dvr shows, watch them online and such. So while people may not watch the shows live, they still watch them. Back then u only had to watch the live airing and the rerun. I personally watch it live unless I’m working at night I’ll watch it at midnight.

          • Jay El Bee

            I’m not sure what you’re arguing here. All I said was that if you took the amount of viewers Raw was getting in the Attitude Era and applied it to todays numbers Raw would have been getting 2.5’s & 3.0’s in the ratings and not 5’s & 6’s

      • DanJackson

        Did you really just say Punk can’t draw? When Punk is allowed to be Punk as in pre MitB a couple years ago, Punk is a HUGE draw. Cena, Punk, and Bryan are the biggest draws the WWE have.

        • Jay El Bee

          Bryan is not a draw, so far all he has done since he became a main eventer is bring in low ratings and low buyrates.

          • WyFo

            Aren’t you being kind of hypocritical? I mean how do you know it isn’t because of Orton or HHH?

          • Jay El Bee

            Because Bryan’s quarter hour segments have been drawing low all Summer while Triple H & Orton are usually involved in some of the highest rated segments of the show.

          • DanJackson

            funny that you say Bryan has the lowest rated segments and Trips/Orton has the highest when nine times out of ten both segments are one in the same. When is the last time that HHH/Orton had a segment that didn’t involve Bryan and visa versa?

          • Jay El Bee

            I was talking about all Summer not just the past month and a half.

          • DanJackson

            Dude I have no idea what show you are watching. Right now Bryan is the hottest thing on Raw. You can’t blame low ratings on one guy…especially the one guy that the crowd goes nuts for every time he comes out. Could Bryan be the “face” of the WWE? No I don’t think so, but he is without a doubt the hottest thing going right now. And going back to Punk not drawing….did you happen to read the story last month that said Punk overtook Cena in merchandise sales? I personally can’t stand John Cena and never have but I admit that he is absolutely a huge draw, but to say Punk and Bryan isn’t is just moronic.

          • Jay El Bee

            Having a chant that is popular with the 10-20 thousand people at Raw every week doesn’t mean the 3-5 million people watching at home feel the same way. Also I don’t remember seeing any story that said that Punk overtook Cena in merchandise sales, but if it happened last month like you said then that would explain it since Cena hasn’t been around since August.

      • Express Whippin

        CM Punk gets the loudest consistent reaction in pro wrestling these days. No one will ever compare to CM Punk’s reaction at All State Arena every time they go to Chicago. Not even SCSA or Hulk Hogan in their primes can match Punk’s hometown reaction. If WWE went to WM at Soldier Field and Punk was competing in the Main event they would shatter the Guinness World record for loudest crowd ever recorded.

  • ohyoudidntknow

    I am hispanic and was a fan of albertooo for a while but now I change the channel when he wrestles. To me he’s boring and predictable. The WHC prestige has gone to the level of the US championship in my opinion.

  • Malboja

    Have to confess I didn’t watch 🙁
    I did not see the point in spending money on such a predictable ppv with out any real matches that I want to see …
    Orton – bryan has already been done and dosent excite anymore
    Punk – ryback didn’t have the appeal from when they faced in hell in a cell
    Del rio – van dam again just dosent appeal del rio is boring to watch and to me being ok in the ring but bland is not enough to be a champ without some hook and as I’m not Latino there is no hook for me

    🙁 altogether a poor showing from wwe this time and I would be disappointed had I not expected as much

  • Draven

    Why do they have two ppvs in a month most people cant afford that and for the people who can why would you want to buy a ppv that haa had no build up since the last ppv two weeks ago makes no sense. Mite as well buy the dvd for $15 bucks and watch it as many times as you want

  • Tim

    Wee should have some of the lower ppvs on tv

    • Frankieeebaby

      Battle ground was free over in England

  • Opie

    Can anyone remember the last time the WWE Championship was kept vacant for this long? Especially through a PPV?

    • Venom

      I could be wrong but when Stone cold got pinned by undertaker and Kane in 1998 the title was vacant for the following ppv then stone cold was the ref and counted them both out. Then they had a tournament leading to survivor series where rock beat mick foley to become the corporate champion. If I’m right about this I should be a wrestling historian.

      • mike

        Your right, scsa was double pinned, then screwed UT & Kane. Only for the title to be put up at survivor series I believe where rock won. Side note Mick Foley was crowned the hardcore champ by his “dad” Vince that night…..

        • Venom

          I think Vince gave mick the hardcore title on raw only to lose it to Bossman a few weeks later in a ladder match. Cuz mick foley turned face at survivor series and rock turned heel.

  • Guest

    Richard with all the crappy matches on Battleground I don’t understand why you would use the Rhodes/Shield match as an example of a match that could have easily been given n Raw for free.

  • Jbreed

    Richard with all the nonsense on Battleground I don’t understand why you would use the Rhodes/Shield match as an example of a match that could have easily been given on Raw for free. It was all perfectly booked from the beginning and something that needed to be settled at a ppv event. You talk about storyline progression. Ok so the storyline is Dusty and Cody Rhodes having to win their jobs back. And what better place than a ppv for them to try to get their jobs. It’s not much different than somebody going after the title. I always thought ppv events are where everything gets settled.

  • smark calloway

    if people were stupid enough to pay 55 dollars for a ppv then thats there own fault..theres enough ways in this day and age to watch the ppvs for free online… i havent paid for a ppv for years .if nobody orders them anymore and just watches them online for free, wwe will have no choice but to lower the price of them. then people wont feel as ripped off with a finish or ending because they wouldnt have paid the big bucks to see it

  • Josh

    Why would you even compare WWE to UFC and boxing? WWE is ENTERTAINMENT
    Richard. The out come is story based. Yeah the ending sucked, Plus who
    really orders PPVs anymore when you read about it or download it. Who cares?