Why WWE Turned CM Punk Heel & The Real-Life Aspects The Company Is Looking To Incorporate Into The Gimmick

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The heel turn of WWE Champion CM Punk has been a topic of conversation backstage in WWE for the last couple of weeks. The company is aware of the lack of top heels and the feeling is that Punk's fans are going to be Punk's fans no matter what.

As for the execution of the turn, WWE knew it had to be against The Rock because given the split reactions drawn by John Cena, they wouldn't be able to get it over. The premise of Punk's turn is that he is upset he hasn't gotten the respect a champion deserves, not being featured in show main events. As one source told me, it's pretty much him playing the real-life story back into an angle.

  • Nicola Ann

    A Little bit bummed out that punk is going back to being a heel as I love him as a face, But it is true that no matter what he is his fans will stick with him, I'm at least hoping that with this heel turn they will let him keep the title for longer, Im very happy that punk is the current champion, I feel that he really deserves it because of how hard he works. They need to keep titles on champions for longer rather than short lived runs. It builds up a good story and when the title is finally passed on to a new champion it makes for brilliant viewing and usually an awesome match.

    • Andre

      That's funny that you mentioned that wrestlers should hold titles longer b/c whenever Cena had the title, CM Punk fans would always cry & complain about Cena holding the title for too long

      • XKonn247

        No, they complain at seeing the same bullshit matches week in week out that Cens can’t deliver.

  • PainOfDemise

    Him playing the angle of being the champ and not being in main events I believe would work well for the reason on his heel turn, but I think he will still get cheered though because a lot of people would agree with him on it.

    It will be interesting to see how this works out.

  • Chapinb0yy

    Im a phnk fan and still By his side. As for what they are going with i agree. Makes perfect sence why he turned heel.

    • Chapinb0yy

      Punk fan*

  • AB4

    Sounds like an angle that could have a lot of promise, blurring the lines nicely between reality and kayfabe. It's also cool to have him make the turn while holding the title; I know Daniel Bryan did it not that long ago, but it's still something a bit different, switching up the character mid-reign.

  • Patrick Peralta

    I agree CM Punk as Champion should be the Main Event not Cena as much as I am a Cena Fan…..doesn't matter who is champion I've allways felt the Champion should be showcased in the main event..

    that's been the problem for to long….I remember when the WWE champion was in the main event now a days they don't care about that. which is a shame.

  • ptekin

    Of course the baby wants a full bottle to suck on typical cm punk ughh

    • Evon Reese

      I so agree. He is a cry baby. Remember how he talked so bad about The Rock? Now he's John Cenas best friend and all of a sudden The Rocks not that bad of a guy. Truth is Punk and Bryan just got boring. Then in comes AJ and the Kane to keep them interesting. He wants to be a Stone Cold. But he doesn't understand no one made Stone Cold he made himself. Punk wants so bad to oust Randy Orton so he climb the ladder. If he's as great as he thinks he is he could do that without Randy Orton being fired. When Randy returns people's cheers will go through the roof! I know why Randy got suspended but if Vince thought for a minute Punk could take his place Randy would be gone. Randy better watch his back though because Punk is sure if Randy's gone its gonna be all about him.

      • Andre

        Preach! Exactly what I've been saying, When Cena was Champ everybody including Punk and his fans would cry about backstage politics now fast forward 1 year later and now Punk is doing everything that he once critized Cena for.

      • Jaycee

        Dude, I would really love to see where you get all your "information" from.

  • ptekin

    All he does is complain to get to the top cant wait for orton to come back and put him in his place

    • paulw3000

      You do know this is scripted… Storyline… I do love marks…

      • amaanakter786


      • Don't Matter!

        Ok…Then all his character does is complain to get to the top…Its still whining!

        • havoc525

          All Orton did was bury his nose in Triple H’s ass and assume it made him untouchable, now even Trips is tired of him.

  • Michael413

    I loved how Punk was torn on what to do when big show knocked out Cena, kinda like to show the same respect Cena gave Punk last week.

    As for the heel turn, I hope Punk becomes more outspoken again, and the style in which he wins his matches does not change. The last thing Punk needs is to be a wuss of a champion who can’t win by himself

    • Lewis

      or have to get a faction to help him like before, he's passed that

  • havoc525

    If they play it right, he’s going to get the opposing fans of Cena, even with his attacking The Rock. The Rock isn’t there every week, Cena is, he’ll become the unintended “anti-Punk” character. I was actually smiling when he turned.

  • Evon Reese

    They better play this thing out right. Cena wouldn't take the title away in a cheap shot or easy win then Punk turns his back on Cena and goes for it. I know most everyone on here dislikes Cena but the man has a lot of fans that are not going to appreciate this at all. I don't like Rock but he has many many fans that may have been Punk fans also that will turn their back on Punk for The Rock in a heart beat. As hard as they are pushing Punk and the way they are doing it they better pray they get it right and hope Punks outrageous comments don't blow it for him. The bigger star he thinks he becomes the bigger his mouth becomes.


    They could book him like Orton…he could play face or heel. My guess is he could be the heel everyone loves and cheers for.

    • havoc525

      AKA, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

      • Evon Reese

        Punk will never be another Stone Cold Steve Austin. As much as everyone wants it he could never carry a Pay Per View by himself. Stone Cold could blow the ratings through the roof even if he was in a match with Slater.

  • who?

    let me guess.. punk turning heel because at the end of this another feud between cena… cena will once again be your god damn wwe champion.

  • vfrezz

    I don’t know why all the hate on punk wwe needs someone like him at the top great wrestler great mic skills heel or face he is the right now cena and orton are the past

    • Andre

      Cena is not the past. He's still the face of the wwe and will still be main eventing WM with or without the belt because he is simply better then Punk. People complain about Punk not being featured in the main event of PPVs but the truth is that he just simply isn't interesting enough too warrant putting him there. AJ has been 10x more interesting then him. None of Punk's matches have been all that memorable this year at all.

      • BestInTheWorld!

        This guy doesn't know wrestling. Period.

      • ChromeyDaniels

        Did you watch any of DB’s and Punks matches? All of them stunning matches. Know wrestling man.

      • havoc525

        Cena is the “Hogan” of this age. He gets the women and children, sells a ton of merch, and gets to stay on top because of that. He has maybe 2 more moves in his arsenal than Hogan had, bringing him to roughly 5 moves. He is generic, bland, and a boring, cartoonish character. I still remember him beating JBL for the title and how I said then (and it’s still true now) that they had him get his ass handed to him, yet he wins and no-sells the beating in his celebration, discrediting the people who he works with.