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WNW Fantasy Duel Week 2 Winners!

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Bobby Roode 2017

Week 2 of WNW Fantasy Duel is in the books now, and we would like to thank everyone for playing and hoped you enjoyed. This week was a pretty simple rule, if you didn't have Bobby Roode, you didn't even qualify for a win. He raked in the points for those who picked him. This week we had a three way tie for first! As always, when we have a tie we randomize the winners. The three first place winners will take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Please, pass along the game to friends who'd be interested. These things are always more fun with more people. Just remember you can only select 8 different selections and more and the entry unfortunately will be disqualified.

1st- SmashBrosMaster

2nd- Chris Dresden

3rd- johnsands282

Week 3 of WNW Fantasy Duel begins NOW, amounts will be reset immediately. You have between now and Monday at 3 pm est. Don't miss out! What are you waiting for if you are not a premium member sign up now and don't miss out on this weeks contest! Click here to get start one week 3!

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