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  • outkazt09

    Your part time wrestler question answer was dead on Richard. I was thinking the same thing too.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard you make me laugh. It’s clear the Aeries is going to turn heel. I don’t get tna booking either and was surprised you didn’t bring up them not using shaq. Wwe booking is just as bad. Here is why Rock beats Cena than Cena beats Brock than Cena loses to Johnny ace but beats the big show. Is that great booking or what? Than he wins MITB only to lose than loses at summerslam and again at noc and he will probably lost at hiac too. Also Cena has lost the last 2 wrestlemanias and summerslams. In the meantime Punk has won every ppv but 1 last year hiac. Yes he dropped the title at summerslam last year but let’s face it that doesn’t count.

    • Richard Gray

      I agree WWE has issues as well.

  • ImAwesome420

    In terms of booking in some ways it’s as of CM Punk is the #1 not Cena. But imagine if Punk was booked like Cena? Losing at almost every PPV would have burried him but Cena can still lose all the time and be the top star. I’m not a fan of Cena but you have to appreciate the fact that he’s the face of a billion dollar company.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Punk and Cena is like a 2012 NWO. They keep ramming them down our throats.

    • Pluto Rock

      They rammed Hogan, Austin, Andre, Flair, HHH, Hart, HBK down our throats when they were on top too. When your top you are the main focus of the show, so that whole "ramming down are throats is such dumb term. Cena & Punk are the money makers right now and have the most fans and move the most merch so do you expect them too give too make someone like The Miz or Mark Henry the focus instead? Try thinking before you post stuff.

    • Kleck

      Which version? WCWs or WWEs?

      • Bigdaddychuck

        Wcw version. And I was thinking Cena has been rammed down our throats for 9 years straight hogan Austin flair HHH HBK Andre have not been rammed down our throats for that amount of time. Back in the 90’s they all shared the top more now it’s Cena Cena Cena

  • smithmiester

    Thoroughly enjoy this website. I’d be lost without it!

    • Richard Gray

      Thanks, we're glad you enjoy it!

  • Evon Reese

    If Cena had not been loosing so many matches putting others over including Punk they could have booked him differently with Brock. You're wrong that it doesn't matter if he looses all the time because its Cena. Cenas fan gets disgusted with him never winning. How many times does he have to put Punk over? Even their last match was not a clean win. If they wanted Brock to come out strong they should have booked him with someone else not Cena after all the loses he had. Cena has a lot of fans that are not Women and children. His fans want to see him win one that counts. The man got a loud applause after Montreal Raw went off the air and a standing ovation at NXT. I would like to know what's really going on with him now. From reading his lips while he was in the ring with Sheamus during Punks entrance on the last Raw and reading his twitter the man doesn't seem to be happy right now. Can you find out if there is a story there that we are missing?