Breaking Down The Impossibilities Of CM Punk vs. Ryback, The Christian Coverup, Devon's Return & TNA Spoilers, Punk's Title Reign, Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponent, Steve Austin Dream Match, My Favorite Superstars & The Names That Always Have To Be At The Top

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  • Jeremiah

    Though Ryback is entertaining, I feel they've made his gimmick difficult. Say he does win the title, he's going to lose it eventually, and then "Feed Me More" will fall off. Same happens if he loses in the Cell. I wonder how they're going to solve this one.

    • izblack

      I say have Ryback win the title in a grueling match then have Zigglar cash in his MITB briefcase and beat Ryback. It would be the ultimate swerve and sets up a new feud with Zigglar/Ryback and it gets some new blood in the main event.

      • Andrew Ace

        Dolph has the whc mitb he can only cash it on sheamus

      • urnemystic

        impossible. Money in the bank is for the world not the wwe title.

      • Matt Scott

        Can only guess izblack is the one negativing these responses seeing as they're correct.

  • Alex Barie

    Richard, I first want to say that I loved the way you answered the last question. It was like you were cutting a shoot promo. Great job! On another note, glad you switched to Apple. I am not sure what Mac you have but I use the program titles Podcast Publisher for when I did my own podcasts. Not sure if that gives everything you want but may want to look into it.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Omg Richard read my comment and respond to this idea.. You have lesner under the ring at hiac you have him attack ryback and him and punk just leave the ring ending the ppv.. Than at survivor series it’s team lesner vs team ryback with ryback’s team winning and you than have Cena lose to punk at tlc.. Than you go on to have punk vs Rock ref gets knocked out the glass breaks the place goes nuts Austin comes out stuns punk puts rock on top throws the ref in the ring the Rock wins the title and thus you got Austin and Punk at mania!!!

  • teamUsUcK

    To me it seems as if they are building to either a Ryback/Lesnar match in order to put Ryback over… Or building towards Team Cena/Mcmahon vs Team Punk/Heyman for Survior Series. Either way there is going to be a bookin problem. We all remember the Goldberg/Lesnar Debacle.. I feel a replay comin on

  • drew1997

    I have sent in the same question 5 weeks in a row and drive haven’t gotten answered…. Not even email

    • teamUsUcK

      Maybe u should ask a different questuon then

    • Michael413

      That used to happen to me all the time. Then I called Richard out on his comments about being guaranteed an answer. So he requested I post my questions in the comment section. Not even doing that got me an answer, so I just quit asking.

  • Drew1997

    Never mind

  • mark

    Punk will go over Ryback. Some type of screwy finish. Brock will help Punk beat Rock, which will setup Rock vs. Brock at Mania. It would be interested for Austin/Rock vs. Punk/Brock before Mania to help Austin work rust off similar to Rock.

    It'd be interesting if Triple H helped Punk beat Ryback which would setup Ryback vs. Triple H at Mania

    • izblack

      Terrible idea

  • urnemystic

    Hey richard you said you booked yourself into a corner with ryback going over punk. Survivor series could be 3-way or 4-way involving ryback, cena, punk and have punk take the title back without having to pin ryback. technically ryback will have lost the match but is still undefeated in a way. Or the pull the injury and having to vacate the title angle.

  • Gary

    Cena hell change (finally!) leads to Punk retaining and starts a program between Cena and Ryback. Ryback goes over Cena in their feud elevating him into the stratosphere and gaining the backing of the fans by beating a heel Cena that everyone wants to see. McMahon hasn't wanted to turn Cena heel…and he wants to push Ryback to the moon. Needs to choose one. He chooses Ryback and turns Cena heel to fully get Ryback over. Then Punk can go on and on about how he finally has the respect of John Cena. Rock on. If Creative needs any more great ideas…call me.

    • Andrew Ace

      I’m pretty sure they won’t because your idea us wack

      • Gary

        Makes perfect sense, actually….but no shit they probably won't. Creative is simply not doing much of anything good that surprises the fans, storyline-wise. This not only solves the dilemma of an outcome betwen these two, but it finally gives the world the John Cena heel turn they've been wanting for years now, allows Punk to move on b/c Ryback is involved with Cena, allows Ryback to feud and eventually go over a heel Cena, which would be huge for him and also, again, gives the fans what they would love to see…someone kicking Cena's ass. It also solves McMahon's massive desire to push Ryback without hurting the current reign of the title holder b/c losing to Ryback after such a lengthy run makes no sense as Ryback is still considered a rookie, to a degree.

  • jonmgill2493

    Just an aside to what some people are saying about Lesnar being involved with the match, let us not forget that the storyline is simply explained by 2 words. Paul. Heyman.

  • James

    I honestly have no idea what is going to happen at HIAC. I really don't know the reason behind the move to put Ryback in the main event, as he isn't there yet IMO. Than on the other hand its hard to see who else could of stepped up to the spot from the RAW roster.

    I'm starting to agree with the idea of a screwy finish and having Lesnar come in and cause it as a Heyman guy, which will lead to him showing for Survivor Series. I guess we will all find out creatives plan at the PPV.

  • James


    I also agree with Richard 100% with how I rate/like a superstar. Being a fan of the wrestling business for 25 yrs now, I'm just looking at the entertainment value I get as a fan. If the story line is something I can be drawn into and can't wait till the next week I'm happy, but if its just something that is boring and very dual than I find it hard to want to follow it. The last couple of live events we had here in Australia were dual and as I did with my non wrestling mates, called they action in the ring 4/5 moves ahead because it was that easy to see and we had seen it before. I will say that this Punk/Bryan was the exception.

    As most of us say on this site, WWE please just entertain us and please don't take us for idiots!

  • Matt Scott

    No offence intended but the hypocrisy of calling out the IWC for having "darlings" and loving everything they do, then saying "you'd be hard pressed to find a bad Daniel Bryan match"… It's mind boggling. We all know our darlings; yea. But its very clear to us all how much you love Bryan.

    • ImAwesome420

      Id say Daniel Bryan has never had a bad match as well…

  • Ben

    Personally, the problem I have with Ryback is the gimmick, not the worker himself. It's just not interesting to watch a guy beat up on a couple jobbers in a couple minutes every week. It's nice to have some actual wrestling as opposed to a worker squashing someone and yelling a couple catchphrases. Again, I don't fault Ryback for this; it's the gimmick he's been given and let's face it, the crowds seem to be getting into him and chanting FEED ME MORE. In that regard, while it is far too soon to be booking him in a main event, it's hard to argue with Ryback's promise as a future star. I just can't get into him because, like you said, Richard, I want to be entertained, and what entertains me is quality storylines and mic work that leads to an equally-impressive match. Squashes and three-word chants isn't enough.