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Do you see Triple and Brock Lesnar feuding after what happened on last night's Raw Supershow or was it all part of the development of Lesnar's character?

There are preliminary plans to do Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, possibly at SummerSlam with the storyline being that Lesnar "broke Triple H's arm." The angle was also done about Lesnar's contract status to write him off TV for a couple weeks as his contract is a part-time agreement. Following the backstage blowup Lesnar had at Extreme Rules, some have speculated this was WWE's way of protecting themselves in case Lesnar quits, but there were plans to write Lesnar off TV after Extreme Rules before he got upset.

Will Rey Mysterio's suspension speed up Sin Cara's return date and will it alter how the company plans to push him?

WWE has been functioning without Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara for several months now so I don't see Mysterio's suspension playing much of a factor in Cara's return. WWE learned real quick they couldn't just plug in another popular Mexican talent to take the reigns from Rey Mysterio as the company's top hispanic draw. As I reported earlier here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, there are plans for Cara to return this month and while it is on the early side, the expected timetable for his injury all along has been 6-9 months. WWE has remained committed to Sin Cara despite a Wellness suspension and a severe injury but one has to think it is "make it or break it" time for Sin Cara.

What was the point of Big Show's one month run with the WWE Intercontinental Championship?

I was never in favor of Big Show taking the WWE Intercontinental Championship off Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania so I can't begin to explain WWE's reasoning. Big Show is a tricky worker to book and the company wanted him to go over at Wrestlemania to prevent him from looking weak. However, I didn't see how holding the Intercontinental Championship would do him any good due to the fact that he's already an established veteran and former World Champion.

Are there any plans to push Dolph Ziggler?

Dolph Ziggler has been one of WWE's best workers over the past few months, however, it seems the company is almost scared to push him. Again, it's hard for me to explain the WWE mentality but remember, they do not push workers based on in-ring work. While I feel Ziggler has selling points in all three "core" areas (look, mic work & in-ring), not everyone can be pushed at once and Ziggler can at least be happy that he is getting on TV.

Yesterday you reported that Brock Lesnar "blew up" backstage at Extreme Rules. What happened and what was it all about?

Brock Lesnar went nuts backstage at Extreme Rules after his match with John Cena but as I reported exclusively here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium, many feel it was a work on the boys and Internet fans. In the aforementioned article, I highlight specifically what happened and why people feel it was a work. I highly recommend reading it if you want full details on a rather bizarre situation.

When does Rob Van Dam's contract with TNA expire and what are the chances he goes back to WWE?

Rob Van Dam's TNA contract is up in March 2013. There was talk late last year/early this year that he could be interested in a WWE return but ultimately he decided to stay with TNA and work another year.

Now that Daniel Bryan is the number one contender for the WWE Championship does this mean that brand exclusivity is pretty much a thing of the past, except when it comes to touring?

Ever since WWE changed Raw to the "Supershow" concept the brand extension has meant less because workers from both Raw and Smackdown appear on the flagship show. This was done in order to give the shows more of a flow (pushed for by Triple H) and to carry more of Raw's audience over to SyFy on Friday nights. There was talk of completely foregoing the Draft this year because the Raw Supershow concept and the brand extension means less now than it has since its inception. Plans are constantly changing so we'll see where it goes but I am a fan of Raw Supershow with Smackdown still being a separate brand. It gives the company the best of both worlds.

What does a wrestler's diet usually consist of?

This is an interesting question but a relevant one as you can look at a lot of the physiques in WWE and TNA and know that many of the workers are in great shape. Life on the road and eating healthy is a very difficult thing to do but it is possible. Workers try and eat as healthy as possible while also using different types of meal-replacement supplements. People like Daniel Bryan, who is a vegan, have an even harder time in trying to find good vegan food at an airport. It all comes down to discipline and being mindful of everything they put in their bodies. Cody Rhodes had an interesting comment about learning to diet in an interview I recapped earlier this morning here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

How do the wrestlers come up with their finishing moves and what happens if another wrestler uses or has used that move in the past?

Workers come up with their own finisher and obviously if they are in WWE or TNA, the respective company has the right to modify anything they want to fit their character. Green workers, or rookies, are not supposed to use a popular worker's finisher as a sign of respect. This can still be done but the proper way to do it is to get that particular worker's blessing before just going out and using it. Failure to do so rubs people the wrong way and is certainly not how a newer worker would want to start out in the business. If someone showed up in developmental and just started using CM Punk's GTS, I'm sure they would be told not to use it.

Is there such thing as a wrestler's union? If no, what are medical benefits like?

There is no union in professional wrestling and workers function as independent contractors, not employees. For example, a WWE worker under a performer's contract agrees to the terms of the deal that stipulate while WWE has full control of them, they are not classified as an employee. Health insurance is to be bought by the individual and while WWE can offer referrals, it is up to the worker to maintain their own coverage. Obviously this is very controversial but my complaint is with workers that sign these contracts then try and go back and challenge their contents. You can't sign an agreement, waving all your rights then dispute it when you feel you should be treated differently.

What was the reason for WWE booking John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena at Over the Limit later this month?

As I reported exclusively here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium last week, John Cena was originally slated to take time off after his match against The Rock at Wrestlemania because he's battling hip problems. When Brock Lesnar re-signed with the company, John agreed to stay on to work a big money main event with him. There were some that thought he would take time off after Extreme Rules and now WWE has announced him for this month's pay-per-view against Johnny Laurinaitis. Perhaps it's a way of giving Cena time off without a real match, however, I do not know the specific reason why the match was booked. For the latest on Cena and time off, read my exclusive report posted at this link.

What is The Rock's status in WWE? Will he be returning anytime soon?

The Rock was written off of WWE television on Raw Supershow the night after Wrestlemania XXVIII for the immediate future. There has been talk about utilizing him for another pay-per-view before Wrestlemania XXIX next year but nothing has been confirmed.

Has Sting said anything publicly about being added to the Alumni section of the official WWE website?

I haven't seen any public comments from Sting regarding his profile being added to the Alumni section of the official WWE website. Some are surprised about the inclusion but remember, WWE owns a large portion of Sting's career in their tape library and it's probably a good idea to make newer fans aware of his presence. Vince McMahon made it pretty clear by highlighting Ric Flair at the WWE Hall of Fame this year that he doesn't see TNA Wrestling as a threat.

Does Brock Lesnar have any heat for working so loose? I thought rule number one in wrestling was to look after your opponent but now he's busted John Cena open hardway twice now?

Brock Lesnar has looked a little reckless with his work and while the first time he busted Cena open looked accidental, I have to believe what happened at Extreme Rules was a work. I haven't watched the tape back close enough to tell whether or not Cena used a blade but they clearly wanted to add color in the match. As for Lesnar having any backstage heat, he has more heat from the boys that are upset he gets big money for limited dates rather than his work.

How are official theme songs picked for WWE pay-per-views?

WWE selects songs they want based on relationships they have with the artist, record label, etc. When a song is selected obviously a deal has to be worked out where WWE pays the artist royalties to use their material, however, it also gives the artist good mainstream exposure.

What's the latest on Kharma?

WWE wants to eventually do Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix but they didn't want Kharma returning to immediately take the Divas Championship off Beth. They had Nikki Bella go over Beth as a fluke and ended up using it as a way to bring back Layla. I haven't heard the latest creative plan for Kharma's return but a possible storyline would obviously be for Kharma to return and go over Layla, building to Kharma vs. Beth for the title. With that being said Kharma is expected back any day now.

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