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GFW News

- Former NASCAR driver and Fox Sports 1 broadcaster Hermie Sadler has accepted a position on the board of directors of Global Force Wrestling, Josh Stewart of Newsday is reporting.

Sadler's first mission as a member of the board  is to help Global Force Wrestling gain some exposure by featuring the promotion as one of his car sponsors when he competes at the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown next Thursday at South Boston Speedway in Virginia.

“Just trying to get the word out about the brand, and let as many people know that there’s another wrestling promotion that’s coming,” Sadler said.

He noted that he would like to do what he did with TNA Wrestling where he picks a territory and runs some live events.

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- Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling has released their second Webisode subtitled #TheJourney. Jarrett's promotion will be working with AAA in Mexico. You can watch Jarrett's latest at this link.

- Jeff Jarrett and company continue to spend a lot of time scouting and negotiating with talent as things progress with Global Force Wrestling. On Tuesday, we received a list of 12 names that have been contacted for the promotion. Those names are as follows...

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