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The build to Batista vs. Randy Orton at Wrestlemania XXX began with everyone afraid of two heels facing one another. What if it becomes three with Triple H?

Many readers are skeptical about Daniel Bryan going over Triple H at Wrestlemania 30 and getting a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I've been a broken record for months now. The only way WWE can save the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania is by inserting Daniel Bryan. Without that, the match will be a disaster. It doesn't matter if it's 5 stars in quality, the crowd would turn so hard it would be impossible to accomplish anything. I'm hopeful WWE does the right thing but anything is possible. Daniel Bryan has earned his payoff and WWE has a rare opportunity to give it to him on Sunday.

Do you see CM Punk being in play as a possible acquisition for Jeff Jarrett's new promotion?

CM Punk is under WWE contract until July and I honestly believe if he doesn't return to WWE, his days as a professional wrestler are over. We don't know much about the circumstances surrounding Punk's departure, as it's more speculation, but most can conclude he's suffering from a wicked case of burnout. If Punk isn't happy working in main event matches in WWE, I can't see him happy working anywhere else. I know the politics are a pain and it's not fair seeing part-time talent take the Wrestlemania spotlight but I just don't see Punk being excited about starting over at this point in his career. However, friends of Punk have said it's not about the money to him and he's more than financially secure, so who knows.

What's happened to Rob Van Dam?

Rob Van Dam worked a 90-day short-term contract with WWE last year and is expected back this month. The only question seems to be if he'll be used at Wrestlemania 30 as a surprise entrant in the 30-man Andre the Giant Battle Royal or if the company will wait until after the pay-per-view to restart on him. Both ideas have been pitched, however, his return is considered imminent.

Will the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony air on cable? I know it's available in its entirety on the WWE Network.

A one hour special of the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony is scheduled to air next Monday immediately following Raw on the USA Network. The ceremony will air live in its entirety on Saturday at 9 PM ET on WWE Network. A live red carpet arrival show hosted by Michael Cole and Renee Young will precede it at 8 PM ET, also on the WWE Network.

If you were booking Wrestlemania 30, would you start the show with Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H, with Bryan going over and then put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match to close the show?

I expect there to be plenty of space between Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 30 for obvious reasons, however, I cannot confirm when they will occur on the card. It's certainly reasonable to assume the former will open and latter will close but it's not set in stone either. We do have details on the current favorites to go over in each match at this link.

In your opinion, which Wrestlemania XXX match has had the best build?

I've been wanting to do a list for a while now, so I'll just list them in terms of interest with the top being the match/point I'm most interested in and the bottom being the match/point I'm least interested in.

  1. Will Daniel Bryan get his payoff?
  2. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
  3. Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
  4. Everything else

My biggest area of intrigue is what will happen with Daniel Bryan? Will WWE finally give him the payoff he's rightfully earned and the one the fans want or will this be another situation where egos and backstage politics bury him yet again? Sure, there's a lot of money in Daniel Bryan as the proverbial underdog that is constantly held down BUT everyone eventually gets a payoff. Some are bigger than others and some are more successful than others but everyone eventually gets a payoff.

Bray Wyatt has done a phenomenal job on the mic in his program with John Cena. When I first heard they were doing Wyatt/Cena, I wasn't looking forward to it. However, Bray has proved he's worthy and how it's booked will be interesting.

If you don't have interest in "the streak," you're probably not a wrestling fan. While it's fairly *obvious* Undertaker goes over, will he steal the show like he did last year? A big-man battle between Undertaker and Lesnar is so big it doesn't need an explanation.

After this, it' s a forgettable card that feels rushed together by mixing and matching pieces to get people on the show. I have no interest in the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The winner gets… a trophy. So what? People going in expecting some type of elaborate payoff accompanied with a huge surprise are probably going to be disappointed. I see this match as a watered down Royal Rumble, where the winner doesn't get a title shot.

The Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational has train wreck written all over it. 14 women in the ring at the same time, where the winner goes over via pinfall. I can't envision anything other than some forgettable overly gimmicky bout that comes across as watered down and lacks payoff. I'd rather see a singles match with someone getting a big victory over the longest-reigning Divas champion in company history.

The Shield's match against Kane & The New Age Outlaws is extremely random. WWE teased dissension from The Shield for months and have now turned them babyface and reinforced the three pieces are one. Is this all part of an elaborate booking plan that ends in their inevitable breakup or is it WWE pulling back on planned singles pushes because they got cold feet?

The Pre-Show bout with The Usos defending the WWE Tag Team Championship against Los Matadores, The Real Americans and Ryback & Curtis Axel is another extremely random bout. Goldust & Cody Rhodes have been the best tag team in WWE over the course of the last year. They should be challenging The Usos in a bout that rewards all of their hard work. Los Matadores are comedy, RybAxel has fizzled and The Real Americans have teased dissension for months.

I thought they were going to do Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust at Wrestlemania? Did something change or was it ever even a thought?

A potential Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust program came up for this year's Wrestlemania XXX but didn't make it on the card. The undercard for Wrestlemania has been a disaster and it's an injustice to both of the Rhodes brothers they are crammed in the 30-man Andre the Giant Battle Royal after the year they've had. If WWE wasn't going to do the singles match, which would have been two years late, they should have programmed them in the bout for the tag titles.

Is there a chance that Kurt Angle returns to WWE?

Kurt Angle's contract with TNA Wrestling is up at the end of the summer and the overwhelming belief is that he's leaving. The only question seems to be, where will he land? I think Kurt would welcome another opportunity with WWE but it's unknown if they're interested in him at this stage in his career. He could also end up in Jeff Jarrett's new promotion. Right now, I believe the chances are good he's in his final months with TNA.

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