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- TNA Wrestling has filmed Impact through the September 25, 2014 episode that will carry the No Surrender theme. What's interesting to note is that now all material for the existing contract with Spike TV is in the can.

While TNA has plans to return to the Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom in New York City for more tapings in September, it will have to be under a new deal with Spike TV or a deal with another network, unless of course they only plan to tape One Night Only pay-per-views or TV not available in the United States.

The tapings in New York City have done well. The crowds have been good, the programming has been viewed as some of the best in years and the majority of the roster has been re-energized by the atmosphere. As we noted, Spike TV executives Kevin Kay and Scott Fishman were in attendance at separate tapings this week (Kay was there on Thursday, while Fishman was in attendance on Wednesday). started a firestorm at the end of July when they exclusively reported that Spike had canceled Impact. They have not retracted their story and it remains online in its original format, despite numerous denials from TNA. The company emailed talent, informing them negotiations were ongoing and UTA was trying to bridge a gap in finances. Dixie Carter said as much publicly with Bob Ryder Tweeting that reports are not true.

We reported here on that negotiations were getting better -- after sputtering much of the summer -- but took a turn for the worse when it was learned that TNA had been lying to Spike TV about Vince Russo's involvement. Just this week we explained a disconnect remains between Spike and TNA ownership. Dave Lagana privately emailed some members of the wrestling media [outside of Wrestling News World, he did not contact us], saying TNA would remain with Spike TV although that has not been reported by any outlet.

The official word is that negotiations between TNA and Spike TV are ongoing and the attendance of Spike executives at the tapings in New York City this week can only been seen as a good sign. However, there is no renewal as of press time.

Dixie Carter stated confidently this is something she goes through every two years but this is just the first public re-negotiation. She said they are still talking with Spike but there are other networks interested as well.

- Ryan Rider interviewed Ken Anderson at last week's Impact Wrestling tapings in New York City. In it, he revealed that TNA told him to stop using his "asshole" catchphrase as they gear their programming to be more family friendly. Anderson expressed optimism about the company's future on Spike TV but said they'll make things work wherever they go. Click here to listen to the interview.

- TNA Knockout Rebel announced Sunday on Twitter that she fractured her arm at last week's Impact Wrestling tapings in New York City. The following is from Twitter:

The injury occurred at the August 7, 2014 taping in which a Knockouts Battle Royal was taped for the September 25, 2014 episode of Impact. We have complete taping results available at this link.

- TNA Wrestling continues to look at bringing in newer and cheaper talent, however, until their domestic TV situation is sorted out, contracts are not being offered.

Havok debuted without a contract. The company is high up on her but until they sign a domestic TV deal, they don't want to commit any longterm money, even on small scale deals. For now, she's working night to night.

The Knockouts division is extremely political right now, especially because there are so few spots. The existing girls on the roster typically do everything possible to keep new girls out as they don't want to lose their spot to someone younger. With Havok's look and style being so different, the girls don't feel as threatened by her, so you don't have the normal "sabotage" going on that you have when TNA is looking to bring in a new girl.

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