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TNA News

- Tara claims WWE wouldn't allow their stars to appear at the Chicago Comic Con Wizard World Convention this weekend if Impact Wrestling stars were booked. The former WWE Diva says she was scheduled to appear on Saturday but it was nixed due to WWE's request.

- Velvet Sky is gone from TNA Wrestling but I'm told the company has been "desperately" trying to re-sign her. The issue is she does not want to re-sign until Chris Sabin's deal expires as well and both of them can see what kind of interest there still is from WWE (as the two are an item in real life). Both received feelers from WWE previously but TNA's lawsuit against WWE makes things tricky and is preventing WWE from signing anyone from TNA. My source cautioned not to be surprised if Velvet returns to TNA but she's in no rush to re-sign and doesn't want to end up in one company with Sabin ending up in another. TNA continues a "full court press" to get her to sign a new deal but so far, she's not caving. Another reason TNA wants her back is they feel if she re-signs, Sabin will re-up as well. I'm told company officials do not feel one will go to WWE without the other, which currently, is not even possible.

- Madison Rayne beat Brooke Tessmacher at TNA Hardcore Justice to win the TNA Knockout Women's Championship.

- Bully Ray wrote the following on Twitter regarding his elbow injury suffered at Sunday night's Hardcore Justice pay-per-view:


- has a new article online featuring quotes from Kurt Angle to promote Saturday's TNA live event in Ottumwa, Iowa. In the article, Angle reveals his current TNA contract is a part-time deal. Below is an excerpt:

“At the beginning there wasn’t much of a difference,” Angle said. “I came down here with hopes of building the program, which TNA has done an amazing job of doing, but having a lighter schedule, and that didn’t occur for four or five years. It kind of blossomed after I got here and we went from doing 25 house shows to 125 and one hour on TV to two hours. With the timing of me coming in and what was going on, they needed me to be full-time. My new contract is part-time.”

Angle signed the three-year contract last September. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- Kurt Angle went on a Twitter rampage Monday night taking aim at WWE Champion CM Punk. The following Tweets are from the verified account of Angle:

- I was told by a worker last week that Claire Lynch, who is "pregnant" with AJ Styles' "child" in TNA storyline, actually works at Universal Studios as Olive Oyl on the park's Popeye Ride. Apparently this is something Lynch, whose real name is Julia Reilly, didn't want out and has tried to conceal.

- Kurt Angle has apologized for his comments directed towards WWE Champion CM Punk that he posted on Twitter late Monday night. Angle made it clear, however, he is not apologizing to Punk.



- ZOO Magazine has a new Q&A online with Kurt Angle. Below is an excerpt:

Would you consider training for the 2016 Olympics?
No! By that time I’d be 47, that’s definitely not an option for me. As I said, I found out that the requirements of the training was too much for my body to handle at this point in my career. When you make the Olympic team, that’s a milestone in itself and the training is unimaginable. The training you need to do is borderline abuse.

What are you looking forward to the most about the TNA 2013 UK tour?
When we come over to the UK the fans are a bit more vocal and I think that’s because we’re not here as much. I look forward to going up against the best with guys, such as AJ Styles, to really give the fans a match they'll love.

You recently did a parody video with Funny Or Die. How did that come about?
They actually contacted me after hearing I was training for the Olympics. But when I got injured, they said they would like me to do it and then air it just before the start of the Games. I thought it was quite an honour to have guys such as Will Ferrell and Adam McKay want me for a project. So they asked me to pick a partner and I chose RVD as my coach. I knew he’d do an excellent job and people don’t know him like I do, he’s a really funny guy.

You've also starred in a number of movies such as Warrior and next year you’ll star alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Wahlberg in Pain And Gain. Will acting be your life after wrestling?
That’s what I plan on doing after wrestling. I’ve had a few movies. Last year I did Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night, with the producers of Men In Black and Superman Returns. I co-starred with Brandon Routh, but it didn’t do as well as they hoped. Right now, I’ve been in five big motion picture movies and hoping, God willing, it turns into something bigger where I can do a lot more acting. There is only one Dwayne Johnson, but then again there is only one Kurt Angle.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- Crimson, who hasn't been booked recently on TNA television, worked the Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping on Wednesday night. The former undefeated TNA star went over Randy Royal and cut a promo about how the OVW Heavyweight Championship was his number one priority. After reports [from unreliable NEWZ sites] he was "sent" to OVW, TNA's official developmental territory, Crimson wrote the following on Twitter:

- The Daily Reporter has a new Q&A online with Gail Kim to promote Friday's TNA live event in Spencer, Iowa. Below is an excerpt:

Working for TNA Wrestling:

"I've always been happiest here," Kim said. "I've always felt this company was home."

"Sometimes in this business, longevity is an issue. It is a man's world in this industry. Companies like TNA put women's wrestling on a platform. The Knockouts division, you watch any of our matches, you'll say we're very physical. We want the fans to watch and say that was a great match. Not just for the girls, but that was a great match."

How long she plans on wrestling:

"Right now I feel so great," Kim said, despite having spent time recovering from a broken collarbone in the past year, taking her out of in-ring action. "It was so hard for me to sit back and watch everybody in the ring doing what I love to do. I'm going to try and do it as long as I can. I've been so lucky to be able to have done this for as long as I have. Every wrestler has a passion to do it as long as they can."

Greatest moment of her career:

"There's been so many, but my feud with Awesome Kong I think really left a mark with the fans. They will always remember that. It was physical."

Click here to read the Q&A in its entirety.

- Hulk Hogan will return to Impact Wrestling next week to join Sting in calling out the Aces & Eights faction.

- Miss Tessmacher defeated Madison Rayne during this week's episode of Impact Wrestling to win the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship. Taryn Terrell (who was known as Tiffany in WWE) acted as the referee for the match. Click here to read this week's Impact Wrestling results.

- Former WWE Diva Taryn Terrell, known as Tiffany, made her debut with Impact Wrestling on this week's show. For those that didn't watch, Tiffany was the special guest referee in Madison Rayne vs. Miss Tessmacher which featured Tessmacher re-capturing the TNA Knockout Women's Championship.

- Eric Bischoff returned to TNA at this week's Impact, working backstage as he has been working on projects outside of the company.

- Shaun Ricker beat Sam Shaw in a dark match prior to this week's Impact. Ricker is known for his work in NWA Hollywood.

- The Daily Star has a new article online featuring quotes from Kurt Angle. Below are the highlights:

Brock Lesnar's final UFC fights; subsequent return to WWE:

“His last two fights, it wasn’t really the true Brock I know. I believe he never got back to 100% after his illness. He did the fights for the money. Don’t get me wrong, the other guys were awesome.

“He knew he was going back to WWE. Brock was as good an amateur wrestler as he was a pro-wrestler. As good as he was a pro-wrestler, he was just as good a pro footballer. As good as he was a footballer, he was just as good an MMA fighter. I’ve had the privilege of working a main event at Mania with him and I’ve sparred with him.

“Brock’s athleticism and wits amaze me. He has the whole package. He’s a marketer’s dream – one of a kind.”

Not ruling out a return to WWE:

“I’m really happy [in TNA]. It’s why I signed a long-term deal a year ago. The number one question I get asked is: When are you going back to WWE? I don’t plan on it but I never say no. I am treated well. I have more freedom to do other things too, so it’s a win-win for me and for Impact Wrestling.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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