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I have a bad feeling that Shawn Michaels might screw over Triple H at SummerSlam and then they'll probably wrestle each other either at the Royal Rumble or next year's Wrestlemania. What is your opinion on this theory?

Shawn Michaels has maintained he's retired from the ring and will not be wrestling again. Given how many wrestlers "retire" only to end up working again, I understand why we get so many questions about HBK's in-ring return. However, until Shawn says he wants to work again I'm taking him at his word. There were plans for Brock Lesnar to attack Shawn on Raw 1000 and it was talked about again last week so it will be interesting to see if things get physical on this week's Raw between Lesnar and Michaels.

What is your opinion of AW's release, was it justified or just WWE being paranoid?

The release of Abraham Washington didn't surprise me given the fact he wasn't an established star and made a joke that was in poor taste on live television. While the joke was in poor taste I was more offended at how dated it was more than anything else. It would have been a different story had AW been a big draw for the company but guys like him do not have a lot of leeway and one mistake, especially on live TV, usually seals their fate. What I found more outrageous was AW's behavior on Twitter following his release. He acted very immaturely and probably burned a lot of bridges. If AW ever wanted another shot at WWE he would have kept his mouth shut and continued to work hard.

Who makes the decision in WWE on when a talent is released?

WWE traditionally announces releases late Friday afternoon on dot com where there is as little of attention on them as possible. As for who makes the decision, it's Vince McMahon that has the final word on everything.

Randy Orton has had a couple good matches since returning. Has his stock risen with the company or is he still looked down upon for his recent attitude and infractions?

I heard so much from so many in WWE about how Randy Orton's stock has plummeted and things would never be the same after his second documented WWE Wellness Policy violation. However, he has returned in the top of the card and has been announced as the star in the second installment of the WWE Studios production "12 Rounds." Orton clearly still has some heat but any notion he's going to be buried and kicked out the door is unfounded.

There has been a lot of talk about who the top two guys in WWE are (John Cena, CM Punk and Randy Orton) but what about a guy like Sheamus who has been carrying Smackdown (Successfully), is all-around talented, no backstage heat or other previous incidents and appears as if he will be in WWE for the long run?

Sheamus is a main event talent in WWE and has proved he can work both as a heel and a babyface. He is in a great position moving forward but he's not yet seen as "the guy" or even one of the guys at this point. We can talk a lot about what makes John Cena and CM Punk the two top guys but the main factor is how much money they make the company.

Do you ever see Hulk Hogan ever returning to WWE to finish his career? In my opinion him and Vince McMahon are the ones that made WWE what it is today.

I see Hulk Hogan as one of the most influential figures in pro wrestling as I look at him as the Michael Jordan of the business, where he took pro wrestling to a place no one else could. As for a WWE return, at this stage in his career, I have a hard time believing he'd be able to wrestle in an effective capacity due to his back problems. Obviously I'm not going to say "never" because it's Hogan, however, his in-ring career is all but over. He currently has a good deal with TNA where he's in a limited role as an executive but being paid well.

Did Brock Lesnar come back to lose because so far he has no victories?

Brock Lesnar came back for $5,000,000. He'll do whatever WWE wants him to do as long as he collects his paycheck. It was a monumental mistake putting him under to John Cena at Extreme Rules, with even Hunter admitting privately it hurt his SummerSlam match. I will go as far as saying Cena over Lesnar at Extreme Rules was one of the worst mistakes in WWE . They had a ton of momentum with a returning Lesnar and crushed it almost immediately with a loss.

Is it just me or is it pretty obvious what the intended outcome of the Twitter polls as part of RawActive are?

Whether or not WWE legitimately counts all the votes cast for the Twitter polls, they are staged in that the company has a good idea as to how fans are going to "vote." It reminds me of the now defunct Cyber Sunday pay-per-view where fan voting was legitimate but WWE had a very good idea how fans were going to vote.

How many dates are on Brock Lesnar's WWE contract? Do you think an extension can be agreed upon?

Brock Lesnar's WWE contract was believed to include a minimum of two appearances per month with more on the build to Wrestlemania, however, the unexpected use of Paul Heyman has allowed WWE to preserve his dates at a slower pace. There are plenty of dates left for Lesnar to wrap up his program with Triple H at SummerSlam and move onto the next one and it will all determine which show they want him on as to how much he'll appear on television. Brock is the picture of indifference, doing exactly what is asked of him for his money. As for him inking an extension, it’s going to come down to how much WWE is willing to pay and what it will take to get Brock to accept. I’m sure he’ll have other offers out there but UFC doesn’t appear near as likely as it would have been six months ago.

Can you see Chris Jericho going over Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam?

There's a chance Chris Jericho goes over Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam but I think it has to be a "passing of the torch" with Ziggler going over Jericho. I understand Ziggler pinned Jericho on this week's Raw but I do not see the payoff in Jericho going over Ziggler. There is only one scenario I can think of that would have me OK with Ziggler going under and that would be getting “robbed” of a victory only to “cash in” later in the night, leaving as World Heavyweight Champion.

Is there any update on the WWE Network?

Last month I ran a detailed update on the WWE Network exclusively for WNW Premium Members at this link. This article includes pretty much everything you've been wondering, giving an in-depth look at what the company is thinking. With that being said, I'm sure at least some plans have changed regarding the network but I haven't heard yet. During this month's conference call with investors to discuss quarter two earnings, an investor was very stern with Vince McMahon over how little the company has disclosed regarding their cable network. McMahon backed down from the investor, promising an announcement for the next call in a few months.

How do you think Linda McMahon winning the Senate Primary will affect the future of WWE?

Linda McMahon has spent $61 million of the McMahon family fortune (this includes money spent on the 2010 run) just to get this far so her winning the primary was of no surprise if not completely expected. I don't see any immediate change and "more of the same" in terms of WWE PG and their toned down programming. The company wants to shy away from any negative publicity but even more so as Linda tries to secure a seat in the United States Senate.

I know Cody Rhodes has had a match in the last couple of weeks but what is his status backstage?

As we've seen on WWE television, Cody Rhodes is in a program with Sin Cara where he is trying to remove his mask. As for Rhodes being buried, it had to do with a positive Wellness test that he tried to deny. We have much more at this link. With that being said, Rhodes is currently a mid-card worker.

We have heard multiple times about a new WWE Championship belt. As CM Punk said the title needs to change and that left me with the impression that he will be the one to do it. What is going on with that and when can we expect to see the new WWE belt?

I have heard for years the company has considered replacing the WWE Championship "spinner" belt but Vince McMahon has kept it due to how well the belt sells. In recent months, CM Punk has continued to tease a new title belt (with rumblings as recent as last weekend) but it's become one of those things I'll have to see to believe.

I cannot stand how WWE is constantly ramming this social media craze down our necks with Twitter, Tout, etc. I feel it's starting to ruin Raw for me personally and I would like to know how you feel about it and why they are doing it?

I get annoyed with all the social media mentions as much as anyone else. Even before WWE's latest partnership with Twitter, I was beginning to wonder if the company was a silent investor. We know they are a $5 million investor in Tout which is why they heavily promote it. As for why it is done, it's free promotion. More and more people are turning to social media to stay informed with what is going on and share information and media with their friends. With that being said you can follow us on Twitter @wnwnews and on Facebook at

What was the worst mistake in WWE history?

Normally I shy away from questions such as this because they are widely debatable, however, I have to think the planned "funeral" for the Mr. McMahon character that was scheduled the night we learned of the death of Chris Benoit (June 25, 2007) and his family was the worst mistake in WWE history. Not only that but the tribute show that replaced it as we learned of the heinous details behind the crimes Benoit committed in the final days of his life.

I think it was around this time last year that you said in your opinion Daniel Bryan was the best in ring performer in WWE. Who do you think is today, is it still him?

Daniel Bryan is still the best in-ring worker in WWE and has further solidified that argument by his work over the last year. Jim Ross recently said no one has been better in or out of the ring than Bryan. If anyone asks me why I'm so high up on him my answer is simple, Daniel Bryan is better than everyone else. Bryan has a rare five-star skill level in terms of in-ring work and has really elevated his game with his character

You have mentioned the lack of top heels but with CM Punk's turn, aren't there a lack of top babyfaces?

The top babyfaces in WWE going into SummerSlam are Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Triple H and John Cena. The top heels in WWE going into SummerSlam are Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. The list is about even but will begin to change immediately after SummerSlam with Jericho leaving, Hunter going back behind-the-scenes, Lesnar taking time off and Wade Barrett returning. You could certainly make the argument there will be a lack of babyfaces after SummerSlam but look for the company to make adjustments to make up for the discrepancy.

What is the status of Zack Ryder?

Despite the support of the Internet, Zack Ryder has struggled to find a spot on WWE television. He's frustrated about it but it is what it is. WWE can't push everyone at once and are focused on other talents at the moment. With that being said Ryder is on this week's Smackdown but I'm not sure you're going to like the capacity in which he is used.

Why did WWE put the 3rd hour on Raw by putting more of the Breakfast Club (John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus) than putting more of people who deserve to be noticed like Alex Riley and Drew McIntyre? They deserve more than being on Superstars and NXT.

The aforementioned "breakfast club" are the biggest draws in WWE  and sell the most merchandise. Alex Riley has a bit of a wining streak going on but he had a big opportunity after breaking away from The Miz in 2011 and showed he had a lot of work to do in improving his in-ring work. Drew McIntyre has a large Internet following but he's nothing more than an enhancement talent at this point. As I mentioned above, WWE can't push everyone at once.

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