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TNA News

- Hulk Hogan has rebuked WrestlingNewsWorld.com on Twitter after we posted details about a Hogan retail establishment opening later this month at the Pelican Walk Plaza in Clearwater, Florida. Hogan informed us that our timeframe was "way off" and clearly implied the project is far from set in stone. Below is his Tweet:

I apologize for the error and do not know where the wires got crossed but have removed the original article. Thanks to Hogan for the acknowledgement, brother!

Kurt Angle was scheduled to be inducted into the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame at the Dan Gable Museum this weekend but backed out of the appearance due to a prior commitment.

Gerald Brisco ended up auctioning Angle's award off for $250. Angle angrily responded on Twitter. The following is from Angle's official Twitter account:

A couple hours later, Angle calmed down and wrote the following:

- It didn't take long for Kurt Angle to get his award back. The following was posted by the Dan Gable Museum on Facebook:

It's true! Kurt Angle's plaque is at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum with Lou Thesz's widow, Charlie Thesz. Gerry Brisco had the plaque back within an hour and it will be sent to Kurt Angle.

As we reported earlier here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, when Angle missed his scheduled appearance this weekend to accept the award, Gerald Brisco auctioned it off for $250.

- Eric Young posted the following on Twitter:

- Hulk Hogan has successfully underwent another back surgery and is being taken care of by nurse Jimmy Hart. The following is from Hogan's official Twitter account:

- Arda Ocal of The Baltimore Sun has a new article online featuring quotes from Mr. Anderson to promote Friday's live event in Aberdeen, Maryland. Below are the highlights:

Decision to go to TNA, working as a pro wrestler:

“It took a while [to decide to go to TNA]. It was not one of those things that I couldn't wait till my 90 days was up so I could jump over. It was like nine months, almost a year, where it was talked about a little bit. At that point, I was kinda not done with the business but nice to step back and take some time off and re-evalute and figure out what I wanted to do. ...

"I always wanted to do something in the entertainment industry, if it was acting or something in show business. When I found wrestling I was like, 'This has got everything that I like.' It's got showmanship, it's highly athletic and highly competitive. We are a scripted television show, however it is a very competitive business and it's one of the most competitive things I've done in my life and I have played competitive sports before. It is just as competitive as legitimate sports. People just don’t understand that -- people don’t ever get a chance to. We don’t peel the curtain that far back to let you in. It is an extremely competitive environment.”

Current state of the product:

“I really like where the product is going," he said. "We don’t sit around and talk and pat ourselves on the back. ... We are our biggest critics. You have a lot less criticism floating around in the locker. [The wrestlers] are happier now, they're happier with what they're doing, they're happier with their story line. Nothing is scripted like it used to be. The thing that drives me nuts is when someone hands you a script and says, 'Be yourself and say this right here' -- exactly the way that I have written [it].”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- Impact Rewind, which was scheduled to precede Impact Wrestling on a weekly basis, has been canceled by Spike TV.  I'm told the network originally planned to give the show a 6-week trial period, however, with their new run of shows and some of their repeat airings getting double the 0.21 cable rating with a 231,000 viewing audience the show did last week, the decision to cancel it was a "no-brainer." Spike officials are still high up on TNA but felt the show in the 7 PM timeslot wasn't going to work.  My source indicated they would not be surprised if Spike gave TNA another hour of programming in a different timeslot. TNA posted this week's show on their official YouTube channel as you can watch it at this link. The company was already  hyping "three hours of TNA Impact Wrestling every Thursday night on Spike TV" as you can see by the following line in last week's official Impact Wrestling preview:

Don’t miss three hours of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday night on SpikeTV! Get your weekly TNA recap starting at 7/6c with the new “Rewind” broadcast immediately followed by IMPACT WRESTLING LIVE at 8/7c!

- The word making rounds in many TNA circles this week is that this month's Destination X pay-per-view failed to do 10,000 buys.

- Dixie Carter announced Thursday on Twitter that Chavo Guerrero is coming to TNA and will debut on the July 26th episode of Impact Wrestling. Below is her Tweet:


- Josh Stewart has a new article online on Newsday.com featuring quotes from TNA Champion Austin Aries. In it, Aries discusses his decision to go vegetarian and progression to TNA Champion. Below is an excerpt:

“If you really do some studies into cattle farming methods and meat production, you’d have real problems arguing the benefits to my health,"

“When I think about it, the progression in the last 18 months, I have always been confident that I could be in this position. I don’t know if surreal is the word,”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- The wedding of the Food Network's Robert Irvine and Gail Kim will be featured in a special called "Wedding Impossible" on Saturday, August 17, 2012. Below is a description of the show courtesy of FoodNetworkGossip.com:

"When he's not rescuing a restaurant, Restaurant: Impossible's host Robert Irvine is busy planning the wedding of a lifetime: his own -- and you're invited! This new "mission" gives viewers an intimate look into the personal life of the star chef, Robert Irvine, as he gets ready to marry wrestling star and entertainer, Gail Kim. Featuring famous culinary guests and set against one of the most magnificent backdrops in the country, Napa Valley, Robert will introduce us to his family, his friends and allow viewers to be a part of one of the most important moments of his life."

Robert and Gail tied the knot back in May.

- TMZ is reporting that Snooki of Jersey Shore fame received an invitation to Kurt Angle's wedding this weekend. The two know each other through Snooki's boyfriend, who recently wanted to train with Angle. Snooki reportedly declined the invitation due to "prior obligations," but sent a coffee pot as a gift. Click here to read the full article. (Thanks to WNW reader Logan Walker for sending this in.)

- Following the announcement that he has been signed by TNA Wrestling, Chavo Guerrero took to Twitter to make his first public statements:

- Viacom and DirecTV have reached an agreement, ending the blackout of the 17 channels that DirecTV customers have been out without for what is going on two weeks. This news is noteworthy for wrestling fans as Spike TV was one of the channels blacked out, resulting in two weeks of Impact Wrestling being missed. If you missed this week's Impact Wrestling, you can read full results at this link.

- In addition to Luke Gallows and Mike Knox, who I mentioned earlier today in Ask WNW, Wes Brisco is also a member of the Aces and Eights faction on Impact Wrestling. D-Lo Brown played a member of the faction on this week's show but it's unknown if he'll end up in the final group as he works backstage in TNA as an agent.

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