Alberto Del Rio Suffers Serious Injury; Off No Way Out, Christian Appears At Slammiversary, Vince McMahon Flips Out, Four WWE Releases, WWE Plants Story About McMahon Being "Livid" Over Brock Lesnar's Meeting With UFC's Dana White, HHH Reaches Out To Former WWE Mega Star About A Return Due To Lack Of Top Talent, CM Punk Vocal Critic Of Randy Orton, Spike TV Wants Popular WWE Name In TNA/Bellator; Details On The Name That May Surprise You, Ask WNW Archive & All The Big News From This Past Week

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TNA News

- The Miami Herald has a new interview up with quotes from Sting, in which he discusses Slammiversary, his long tenure with TNA, his passion for the business, and more. In the following excerpt, Sting discusses how close he came to signing with WWE:

“I guess the best way for me to tell you is on a scale of one to 10,” Sting said. “I think the first three times over the years that I spoke with Vince McMahon and was close to going there, there were times where we were about a six or seven. I think this last go around we were probably about a nine. We were very close. I was actually surprised that things turned out the way they did.”

“Never say never in this business,” Sting said. “We know that. Wrestler’s honor means jack. It doesn’t mean anything. I can tell you that this moment right now as it stands, I‘m happy where I am. If things continue the way they have, I can see myself hanging my boots right here.”

Click here to read the full article.

- The following is from the Twitter account of TNA President Dixie Carter:


- Jeff Jarrett isn't in contention to be the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame tonight and his wife Karen is not happy about it. Karen has used her official Twitter account to continuously Re-Tweet anyone advocating Jeff for the TNA Hall of Fame. Karen also noted neither her nor Jeff are at the pay-per-view and for fans to ask Dixie Carter why he's not there.

- TNA Wrestling issued the following press release about next month's Destination X pay-per-view:

On Sunday, July 8, TNA and Direct Auto Insurance present "Destination X" live on Pay-Per-View and online around the world at from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida! The thee-hour event will feature your favorite superstars, including the high-flying daredevils of TNA's X Division!

The PPV will be available on DirecTV, Dish Network, InDemand, TVN, Viewer's Choice and more! Check your programming guide for availability and replay times! Tune into IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday night LIVE on SpikeTV at 8/7 for news and info!

Visit the official website at

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- Hulk Hogan posted the following tonight on Facebook:

Positive and negative are directions. Which direction do you choose. I'm going with the positive, and nobody's bringing my vibe down at Slammiversary tonight. HH.

This message comes off the latest rant from Scott Steiner on his official Twitter account where he claimed that TNA not only pays for Brooke Hogan to fly to shows but also for her dog to come as well. I don't know if the posts are connected but felt it was worth mentioning nonetheless.

- James Storm made his return to TNA Wrestling at tonight's Slammiversary pay-per-view. Storm was the opponent that answered Crimson's "Open Challenge." In the match, Storm went over Crimson quickly, ending his undefeated streak. Storm has been away from TNA since April to deal with some lingering injuries.

- Sting was announced as the first inductee to the TNA Hall of Fame at tonight's Slammiversary pay-per-view. TNA President Dixie Carter came out to make the announcement, also bringing out the entire roster along with the agents. Sting came out and thanks everyone. It was announced he will be formally inducted at the company's Bound for Glory pay-per-view later this year.

- Brooke Tessmacher beat Gail Kim at Slammiversary to win the TNA Knockout Women's Championship.

- TNA Wrestling issued the following press release on Sting being the company's first Hall of Fame inductee:


TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announced the beginning of a “TNA Hall of Fame”, with "The Icon" Sting announced as the first inductee at this year’s 10th Anniversary celebration, “Slammiversary”.

This is TNA’s chance to recognize the great contributions of the people who gave so much to make this 10-year anniversary possible.

“This 10 year milestone is an incredible achievement for TNA,” stated TNA President Dixie Carter. “In honor of that, we felt it was time to begin recognizing the contributions of those who have made the greatest impact on our success."

TNA Wrestling was founded in Nashville in the summer of 2002 and June marks the 10th year anniversary.

Congratulations to "The Icon" Sting for becoming the first member of the TNA Hall Of Fame!

- Christian appeared at tonight's Slammiversary pay-per-view in an in-ring segment where he was introduced by Hulk Hogan. He joked about the ring having less sides than the last time he was in a TNA ring but put over the fans for keeping the company in existence. This is the first time a WWE worker under a performer's contract has appeared on a TNA pay-per-view. Christian's appearance was part of a deal WWE had with TNA for TNA allowing Ric Flair to appear over Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend earlier this year.

- Kurt Angle & AJ Styles beat Christopher Daniels & Kazarian at Slammiversary to win the TNA Tag Team Championship.

- The absence of Jeff Jarrett at last night's Slammiversary pay-per-view was particularly noteworthy, with both Jeff and Karen making it clear on Twitter their feelings were hurt. This is a clear case of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff coming to power and eliminating Jarrett and Vince Russo. There was a long drawn out war for political control (and Dixie's favor) between Hogan/Bischoff and Jarrett/Russo with the winner now blatantly obvious.

- Stacy Carter and Lance Hoyt were among the visitors backstage at last night's pay-per-view.

- The worker that played Abyss during Joseph Park vs. Bully Ray last night was a Team 3D student based out of Florida.

- Dixie Carter wrote the following on Twitter following last night's pay-per-view:


- TNA Wrestling issued the following press release:

TNA Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding Current Litigation

NASHVILLE, Tenn -- TNA Entertainment, LLC President Dixie Carter releases a statement in regard to the recent TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) the company filed against WWE in the Davidson County Circuit Court in Nashville, Tennessee.

TNA President Dixie Carter states, "We were not surprised that the Court originally granted a swift temporary restraining order against WWE to prohibit interference with TNA's contracts and business relationships. I'm pleased that the Court has now replaced that temporary measure with the most recent judicial Order. The Judge's current Order sends a strong message about the importance of TNA protecting its trade secrets. Obviously, the accuracy of what WWE has represented remains important, so I look forward to the discovery process and what is revealed during litigation. As always, we will vigorously protect TNA and its brand from damage at the hands of any and all sources, no matter who is involved."

- The following article was written by The Associated Press:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Lawyers for World Wrestling Entertainment have told a Nashville judge the company has not and will not use confidential information from rival Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

The pledge came during a hearing over a lawsuit TNA filed last month against WWE, claiming WWE had obtained secret contract information in an attempt to poach TNA's wrestlers.

Attorneys for WWE told Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle that the company has not contacted any of TNA's contracted personnel. The attorneys also said WWE has returned the only copies of the confidential information to TNA.

Lyle dissolved a May 24 temporary restraining order against WWE that had prohibited it from using the information to solicit TNA wrestlers, but she made no ruling on the merits of the case.

TNA is based in Nashville.

- Matt Morgan is having fund with some of his followers on Twitter. Below are some of the Tweets that have people talking:


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