Plans Changed At The Last Minute For WWE Title Match At No Way Out, Randy Orton's Return Date To WWE; How He Will Be Booked, WWE Legend Very Upset Over Alberto Del Rio Working This Week, Top WWE Star Threatens To Quit Backstage At Raw, TNA Negotiating With Bill Goldberg; Could A Deal Get Done?, Legal Action Taken Against Scott Steiner, Ask WNW Archive & All The Big News From This Past Week

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We are now six pay-per-views into the year, and none of them have had a championship match to close out the show. Aside from the Royal Rumble, all main events for the night have included John Cena facing his feud of the month. I understand that Cena is the #1 man in the WWE, but why do they keep pushing him as the closer despite not being in any title scenarios since last October?

Sean Hopkins and I texted briefly about this very issue after No Way Out and our opinion is something is wrong when you're halfway through the year and none of the WWE pay-per-view main events have featured one of their titles. The only excuse I can give you is booking that misses the mark and the fact that Vince McMahon sees Cena and his drawability bigger than either world title. The company is lacking in star power right now and the idea to fix things is to make John Cena the focal point of programming.

Why does Vince McMahon hate Jim Ross so much and ridicule him?

I am assuming you are talking about Vince McMahon's impersonation of Jim Ross in the segment with Hornswoggle on Raw Supershow. Vince does not hate Jim Ross, Vince likes to bully him. It's like Vince gets some type of sick pleasure by picking on JR. One thing to keep in mind is WWE is ran under the high school jock mentality with some people getting bullied for the sake of a cheap laugh. It's very disrespectful, especially to a legend such as Jim Ross who is the best play-by-play man in the history of the wrestling business.

Do you think having a world title defended on free TV brings down the prestige?

WWE and TNA are better suited to feature world title matches on pay-per-view rather than free TV, however, the prestige isn't hurt as long as they are defended. What I detest are non-title matches with champions going under as that hurts the prestige of the belts. I'm also a fan of longer world title reigns as I feel it helps build the legitimacy of the championship.

I hate to be "that guy", and don't get me wrong, I'm loving the Ryback character, but I am not officially bored with the double-local talent squash matches. When are we going to move on?

I guess when they "feed him three." WWE wants to build Ryback up as a dominant force and haven't even established him as a heel or babyface yet, however, not only are the double squashes getting repetitive but the squashes in general are becoming overdone. Vince McMahon loves Ryback's look and wants to recreate Goldberg but the more indy workers he squashes, the less I seem to care.

Why was Alberto Del Rio not able to perform at No Way Out but was able to perform the next night on Raw? Why could he not do both?

Alberto Del Rio was cleared to work Monday afternoon; however, the decision to book him in a match on this week's Raw Supershow wasn't met without criticism. I'm currently working on a story that will be online shortly on one WWE name that was very vocal that there was no reason for Del Rio to be working last night.

With WWE bringing back past GMs, what are the odds that the Anonymous Raw General Manager returns for a week?

When I first read this question my first reaction was, oh no I hope not. Then I thought, well it would save WWE the money of having to pay per shot to a past name. I don't know if there are plans to bring back that stupid computer but let's hope that doesn't happen. I'll go as far as saying the Anonymous Raw General manager was one of the worst gimmicks in WWE history that completely defied logic.

I'm a huge fan of CM Punk and have been since his first promo on ECW. But don't you think its time for a new champion?

I am a fan of lengthy WWE Championship reigns because it builds prestige to the title. CM Punk needed this lengthy run to help establish himself as one of the company's top guys. While I will commend WWE for finally showing confidence in Punk, they aren't confident to put him (or either title for that matter) in a pay-per-view main event, which I feel is the wrong move.

Is WWE risking burnout with John Cena with him continuing to work in the midst of lingering injuries and significant personal issues?

WWE has a history of riding top stars too hard, leading to severe burnout. There is concern they are riding John Cena too hard at a time where he is hurting both physically and personally. One person close to John told me he's dealing with the drama in his personal life by working as much as possible but others are afraid it's all going to catch up with him.

I heard the suspended Twitter profile "Cranky Vince" is ran by WWE employees. Is that true?

I know who originated the rumors that "Cranky Vince" is ran by WWE employees but I'm told that isn't the case. As I reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog, the account is ran by a former WWE wrestler who remains close with the company. There are a lot of people guessing who it is so I'm not surprised to see contradicting reports but of course I believe my sources over anyone else. Cranky Vince is alive and well as you can read more about that at this link.

What is going on with The Miz?

The Miz is currently away from WWE filming "The Marine 3: Homefront." I would expect another huge push for him when the film is released. You can keep up with The Miz on his official Twitter account.

Why did WWE decide on keeping Vickie Guerrero with Dolph Ziggler? Haven't they paid attention to the babyface chants?

I posted a detailed article on WWE rekindling Dolph Ziggler's "relationship" with Vickie Guerrero here on Premium. The WWE office still wants Ziggler as a heel and felt they could keep heat on him by having him aligned with her. For more, check out the aforementioned link.

Now that he's gone from TNA, do you see WWE being interested in bringing Don West in for commentary?

No, Don West took a job in marking with the Wenatchee Wild, a minor league hockey team. I do not see WWE interested in bringing him in for a position he didn't even hold for the past several years in TNA Wrestling. You can read more about West's new job at this link.

What type of control to main event workers such as John Cena and CM Punk have in WWE over the direction of their characters?

Main event workers such as John Cena and CM Punk have considerable influence in the direction of their characters; however, Vince McMahon has the final say in what happens. Workers in the top of the card have much more power and influence than someone in the bottom of the card. For example, someone like Heath Slater is told what to do and when to do it. If he would refuse something, it'd be detrimental to his spot in the company. Cena or Punk are much more open to meet with Vince over things and he would be much more likely to hear them out.

Will Shawn Michaels wrestle when he reunites with Triple H as D-Generation X at the 1000th Raw next month?

Shawn Michaels has maintained he's finished in the ring but will appear when asked. He's still drawing a hefty six-figure salary from WWE where they are able to use him when needed. Obviously due to the fact that he's finished wrestling, his exposure is limited.

Do you think Santino Marella could ever have a serious main event gimmick?

Santino Marella is a great babyface that can be used for comedic relief but I don't see him going much further than that. He's taken advantage of opportunities when given but I'm not sure anyone would buy him as a main eventer. Remember when Santino stepped into the Elimination Chamber match earlier this year and proved he could get over with the best babyfaces in the company? WWE realized that and I feel he was rewarded with his current WWE United States Championship reign.

What do you make of the whole AJ Lee angle and her involvement in the main event scene?

I am intrigued with AJ Lee on WWE television and like the way she's been used in the main event scene with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Kane. How long it will last is anyone's guess but she's done a great job so far.

What do you see changing with Raw Supershow going three hours each week? Do you see a return to the two hour format?

One of the things WWE wants to do with the extra hour is to incorporate more social media aspects into the show by letting fans effect something every week. Stephanie McMahon said last month that fans would have a chance to determine things such as matches and stipulations but left the possibilities open by saying "anything and everything" with different things each week. As for WWE going back to two hours, I could see this happening if the three-hour format doesn't draw and tanks in the ratings.

What's the latest on John Laurinaitis and his position within WWE?

John Laurinaitis is no longer the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations in real life as Triple H has assumed that role. I'm not sure if Big Johnny is still in some type of managerial role or if he is strictly just an on-air character. I have heard for months the ultimate plan was for him to be an on-air character only. Click here for more.

Is Kevin Nash still under WWE contract and if so where has he been?

Kevin Nash is under a WWE Legend's Contract with WWE, basically giving them the right to use his name to distribute merchandise. He's there if they need him but there hasn't been any interest in using him. Based on Nash's Tweet from earlier in the week it seems like he's getting bored sitting on the sidelines so it will be interesting to see if he pushes to get back on TV or perhaps negotiates his release to go back to TNA. Nash's in-ring career in WWE was believed to have ended after his program with Triple H last year.

Will the revamped season six of WWE NXT be available in the United States?

I heard the preliminary plan was for the revamped WWE NXT to take over Florida Championship Wrestling's timeslot on The Bright House Network in Florida. The show has already began airing in international markets but it's interesting to note Vince McMahon has claimed for months there are new TV deals in place for both NXT and WWE Superstars in the United States. Other than that, no other details are available as of this writing.

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    miz sux let him go make movies he's good at pretending to be a pretend fighter, except when r-truth puts his self in a position of reliance on the miz and the miz doesn't catch him, his ring work hasn't improved in 6 or 7 years or however long he's been here , saying your awesome only works so long until you have to show you're awesome and he's only good at saying he's awesome.