Backstage News On Randy Orton's Meeting With Vince McMahon & Triple H; Will He Be Fired?, CM Punk Leaks Plans For New WWE Title Belt, Heat On Paul Heyman Over Internet Leaks, Concern Over The Return Of Mr. McMahon, Sheamus Gets Medical Attention At Raw, Identity Of Another WWE Star Who Failed A Wellness Test With Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes, TNA Blocking Talent From Going To WWE, Kelly Kelly Taking Time Off, Ask WNW Archive & All The Big News From This Past Week

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Note From Richard: There were only two new installments of Ask WNW this week due to the birth of Richard and Kara's first son. Ask WNW will resume on Monday with four all new questions. Thanks for your support!

What are your thoughts on TNA introducing a Hall of Fame at Slammiversary next Sunday?

A lot of people are up in arms over TNA announcing their own Hall of Fame, feeling it's too soon and there hasn't been enough success for the company to be enshrining people in glory. I look at it just as I do the WWE Hall of Fame; a promotional mechanism to create hype for one of their biggest pay-per-views and sell more tickets. Obviously any Hall of Fame that's created by a promotion with no objective form of voting is a work to create excitement. I'm not saying it isn't an honor to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, as workers clearly feel it is, but it's not a third party Hall of Fame based on a strict criteria of voting. There are plenty of names that are in that shouldn't be in and plenty of names that should be in that aren't in. I don't know the plan for the TNA Hall of Fame but it's more or less a way for them to create more hype and make people care.

What are your thoughts on Triple H and what is the backstage opinion of him now that he is the boss?

Triple H mastered the art of backstage politics early on, forming alliances with those in power and gaining the favor of Vince McMahon. As a result, his career has flourished and he even ended up in a martial relationship with Stephanie McMahon. Obviously there are a lot of people jealous of Hunter's influence, control and power but who wouldn't be? He started out just like any other worker and one day will be head of the world's largest pro wrestling empire, even beating out Vince's biological son Shane McMahon. Triple H is a guy that "gets it" and has a very close relationship with his father-in-law who sees him as the son he never had. A lot of the younger workers could learn a lot from Hunter, especially how he angled himself behind-the-scenes to gain influence.

In Friday's Ask WNW, you used the phrase "smack at smarks". What is that?

A "smark" is wrestling-slang for a smart mark or an educated fan that understands what is kayfabe (a work) and what is a shoot (legitimate). So when I said Kane was inserted into the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan feud as a "smack at smarks," I was saying that it was WWE's way of telling informed fans that their poster children aren't bigger than the federation. If you still don't get it, you will in time. Just keep reading.

Why is it that Big Show has gone so long without a main event run until now?

There are many factors that lead to a worker getting pushed to the main event but ultimately it comes down to the right situation. Big Show, like Kane and Mark Henry, is a long-time reliable WWE veteran that is someone that isn't a massive draw on their own but in the right situation, can handle main event story lines. When WWE lost confidence in Tensai, Show reaped the benefit. It'll be up to his crowd reactions to determine where he goes from here but I personally feel Big Show is booked much more effectively as a "giant heel" rather than a comedic babyface.

Is WWE not holding a Draft this year?

The 2012 WWE Draft was originally penciled in for April but was scrapped and later replaced with the build to John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules. The talk after that was dropping it entirely with the Raw Supershow concept basically rending the brand extension meaningless. Lately we've see workers, such as Daniel Bryan, crossover to work certain programs and the only real difference with the brands has been who tours where. I haven't heard of plans to hold the draft this year but as always, those plans are subject to change.

CM Punk received a monster push after what happened last summer but now it seems that he is taking a backseat to John Cena. Why does Cena get pushed in front of CM Punk?

CM Punk is WWE's new "number two" behind John Cena but that doesn't change the fact that Cena is still the face of the company. Last week's Memorial Day Raw Supershow did a horrible rating without Cena appearing so WWE made sure he opened and closed this week's show. Cena's segments are still highly rated and his merchandise still outsells everyone else. This is why he has the position that he does but it's not a demotion for Punk as Punk has clearly increased his stock in the company.

Why has WWE not featured an update on Brock Lesnar's "lawsuit" in so long?

Vince McMahon wants people to believe Brock Lesnar has legitimately left the company so they can use him coming back as a "surprise" to build to a main event match against Triple H. Lesnar is only under a part-time agreement and WWE is spreading out his appearances to get as much use of him as they can. In the interim, Paul Heyman has been used to keep Lesnar relevant  but there's only so much of Paul E that can be seen without following up with Brock. However, I can assure you this is a storyline that will be revisited.

What makes different from other pro wrestling news websites?

I want to be careful not to sound arrogant while answering this question but compare WNW to any website out there. Search Google, look through your favorite message board, go to Facebook - I will put the quality of over any pro wrestling publication. The majority of wrestling news websites do not break their own material, the other few that do haven't broken nearly as many stories as we have. We are the industry leader but we are only in that position because of the support of every single person that visits daily. When I became a full-time pro wrestling journalist in 2007 it was my goal to create something different, challenge the status quo and take the quality to another level. Through your support, I have been able to do that and provide a closer look at the business with a quality I feel is unmatched.

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  • Jon

    I have to say something Re: the Mr. McMahon character. As you'll recall, in storyline McMahon was not fired or even removed from his position as CEO of WWE, he was only relieved from the "day to day" operations of the company. He still retains, in storyline, his position as chairman of the board of directors and CEO of the company. The storyline was that HHH was promoted to Chief Operations Officer, meaning that he would handle day-to-day operations, and VKM, as CEO, to oversee the executions of larger tasks while not being directly involved in them. It is therefore perfectly logical for VKM, still retaining the highest authority in WWE, to come and evaluate an executive.

  • wwe fan 250611

    Randy Orton should return as heel and win the wwe championship

  • wwe fan 250611

    WNW is awesome give us ur no way out predictions

  • Jamie

    Randy Orton should turn heel, its been a long time coming, they should have him turn on sheamus.