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- The plan at one time was for WWE to select their domestic television partner(s) by Tuesday, March 4, 2014, according to Variety's coverage last December. However, that timeline does not look as likely today. Vince McMahon said in last month's conference call with investors that he expects negotiations to be completed by the end of April, maybe a little later. Any move, should a move happen, would not go into effect until October 2014.

- There has been chatter within WWE about adding a babyface to the Randy Orton vs. Batista WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania XXX in April. In addition to a spot being offered to CM Punk as an incentive to return, there's also talk about inserting Daniel Bryan. As for how WWE would do it, we're told under the preliminary direction they would still program Bryan with Triple H with the stipulation being, if Bryan beats Hunter, he would get a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship later in the night. Yes, that means Bryan could potentially pull double duty at the biggest show of the year. I am cautioned that adding a third participant in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match is not a definite, however, it certainly looks like WWE realizes the situation after initial plans did not work.

- Wrestling News World reader Gesus Oliver is in attendance at this week's episode of Monday Night Raw and sent word that when Brock Lesnar threw the monitor in the ring that it bounced out and into the crowd. Gesus noted that it hit some fans sitting ringside, however, there did not appear to be any injuries.

- Jimmy and Jey Uso beat Road Dogg & Billy Gunn to win the WWE Tag Team Championship on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. The match went home when Jimmy jumped at Jey for the hot tag, going over the top rope and taking out Road Dogg on the outside. Meanwhile in the ring, Jey hit the Diving splash off the top rope to pin Billy Gunn to go over with the pinfall victory. This is the first WWE Tag Team Championship reign of The Usos.

- WWE announced Paul Bearer as a posthumous inductee into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Bearer joins The Ultimate Warrior, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Lita as members of the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame class. They'll be inducted the night before Wrestlemania XXX on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at the New Orleans Arena. The ceremony will air live on WWE Network and we'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

- After this week's episode of Monday Night Raw went off the air, the beat down on Daniel Bryan continued but Big Show came out followed by John Cena (selling the knee "injury"). Both entrances aired on Backstage Pass as Big Show joined Bryan in the Yes chant to send the crowd home happy. Stephanie McMahon told Renee Young in a backstage interview that Triple H made it very clear that Daniel Bryan will never be a Wrestlemania main eventer and he's a B+ player. Byron Saxton interviewed Curtis Axel and Axel questioned what he cared about Daniel Bryan. He said he'd be happy to take care of The Authority's "light work." Titus O'Neil asked Byron to spell hungry. He said he just saw what Bryan just got.

- For those that missed how WWE handled the situation with CM Punk on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Chicago, you can watch video at this link. You can read our written report at this link. I've already stated it multiple times but only Paul Heyman could have came out, dealt with the rabid Chicago crowd, turn back heel and promote Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX.

- Luke Harper was nursing his shoulder backstage after the 6-man tag team match on this week's show. No serious injury occurred and he's believed to be fine going forward.

- Paul Heyman did in fact go off-script in his show-opening/crisis management promo to open the live broadcast. He received very high marks for the promo backstage.

- There continues to be a lot of discussion about what to do with Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus at Wrestlemania XXX. Out of all these names, Sheamus will definitely have a spot but they don't know what as of this writing. Remember the original plan had him working Daniel Bryan.

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