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With The Shield doing the same thing every week, would a reign as WWE Tag Team Champions get them over more?

While I have been very high up on The Shield, I've also cautioned they can't do the same thing forever. We've seen them booked with confidence, "bringing top talent to justice," but now it's time for further gimmick progression. I like Dean Ambrose in consecutive singles matches on Smackdown and would be in favor of the idea that's been talked about for months in putting them over for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Yes, a title reign would help in the efforts to get The Shield over, furthering establishing them as one of the greatest wrestling trios. We have more at this link.

WWE had a great thing going with their tag division but they've let it die again. Why?

Tag teams are something Vince McMahon went back and forth on in the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania. Literally, one week he was pushing for more teams and a bigger push, then the next week he was wanting to breakup teams and push them as singles. This mentality couldn't have been made clearer in the booking of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. They were a team, broken up, back a team, etc. I can't really offer you an explanation other than Vince gets hot and cold on tag teams.

How about a "where are they now?" update on Lance Storm?

Lance Storm runs a pro wrestling school in Calgary and is one of the best trainers in this business. In fact, he occasionally makes trips to WWE developmental to help out there. The Storm Wrestling Academy started a new training session on Monday that lasts until July 26, 2013. If you're looking to get into the wrestling business, you need to get trained by someone like Storm. More details are available at this link.

Team Hell No looked great last week as singles on Smackdown. Do you see either Kane or Daniel Bryan receiving pushes as singles any time soon?

It's my hope that Daniel Bryan and Kane are broken up this summer and pushed as singles workers. Team Hell No has been fun and more than served its purpose, however, I'm ready to see something else with them. The talk has been they'll drop the belts and end up working with one another, but at the rate things change, who knows. I wholeheartedly believe Daniel Bryan is capable of stepping up and filling one of WWE's voids at the top of the card.

What is next for CM Punk and who is he most likely going to have a program with next?

CM Punk is out indefinitely and there are currently no plans regarding his return to WWE. We noted over the weekend he was removed from all upcoming WWE shows and linked to a kayfabe article posted on dot com, where they wondered if Punk would ever step foot in the WWE ring again. I followed-up on Monday that there was nothing to Punk's removal and he wasn't supposed to be listed in the first place. Punk enjoyed baseball at Wrigley Monday night and continues to recharge his batteries.

Does WWE offer free tickets to the families of wrestlers?

WWE talent can obtain "comp" tickets for their family members and friends so they can attend for free, however, only if the event is not sold out. If the show is sold out, comps aren't available and the family members/friends are unable to attend unless they purchase their own tickets. So to answer your question, yes, WWE provides comps but only when the shows are not completely sold out.

What are your thoughts on Matt Morgan insulting IWC?

I haven't heard any of Matt Morgan's recent comments but perhaps I can shed a little more light on the mentality some workers have when it comes to IWC. These workers, and I believe Morgan to be one of them, feel as though writers such as myself haven't earned the right to critique the wrestling business. So anything we write, should be ridiculed, if not downright dismissed. I can see both sides to this. There's a lot of crap out there. I pay attention to what gets posted online and the majority of websites are piggy-backing off someone else. For example, I saw Morgan got annoyed with an online report (outside of WNW) that stated one of TNA's tapings were heavily papered. One writer reported the show was filled with papered "free tickets," and then that same report ended up widespread. The people that ripped the report didn't call the box office or check with a source in TNA, they just grabbed it and ran it as fact. Do you know how annoying that is, especially if the original information is unfounded? On the other hand, there are people, such as myself, that dedicate their careers to creating quality content. I'm not perfect and I'm only human, but I do try to provide readers with the best content possible. No matter what I do, guys like Matt Morgan are going to dislike me, because I haven't paid my dues in the wrestling business. The problem with this mentality is it's outdated. It's 2013, not 1993 or even 2003. The Internet is here to stay and information flows as quickly as ever. You can hate it, ridicule and dismiss it but that doesn't mean it's going to go away. TNA in particular does a bad job in teaching their personalities how to deal with the media. Have you ever visited Hulk Hogan's Twitter account? I'm never going to pursue a career as a pro wrestler. I'm a writer. I chose to pursue the business from a different angle and just because I haven't "paid my dues" in the ring doesn't mean I haven't "paid my dues" mastering my craft.

I'm your opinion, out of the three members of The Shield, who do you think will win a singles championship first?

I've shied away from this question directly although I stated here in Ask WNW on 4/26 I had no problem with the classification of Dean Ambrose as #1, Seth Rollins as #2 and Roman Reigns as #3 but all were equally impressive and held in high regard. If there is one thing that does set Dean Ambrose slightly ahead of the other two are his facial expressions. The guy just knows how to sell by using the appropriate expression, as he's one of the best I've ever seen at that.

I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that Sting of all people is getting a title shot at Slammiversary. I understand his role in the storyline but other than the fact he "won" the #1 Contender's Match, I feel as if he is just being handed the shot because he is Sting. What are your thoughts?

We talked about this on Monday here on my Facebook account and a spirited discussion ensued. This is the fourth straight Slammiversary that Sting has been in the TNA title picture and there is no way I can explain it other than it's what TNA thinks will sell. I could go into Sting being in the latter part of his career, his big time name value or anything else. However, at the end of the day, it comes down to who TNA thinks will cause people to attend and buy the pay-per-view and that person is Sting.

With Brock Lesnar "staring down" the Royal Rumble promotional poster featuring The Rock in the WWE HQ segment on Raw, is that a sign that Brock vs. Rock is still on the table?

I can confirm WWE still wants to do Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania XXX next year and this was the reason for Lesnar's subtle stare down in the segment taped at WWE HP. WWE wanted to plant the seed for the match the night after Wrestlemania 29 this year but it was scrapped when Rock couldn't go. Rock hasn't committed to work Wrestlemania next year but as of this writing, company officials are hopeful that when he gets healthy he'll be more inclined to work again.

Who is to blame when Raw has lackluster shows like this past Monday?

There is no way to accurately and fairly say one person in particular is to blame for a weak show. This week's WWE Raw wasn't terrible but what I've seen in the Raw's since Wrestlemania is just a feeling of desperation in trying to fill all three hours. The gap between Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules (6 weeks) is done so WWE is able to give consumers a break before spending more money on pay-per-views. With WWE not building to or following up on a pay-per-view, the shows are difficult to write let alone cause people to care enough to tune in.

Which NXT wrestlers do you think will get a push up to the main roster this year?

The workers on the short list to get called up were on the road with the main roster this past weekend. They include Adrian Neville, Emma, Paige, Corey Graves and Bray Wyatt. Kassius Ohno is another guy that is close to main roster ready.

What kept guys like Shawn Michaels and Undertaker from going to WCW during the Monday Night Wars?

I can confirm Shawn Michaels had offers to go to WCW but he was not interested in leaving WWE. Only Shawn can answer why but something obviously made him very loyal to Vince McMahon and company. I can't speak for Undertaker but remember he had already had a run in WCW as Mean Mark Callous.

What are your thoughts on WWE possibly charging a subscription fee for its YouTube content? Would the WWE Network even be needed if they do this?

As we reported here on, WWE is listed among the partners for YouTube's new subscription service. I'll have to see what the channel offers before I can make an assessment but I can't imagine someone wanting to pay for their current slate of shows. There's nothing wrong with the current shows but nothing happens on them that would make someone want to pay. The company could always offer their current TV shows on-demand but they already do that with Hulu Plus. We'll see what the content is before we make an assessment but the WWE Network is still in the works.

MAY 8 2:12 PM EDT UPDATE: Report: WWE Not Among Paid Subscription YouTube Channels

Why does it seem that the WWE Intercontinental Championship doesn't hold the same importance as it used too?

Some will argue the Intercontinental Championship isn't as prestigious because there are two World title belts and why I think the number of titles certainly plays a factor, it comes down to the company's vision for the belt. A title has prestige when it means something. The problem is when the titleholder is put under clean in a non-title match; no one takes the belt seriously. The counter point to this is, "well this shows anything can happen." My response is why not just change the belt? My steps in restoring prestige to the Intercontinental title are eliminating the US strap and no longer booking the IC champ to go under in a non-title match. The strap could then be used to help elevate an up and coming worker.

Why is TNA switching time slots again? Do they actually think the ratings will increase with the 'new' time slot?

TNA announced the time slot change as a result of last week's low viewership. When the audience gets that low, it precipitates immediate action. As I noted in my original report, when TNA drew 1.1 million viewers with their final Monday Impact, they immediately reverted back to Thursday nights. The bottom-line is low numbers like we saw last week prove that something just isn't working.

How can WWE ignore the "boring" chants during John Cena promos here lately?

John Cena just didn't start drawing "boring" chants. He's drawn this kind of reaction from IWCers for years now and WWE bills him as the star that garners the biggest reaction of any worker in the company. The only way we are going to see a change to the Cena character/gimmick is if it stops drawing.

Should Ryback join The Shield?

The Shield features three guys with ridiculously good in-ring skills and mic work. Ryback hasn't proven himself on either. Admittedly, he's got a better look but that's becoming less and less relevant in the business today. I don't see how adding Ryback to The Shield benefits anyone and think it would damage one of the best things WWE has going for them.

What route do you feel WWE should take if Dolph Ziggler can't defend the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules due to a concussion?

A lot of people are going to lobby for Dolph Ziggler to vacate the World Heavyweight Championship if he can't go at Extreme Rules, however, I feel there's something else that could work. In UFC, if a champion is out for a prolonged period of time they crown an interim champion. When the champion gets healthy, they hold a unification bout. If Ziggler is forced out for an extended period of time due to his concussion, why not crown an interim champion? This would only help WWE going forward by giving them a unification championship match at a later date. This also preserves the time and effort they've already put into Ziggler after holding the MITB briefcase for so many months. I will caution we are getting ahead of ourselves and Ziggler hasn't been ruled out for Extreme Rules yet.

With many people "fatigued" over Raw being three hours each week, would it make more sense to precede a two-hour Raw with a different show. Maybe NXT?

This is an excellent idea and actually the original plan. Vince McMahon stated in a conference call with investors back in 2011 there were plans for a new one-hour live show to air before Monday Night Raw. This was after the resurrected version of WWE Tough Enough had success-preceding Raw on the USA Network from April-June 2011. Ultimately the decision was made to extend Raw to three hours, making the show "more interactive" and incorporating new elements such as WWE Active. I didn't like it from the day it was announced and don't like it nearly a year in. Three hours of live WWE Raw is too much every week. It's too much for the writers and it's too much for the viewers. WWE doesn't seem to be getting the message as they've been happy with the way the three-hour shows have performed and are adding 30-minute online pre-shows this summer.

What are your thoughts on the new TNA Wrestling PLUS YouTube Channel?

I'm perplexed over TNA Wrestling's new YouTube channel and have already asked my Facebook friends what they think. The channel is mostly old pay-per-views from 2004 through 2012. The problem I have with this is didn't TNA recently change the PPV side of their business because there wasn't enough interest in shows every month? I find it interesting they would market a channel consisting of pay-per-views they no longer produce because they didn't draw considerable interest. I'd like to see more Impact on the channel. Impact is by far more in demand than the pay-per-views that sometimes drew under 10,000 buys on their first run.

When will Rey Mysterio retire?

I'm not going to be the one to put a time stamp on Rey Mysterio. Rey is one of the best in-ring workers of all-time and has had horrible luck in recent years with knee problems. I hope he can get back for one more run but it'd be irresponsible to predict a retirement date. I'm rooting for Mysterio to get healthy.

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