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With Bobby Lashley losing another MMA fight over the weekend, how soon will it be before he signs a new contract with WWE?

Bobby Lashley has been interested in returning to WWE since late last year, before his loss this weekend. The problem is WWE isn't as interested in bringing him back. Lashley took a big risk in trying MMA. Either he would have success like Brock Lesnar and his stock would skyrocket or he wouldn't and his stock would plummet. Unfortunately for Lashley, he hasn't had success and there is no rush to bring him back.

What was the cause of tension between Brock Lesnar and John Cena during Brock's initial run with WWE?

Brock Lesnar didn't like John Cena when the two were just emerging on the scene. I don't know if there's a clear answer as to why but they didn't get along. Brock is a funny guy and not very personable but he and John didn't see eye-to-eye. With that being said I don't know how things are between the two today.

How does WWE select which superstars to produce merchandise for and how much emphasis is put on what superstars wear to the ring?

It all depends on who is over. The more crowd reactions a worker generates, the more merchandise WWE is going to put out in hopes of turning a big profit. Let me give you a recent example. Daniel Bryan drew big "Yes, Yes, Yes" chants so the company releases a "Yes, Yes, Yes" t-shirt. It all has to do with what the company thinks will sell the most. As for emphasis on what a worker wears to the ring, WWE obviously wants talent to wear their merchandise to the ring because if a fan sees them wearing it, they are more likely to buy that particular product.

When are we going to see Dean Ambrose called up to the main WWE roster?

Dean Ambrose's debut on the main WWE roster seems imminent, as he has been working pre-show dark matches. He, along with Bo Rotundo and Bray Wyatt (formerly Husky Harris),are on the short list for a call-up to the main roster.

A lot of professional sports leagues have rules against Tweeting before and during games. After CM Punk spoiling Paul Heyman's return, do you think should WWE adopt this policy as well?

WWE has policies in place regarding Twitter and have held multiple meetings about the proper way to use their accounts. CM Punk was in "rare form" yesterday and decided to Tweet a photo of Paul Heyman backstage about ten minutes before he came out. Punk has a lot of leeway backstage in WWE so I doubt much will be made of it but he's one of the few that could get away with such a stunt without repercussions.

Do you feel The Miz looked weak when Brodus Clay went over him last night on Raw Supershow? Is Brodus in line for a title shot?

There are no immediate plans for Brodus Clay to work in the main event and his character is being treated as comedic relief. I didn't like the booking of Clay going over The Miz and feel it made Miz look weak. The Miz has had backstage heat but I don't know the specific reason why the company has significantly scaled back his push.

What's Brock Lesnar's status with WWE?

Brock Lesnar is still with WWE, everything said by Paul Heyman on last night's Raw Supershow was a work. As for Heyman coming in, I have more details available at this link. Some people I spoke with were surprised Heyman returned on WWE TV so soon but it was widely expected coming out of last week's TV tapings.

Why were The Bella Twins fired from WWE?

The Bella Twins were "fired" not fired as they allowed their WWE contracts to expire and chose not to re-sign with the company. WWE turned the real-life situation into an angle by having Eve "fire" them to explain their departure.

With Randy Orton hitting Sheamus with the RKO after their loss on Monday's Raw Supershow is this an indication he is turning heel?

WWE had Randy Orton hit Sheamus with the RKO to put him in the title match at Over the Limit with Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho. I also wondered about a heel turn when Orton hit his finisher on Sheamus but immediate plans for the future of Orton's character are unknown. One thing about Orton is that he has never been an all-out babyface as he also works the "dark viper" persona. The future of Orton's character will become clearer as the build to Over the Limit progresses but I am happy to see Orton challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship.

What are your thoughts on the on-screen persona of John Laurinaitis?

Vince McMahon is very happy with how much heat the John Laurinaitis character generates but I do not find the gimmick entertaining. It's one thing for someone to generate heat because they are playing their role so well (as is the case with someone like Chris Jericho or Alberto Del Rio) but it's another when people legitimately cannot stand the worker's gimmick (as is the case with someone like Michael Cole, Lord Tensai or Laurinaitis). The Laurinaitis character is nothing new and is reminiscent of the days of Vince McMahon and his "stooges" but it hasn't been as effective.

Why did Bobby Lashley leave WWE originally?

Bobby Lashley left WWE basically in protest over the way the company released his girlfriend Kristal Marshall. Lashley didn't see eye-to-eye with many of the higher-ups and decided to pursue outside interests. As I noted earlier this week, he had the chance to really up his value with success in MMA but unfortunately that hasn't happened.

Since returning to WWE, Chris Jericho has had a number of WWE Championship matches against CM Punk and I expected Punk to retain the title the first few times but to see Jericho not even have one title run during this feud was intriguing.  Do you feel Jericho was overlooked in what was otherwise a good battle?

Chris Jericho and CM Punk had some great bouts but I don't like how Jericho came out of the feud. One of the things that intrigued Jericho about returning to WWE was the opportunity to work with Punk but I can't help but feel he looked weak after going under in their program. This is why I was in favor of Jericho pinning Sheamus on Raw Supershow this past Monday because it was important for him to go over. It's not that I do not like Punk as champion, I clearly feel Punk is a top guy, but it's tough when a guy makes a highly anticipated return only to go under.

With WWE promoting TNA stars on their website and on television could the "A Revolution is Coming" campaign be an invasion of Impact Wrestling?

No, WWE isn't going to "invade" TNA Wrestling. A lot of readers saw this happen when Vince McMahon purchased WCW or when ECW invaded WWE and want to see it happen again, however, there are no plans for the two largest wrestling promotions to work together. As for WWE promoting TNA wrestlers on their official website I think it's more indicative of Vince McMahon's feelings towards TNA. He doesn't see the company as competition and operates almost as if they do not even exist.

It seems like Hulk Hogan never knows what's going on (as in the case with Scott Steiner) and doesn't draw ratings anymore. Honestly, if the wrestlers don't like him being there, if he doesn't make more money for the company than he is getting paid, how does he have a job?

I agree many of Hulk Hogan's ideas seem out of touch with today's audience, however, he has a job because he is Hulk Hogan. I wish there was more of an explanation I could give you but that's the reason he has a job with TNA; because of who he is. Hogan can be credited for major pro wrestling booms in the 80s and 90s and the hope was he would put TNA on the map. Unfortunately that hasn't happened and TNA continues to struggle to grow their viewing audience. The latest idea is to move Impact back an hour in hopes they will lock in more viewers.

Has The Undertaker retired or will he work Wrestlemania XXIX next year?

There is no definitive word on The Undertaker's future but the last I heard he was in the preliminary plans for Wrestlemania XXIX. The days of him as a full-time WWE star are over but he felt good after his match at Wrestlemania XXVIII this year and apparently feels he has a couple more matches left in him.

How did John Cena become the face of WWE? How did he get picked over Randy Orton?

Becoming the "face" of WWE isn't something where a worker is necessarily picked. Obviously Cena was given a main event push and made the most of it but he earned his spot as the face of the company. While there are many factors that caused Cena to rise to the top the main reason is he is Vince McMahon's money maker. In 2010 John Cena was a $106 million retail brand according to ESPN's Michele Steele.

Can you explain how the Wrestling News World Facebook Application works?

Our newest website feature is our Facebook Application that allows you to share what you read with your Facebook friends. The application is particularly useful for readers that use Facebook and are looking for a way to stay "plugged in" with what is going on 24/7. All you have to do is click the "Login" button on the right of the website to connect your Facebook account to and you will begin seeing updates on your Facebook feed.

Is there going to be a WWE Draft this year?

The preliminary plan was to hold the 2012 WWE Draft on the April 23, 2012 episode of Raw Supershow but as we saw, it didn't happen and the show was built around the "contract signing" of John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar. There was actually talk of dropping the draft entirely with the Raw Supershow concept but I haven't heard if a final decision has been made one way or the other.

When are the post-Wrestlemania releases going to take place?

The post-Wrestlemania cuts have been taking place. In addition to executives that have left the company in recent weeks, WWE cut Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine and producer Goldust. I'm told WWE has been working to make as many quiet releases as possible to avoid a long list posted on dot com. With that being said this could be the calm before the storm.

I think it would be awesome if you did a full-fledged explanation using either an entire Premium Mailbag or Backstage Blog on why TNA is a “lost cause” with regards to competing with WWE.

I can actually give a full-fledged explanation right here in Ask WNW that will save a tremendous amount of time… TNA is a lost cause in competing with WWE because of their current managerial structure. TNA has the basic elements to compete - a national TV deal with Spike TV and a significant financial backer in Panada Energy. However, the pro's end there as the company is ran by people where their own personal agendas that are more important than the success of the company. Dixie Carter is a very likable person and everyone I know speaks highly about her but until she gets someone in there that cares about the company over their own personal gain, TNA will always be second rate. This is not as easy as it sounds as the wrestling business is full of manipulative people with their own personal agendas.

What do you think WWE is trying to do with Brodus Clay?

WWE is booking Brodus Clay as a dominant comedy gimmick. His push was killed once when he had some behavioral issues but based on the way he was booked on Monday (going over The Miz clean), the office is once again high up on the Funkasaurus.

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