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TNA News

- Dixie Carter is doing promotional work this week in the United Kingdom to promote TNA Wrestling's 2014 Maximum Impact Tour. If you need refreshed, the shows for next January/February are as follows:

Thursday 30 January 2014
Glasgow Hydro
0844 811 0051

Friday 31 January 2014
Manchester Arena
0844 847 8000

Saturday 01 February 2014
London Wembley Arena
0844 815 0815

Sunday 02 February 2014
Birmingham NIA
0844 338 8000

Click here for more information.

- TNA Wrestling debuted a new weekly column titled "Bracing For IMPACT" here on The piece explores Kurt Angle yearning for redemption.

- TNA Wrestling posted a two part interview with Chris Sabin, where he discusses his return from his second torn ACL that he suffered on June 14, 2012 on YouTube. You can watch it here and here.

- Hulk Hogan talks about Sting's return and Aces and Eights in a new Inside Impact clip at this link.

- TNA Wrestling will premiere another "One Night Only" pay-per-view this week with their Joker's Wild Tag Team Tournament. The show features "random pairings" of wrestlers, ending in a 12 Man Gauntlet Match for a "chance at $100,000." The pay-per-view begins on cable and satellite systems on Friday, May 3, 2013.

Below is a snippet of promotional information from the show's listing on the iNDEMAND website:

Join TNA for an unforgettable night of Tag Team Action, where the winning teams advance to a 12 Man Gauntlet Match for a chance at $100,000. TNA WRESTLING presents ONE NIGHT ONLY: JOKER'S WILD premiering Friday, May 3rd on PPV.

TNA taped the show on January 12, 2013 from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

- Mickie James reacts to losing to TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky on last week's Impact Wrestling in a new "Inside Impact" clip. You can watch the all kayfabe piece at this link.

- The Sun Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from TNA Champion Bully Ray to promote Friday's TNA Wrestling live event in Biloxi, Mississippi. In true Ray fashion, he's completely in-character for the piece.

"I grew up watching Hogan and Sting," Ray said. "It's a sense of accomplishment when you step into the ring with them. Now, I get to manipulate and ruin their lives."

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- Dixie Carter and Jeremy Borash are across the pond promoting next year's TNA Maximum Impact Tour of the United Kingdom. Tickets went on sale in a Facebook pre-sale at this link.

- While answering questions from fans on Twitter, Dixie Carter said her first favorite wrestler was Hulk Hogan. She admitted to there being times when she has had to step in and veto storyline ideas.

Dixie said getting Impact Wrestling on the road has been her most defining moment with TNA so far.

Carter, who is in Glasgow on Thursday, posted the following on Twitter:

- Dixie Carter was on Hawksbee and Jacobs over in the United Kingdom to promote TNA Wrestling's 2014 Maximum Impact Tour.

Dixie was asked to name the company's top star and she specifically mentioned Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray and AJ Styles. She put over their deep roster of talent.

Performance-enhancing drugs were brought up.  Dixie condemned their usage, unapologetically stating her stance:

"If you can't look great naturally then you don't deserve to look great."

She said she voluntarily testified before Congress in the United States about this issue and that TNA "tests their guys regularly."

When asked about NBA player Jason Collins coming out as homosexual, Carter was asked about wrestling being a "macho" world. Dixie said they've had one openly-homosexual wrestler and it was part of his character (I'm assuming she was talking about Orlando Jordan unless there's someone I'm forgetting about). Dixie said she knows they've had others as well. She said it was fine and didn't change anyone's perception about that person.

"These are guys in little tights and you know, wrestling all around and everything else. You would think if it would bother anybody, it would be in wrestling versus, you know, on a football field kicking the ball."

Dixie Carter said her first job was to write the bid for Dallas to get the World Cup Games.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety at this link.

- STV Glasgow is reporting that TNA will broadcast Impact Wrestling from The Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland next year. The taping will take place on Thursday, January 30, 2014. While Impact Wrestling has been taped in the United Kingdom before, this would be the first time taping the Spike TV series in Scotland. You can read more at this link.

- Taryn Terrell says she's here to be Knockouts Champion in a new Inside Impact clip. You can watch it at this link.

- Speaking of Knockouts, Madison Rayne, who is currently out on maternity leave, posted a new blog on Check it out at this link.

- This week's Impact Wrestling had a #1 Contender Match for the TNA World Title. Hulk Hogan made Sting vs. Matt Morgan. The winner will fight Bully Ray at TNA Slammiversary. You can check out the full results here. Sting was victorious and the following match has been set for the PPV:

TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
- Sting vs. Bully Ray (c)

TNA Slammiversary is taking place at Agganis Arena in Boston on June 2, 2013.

- King Mo, whose real name is Muhammed Lawal, made his pro wrestling debut Wednesday night in a dark match prior to the Ohio Valley Wrestling tapings in Louisville, Kentucky. Mo beat Austin Bradley via submission and incorporated an MMA style with his work.

Below is a Tweet from someone that was in attendance:

OVW Mania posted a report of the match with photos. Below is an excerpt:

Austin Bradley (w/"VIP" Joe Rosa & the VIP Club) vs. King Mo.
Austin tries to put Mo in an armbar, but Mo arm drags him. Mo tries to lock in an armbar submission, but Austin slips out and out of the ring. He tries to lock it in again, but Austin grabs the ropes. VIP gets on the apron to distract the ref, which allows Austin to deliver a low blow to Mo. He hits him and delivers 2 big clotheslines. He tries to pin for 2. He stomps on Mo's hand and punches him in the face. He goes for a 3rd clothesline, but Mo catches his arm in a submission and Austin immediately starts tapping.
WINNER: KING MO by submission.
MY TAKE: King Mo uses a combination of wrestling and MMA moves to claim a victory.

Click here for a photo and outstanding coverage by OVW Mania.

Mo is a cross-over star who is also under contract with Bellator MMA. The idea of pursuing both a pro wrestling and MMA career simultaneously is part of a deal that also involves Spike TV (the television home of both companies) to cross-promote the shows.

He's coming off a disappointing MMA loss when he was knocked out by Emanuel Newton (in round 1) of the semifinals of the Season 8 Light Heavyweight tournament on February 21, 2013 at Bellator 90. He first appeared on Impact Wrestling last October, where he went on the serve as a special guest enforcer for a street fight between Bobby Roode and James Storm at TNA Bound for Glory 2012.

- TNA has announced two matches for next week's episode of Impact Wrestling

Bad Influence vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode in a No. 1 Contenders Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship
Kurt Angle, Sting & a mystery partner vs. TNA Champion Bully Ray, TNA TV Champion Devon & Mr. Anderson

The company will broadcast next week's show live from the BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo, Mississippi. Click here for local event information.

- TNA Wrestling's "Joker's Wild Tag Team Tournament" starts on pay-per-view on Friday. We posted a preview with the link to spoilers at this link.

- Now that the main event is set for TNA Slammiversary XI, the official pay-per-view promotional poster is online. We posted it here at

- Mickie James has released a new music video with lyrics for "Best Damn Night" off her new album "Somebody's Gonna Pay." You can watch it at this link.

- To follow-up on TNA broadcasting Impact Wrestling live in Glasgow, Scotland in January 2014, the show will actually air live on Challenge TV (See also - TNA To Broadcast Impact Wrestling From Scotland Next Year). Apparently, the show will air on tape delay that night in the United States on Spike TV.

- A video preview of TNA Wrestling's "One Night Only: Joker's Wild" pay-per-view is now online at this link.

- Remember the contract issues with Bobby Roode that were the talk of Lockdown weekend in March?

While TNA Wrestling continues to try and spin it as an "oversight," the truth is they didn't want to exercise Roode's fifth year company option because they wanted to sign him to a new deal based on a weekly guarantee as opposed to per appearance guarantees.

We reported back in March that TNA was re-structuring all deals to include the weekly guarantee as opposed to per appearance guarantees. Below is an excerpt from our report filed on WNW Premium on March 11, 2013:

There has been a major change in a lot of the new contracts TNA has been offering. The new deals provide weekly guarantees opposed to talent being paid per appearance . The company has slowly worked to renegotiate existing deals with this as well. It’s good for rarely used or undercard talent because they’re still getting paid even if they don’t appear.

However, for workers that are routinely on shows and main event talent, the new structure ultimately puts less money in their pockets.

- This week's episode of Impact Wrestling only did an average viewing audience of 1,104,000 viewers on Spike TV. This is the new low for 2013 and the lowest since October 4, 2012.

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