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TNA News

- While we wrote about this significantly last year, Rob Van Dam's current agreement with TNA Wrestling is up in March 2013. There was a dispute about the contract's expiration last year as it is widely believed an option was renewed in March, which resulted in the extra year.

- Tara recently agreed to a new one year contract with TNA Wrestling. While the company was looking to lock her into a longer-term deal, Tara wanted to continue to work year-to-year as she has done since 2010. Tara is 41-years-old.

- TNA Wrestling sent out the following:

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announces a number of major new global television partnerships, including a deal that brings its top-rated TV show, “IMPACT WRESTLING” to the Middle East and North Africa for the very first time.

TNA’s “IMPACT WRESTLING” has begun broadcasting on the popular FX Middle East channel at 10:30pm every Tuesday (local time.) The show is now seen in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, the Palestinian territories, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen, Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Mauritania and Somalia.

Beginning mid-October, Egyptian fans will also be able to watch “TNA Xplosion” and TNA’s “Greatest Matches” thanks to a new partnership between TNA and Dream TV. The channel will shortly be announcing broadcast times for both shows.

Starting in early 2013, Kuwait TV will also begin airing archive episodes of TNA “IMPACT WRESTLING” under the “CLASSIC IMPACT” brand.

TNA has also made a number of strides in Eastern Europe and is now airing on GSP TV in Romania with TNA’s “IMPACT WRESTLING” being broadcast every Monday at 8:00pm and “TNA Xplosion” airing each Wednesday at 8:00pm (local times). GSP TV will also broadcast TNA’s monthly pay-per-view events including “Bound For Glory,” “Lockdown” and “Slammiversary.”

TNA’s debut on Orange Sport in Poland earlier this year was also very successful, with high ratings and positive media coverage.

A number of TNA’s current international TV partners have recently signed contract extensions, including Thailand’s GMM Grammy Sport One, which will now broadcast “TNA Unfinished Business” and TNA’s “Greatest Matches” alongside TNA “IMPACT WRESTLING” every week.

“I’m thrilled that this year has seen us bring the very best in professional wrestling to more and more people around the world,” stated TNA President Dixie Carter. “The TNA IMPACT WRESTLING family is growing all the time, and I can’t wait to chat to all our new fans from every corner of the globe on Facebook and Twitter.”

- The Phoenix News Times has a new Q&A online with Bully Ray. Ray, fully in character, is pressed to give a non-kayfabe answer to Devon leaving TNA Wrestling. Below is an excerpt:

What are your feelings about Devon leaving TNA?
I really could not care less about Devon. I haven't cared about Devon in almost two years. If Devon didn't let Chris Sabin kick out of the 3-D, I would've never blasted him in the back of the head and turned on him. Devon is not my concern. I have one business interest in Devon outside of TNA and that is [our] professional wrestling school, the Team 3-D Academy. Other than that, I really don't care about him.

Could you comment on Devon leaving TNA in a non-kayfabe way?
I don't understand. Non kay...what?

Not in character.
I'm giving you my legit answer. I...really...don' Whatever he does with his time, and whatever he wants to do is fine. We have one business interest that is extremely successful, so we choose to continue with that successful business interest, which is our wrestling academy. Other than him deciding not to sign, his business. He doesn't want to be with TNA, his business. Whatever he decides to do with his life, his business.

Click here to read the Q&A in its entirety.

For a non-kayfabe report on the legitimate tension between Bully Ray and Devon, click here.

- Christopher Daniels was interviewed by The Daytona Beach News-Journal to promote this Sunday's Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

Daniels was asked what about the storyline between him Dixie Carter, AJ Styles, and Claire Lynch as to what worked and what didn't. Daniels response is below:

It was something they put a lot of time and thought into, almost a year. The history between me and AJ helped, with our careers being so closely intertwined. I think when people think of AJ's best matches in TNA, my name comes up. AJ's success, notoriety and popularity really made that stick. No one had ever accused a top performer of something like this. The story line was very Maury Povich. We got "Maury Povich" and "Jerry Springer" chants at the show. When it came time to do the stuff in the ring, it was me and AJ Styles.

The interview also has Daniels talking about the tag team division in TNA Wrestling and in WWE. He discusses the Aces and 8s storyline, being live for the rest of the year, and more. The full interview can be seen here.

- Sting appeared on News 12 Arizona to promote the upcoming Bound For Glory pay-per-view. The short clip can be seen here.

- TNA Wrestling's Hulk Hogan appeared on The Today Show to promote Bound For Glory. While on air, he discussed the recent video that was made public of him, his beach shop in Florida, and the pay-per-view.

- Spike TV will feature a "Countdown to Bound for Glory" special on Sunday, October 14th at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT.

- TNA Knockout Women's Champion Miss Tessmacher pulled her hamstring in a match against Tara at the October 5th TNA live event in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She is still scheduled to work Sunday's Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

- It has been a media frenzy for Hulk Hogan in the past week from promoting TNA Bound For Glory to the sex tape that was recently released. Hogan appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight but he also appeared on Showbiz Tonight.

- The infamous Hulk Hogan sex tape we've been blackballing was leaked by a former employee of Bubba the Love Sponge, has reported. n Bubba's staff was reportedly left unpaid when he left satellite radio which served as the motive in releasing the embarrassing footage. Now that the mystery has been solved, the story isn't going away as we have more in terms of the fallout of the tape that we will be covering over the next couple of days.

- Animal Planet has renewed Off the Hook: Extreme Catches featuring TNA's Eric Young for a second season. The order is for 18 half-hour episodes to premiere next summer. The series averaged 620,000 viewers per episode this summer in its first season. Broadcasting & Cable has more available at this link.

- The Phoenix News Times has a lengthy interview online with Sting to promote TNA Bound for Glory. Below is an excerpt:

Would you ever work in India for TNA's sister company Ring Ka King?

You know, if it comes about, I wouldn't say no to it. I'd like to say I did that at least once. So yeah, I'd be willing to do something like that.

Conversely, do you think you'll ever make it into the WWE's Hall of Fame? Especially since they've inducted people who were never even involved with the federation, like Eddie Graham or Gordon Solie?

Well, I know every year there seems to be talk of it. There's rumors that always fly. It was all over the Internet pretty big last year or the year before. So, I don't know, especially now that I will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. They may just turn the page at that point. I have no idea.

What would it take for them to get you in a WWE ring?

Ahhh...It's too tough of a question to answer because its not just what they would do. It would have to depend on what the dynamics of that particular time would be. What's going on? What's the context? For example, right here with TNA. What are my choices? You just never say never.

Is there anyone in the WWE or Ring of Honor that you'd still like to hook up with someday?

Everybody knows, as far as non-TNA wrestlers, it would have to be Taker. Always wanted to have one real cool thing with Taker.

Is it frustrating that Hogan's controversy is dominating the mainstream media's coverage of TNA and stealing the spotlight a bit from the buildup for Bound for Glory, the biggest pay-per-view of the year? Or is bad publicity still publicity, period?

Well, I don't necessarily believe that people that are going to buy a ticket or pay attention to Bound For Glory -- whether they just found out about it, don't know about it, or whatever. I don't think the tape or anything like that is going to have any bearing. They're there to see Bound For Glory. People are coming to see the TNA wrestling stars and they want to see the storyline unfold. I don't think that he is outshining TNA (laughs). Maybe from, you know, the rest of the world, but the TNA audience itself? Yeah, I'm sure they're going to be curious about it, but -- for the most part -- they care about the storylines. They want to watch Bound For Glory. That's what I believe.

Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

- Former WWE Tough Enough contestant and developmental Diva Ivelisse Velez (a/k/a Sofia Cortez) worked a dark match after this week's Impact Wrestling taping against Tara Ivelisse said in September she was shocked by her WWE release.

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    You can't say cm punk isn't a draw without a good opponent, Daniel Bryan was an excellent opponent, but they can't feud all the time. There's just no one, no big names. Mark Henry would be a good feud until Royal Rumble he and D-Bry carried smackdown last year and made it watchable so get sexual chocolate back.