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WWE News

- WWE has announced they are removing "dated and edgier footage from digital platforms."  WWE spokesman Brian Flinn said the following about the decision:

“For years WWE has produced programming that is rated PG in primetime, and most recently rated G on Saturday mornings. To better reflect our current family-friendly brand of entertainment, WWE is removing some dated and edgier footage from digital platforms. Some of this footage has been misused in political environments without any context or explanation as to when it was produced. This damages the corporate reputation of our company. WWE is well within its rights to protect its intellectual property for fair use.”

- Dr. Tom Prichard has a blog entry on his official website on Jerry Lawler going down with a heart attack on this week's WWE Raw. Click here to read it.

- Wrestling News World reader Eddie F. sent this in… I just interviewed Dolph Ziggler and he talks about Night Of Champions, WWE Smackdown taping in Philadelphia and the rumors about Ric Flair being his manager. You can check out the audio at this link.

- Amid media attention regarding her three arrests in three days, WWE issued the following statement regarding Tammy "Sunny" Sytch:

"As part of WWE's Former Talent Program, we sent Ms. Sytch to rehabilitation three times, with all costs covered by WWE. Unfortunately, Ms. Sytch continues make poor personal choices. WWE will continue to provide assistance should she want to take advantage of it."

- After nearly 6 months of "searching," Trent has been found. Trent Barreta is expected to return from injury during the next set of NXT Wrestling tapings.

- Randy Orton will begin filming 12 Rounds Reloaded this week, beginning on Wednesday in Vancouver. Orton posted the following on Twitter:

- Cameron's 15-day suspension ended this weekend and she is backstage at WWE Night of Champions in Boston.

She was suspended for being arrested for DUI, not telling WWE about it and even allegedly trying to bribe her way out of it.

Update: Cameron returned to the company, dancing for Brodus Clay with Naomi, during the WWE Night of Champions pre-show.

- 14,886 was the announced attendance for WWE Night of Champions from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

- Jerry Lawler is scheduled to be released from the hospital in Montreal this week and will return home to Memphis, Tennessee.

- As expected, John "Bradshaw" Layfield replaced Jerry Lawler on commentary at tonight's pay-per-view.

- Eve beat Layla at WWE Night of Champions to win the WWE Divas Championship.

- Ted DiBiase made his return to WWE television on the pre-show in the battle royal to determine the number one contender for the WWE United States Championship. DiBiase has been out since March.

- Randy Orton pulled a Fred Durst and flipped off the camera at the pay-per-view. He took to Twitter to apologize:

- John Cena announced on Twitter late last night that he rolled his left ankle in his match against CM Punk for the WWE Championship at WWE Night of Champions. His tweets are below:

- I'm told it was Paul Heyman that came up with CM Punk's New York Yankee pinstriped ring gear at WWE Night of Champions. Also, as noted in Ask WNW, the plan is to rematch Cena and Punk at Hell in a Cell next month.

- WWE will tape the first Smackdown after Wrestlemania XXIX from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on Tuesday, April 9, 2013. The pre-sale password to obtain tickets is WWEBOSTON.

- John "Bradshaw" Layfield is scheduled to fill in on commentary for Jerry Lawler again on this week's WWE Raw.

- John "Bradshaw" Layfield posted the following on his Facebook page:

Had a blast filling in for Jerry Lawler last night at Night of Champions, really rusty-but was wonderful to be back.

I'm off to Africa Friday to climb the highest peak, Kilimanjaro, to raise money for the kids program I started in Bermuda-working with great folks there to make a difference.

I was asked Thursday (or Wed night, not sure) this week to do the PPV last night for Jerry. Was honored to do so. Jerry and I share a birthday with our mutual friend Dutch Mantell, always had a running joke about that with Dutch-never thought I would fill in for Jerry.

I am trying to be the 349th person (at least by last records that I have seen) to climb all Seven Summits-the highest mountain on all seven continents. Thanks to WWE 100% of money raised goes to the kids.

My goal is to plant a WWE flag on all the summits with Mt Everest being last in 2014. Don't know if I will make it, but I plan on trying-just as I tell my kids I work with that they must do. I'm trying to lead by example.

I weigh 245 pounds, lowest since I was 20 years old, been training hard and in best shape (at least cardio wise) I have ever been.

Long story short, I didn't plan on filling in for Jerry and I am sure he didn't plan on having a heart attack. I wish him well as he is a good friend. And, that's his spot-not mine. I was asked to fill in and I did.

Long term, I don't know what is the future other than my climbs and my kids program in Bermuda. www.SevenSummitsforKids.com is the place you can see what I am talking about-though it is not as updated as I would like.

I love the WWE, I will always consider it home and if they need me to fill in or come back to do something, I have always been open to that. We both have never discussed it as they never had a need and since they didn't have a need, I never reached out.

I thought there were some fantastic performances last night, really enjoyed being there watching this crew put on a great PPV. I was VERY rusty, especially at times-but had a blast.

Get well soon Jerry!

- WWE's official website released the following statement in regards to Jerry Lawler today:

Jerry "The King" Lawler has been released from a Montreal medical facility and will be heading home in the next several days. We continue to wish Jerry all the best, and we look forward to him returning to WWE in the future.

- WWE posted a storyline "injury update" on Kaitlyn, claiming she has a "torn tendon" that will not require surgery. The article notes, "she will be wearing a brace and is expected to be back in action in several weeks." You can read coverage by dot com here.

- WWE has announced that Michael Cole will interview Jerry Lawler on next week's Raw. As reported earlier, Lawler was released from a hospital Monday in Montreal and is on his way home to Memphis, Tennessee.

- Ryback had an "oops" moment when he cleared the ring by crashing the Miz TV segment on WWE Raw as he accidentally tossed a live mic in the crowd. A fan grabbed it and shouted "Goldberg" into the mic, which was audible throughout the arena. Event staff responded and took the mic back from the fan.

- After this week's WWE Raw went off the air, WWE Champion CM Punk beatJohn Cena in a steel cage dark match main event. The match saw interference from Randy Orton, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler ended up getting an Attitude Adjustment, Brogue Kick and RKO by the respective babyfaces.

WWE will return to Bridgeport, Connecticut for a Smackdown taping on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. The presale password to obtain tickets is WWEBridgeport.

- WWE announced here on dot com that Criss Angel will serve as the Social Media Ambassador for next week's WWE Raw. Angel will Tweet live throughout the night from his official Twitter account @crissangel. Angel has a long and storied past with WWE as he actually started doing magic at The World (WWE's restaurant/nightclub in Times Square) before he got famous. He served as a Raw guest star in March 2010 and is friends with Triple H.

- The referee featured in the main event of this week's WWE Raw that was confronted by CM Punk in the concluding segment was Brad Maddox. Maddox signed a WWE developmental contract in 2010 and transitioned into a referee this year. He was promoted to the main WWE roster in August.

- Mark Henry's WWE contract is coming up soon and the company is trying to get him to sign an extension. So far, he's turned them down and continues to claim he might be hanging it up soon. This has been something Henry has gone back and forth on over the years and with injury concerns, has made the teases very public recently. One observer close to Henry tells us he has plans to return this year and hopes for a meaningful match at Wrestlemania XXIX but may opt to retire after the pay-per-view. Due to the aforementioned wavering, WWE is not taking him too seriously.

Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter after WWE Raw:

Michael Cole wrote the following:

John Layfield wrote the following:

- WWE announced on dot com that John Cena had arm surgery Tuesday to remove bone chips in his elbow. He is expected to recover in 4-6 weeks. The article can be seen here.

Update: WWE just updated the article on Cena and they are now reporting that he will be back in 2-3 weeks.

- As we previously reported, tentative plans were for John Cena and CM Punk to have a rematch for the WWE Championship at WWE Hell in a Cell next month. WWE took everyone for surprise when they announced Tuesday on dot com that Cena underwent arm surgery to remove bone chips in his elbow and would be out 4-6 weeks. With WWE now stating Cena will be out two to three weeks, they are looking to get him back for Hell in a Cell. Cena underwent the surgery Tuesday by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama.

- John Cena posted the following on Twitter:





WWE reports Cena will be back in two to three weeks. We have more information at this link.

- Edge spoke to SciFiAndTvTalk in a piece that you can read at this link where he talks about going from the ring to his role on SyFy's Haven.

- WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres was recently in India and did an interview with ZeeNews.com. Below is an excerpt:

When we talk of WWE and India, the first thing that comes to mind is The Great Khali. How is he as a person, competitor? The Great Khali is incredible. He is an international superstar and a movie star too. He is at the centre of attraction everywhere he goes. People are amazed by his huge size. He is a great competitor and a great kisser. I have kissed him on several occasions on Friday Night Smackdown. We have a good connection. Your wrestling career took off after winning the 2007 WWE Diva search. How has been the journey so far? It has been an incredible journey. It`s been almost five years. I first started interviewing superstars backstage. Back then, I was intimidated by everything. I have been an executive, administrator and right now an assistant to Booker T. I am still a competitor in the ring and enjoy being a part of everything. I love the evolution of the character. It is necessary because when you stay in one mould for a long period of time, it becomes a little boring. It starts going in one dimension and the fans want to see you re-invent yourself. They want to get behind you. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- We received the following information about John Cena's charity work:

Sunday night John Cena and the WWE Night of Champions helped host a great VIP event for the Massachusetts Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Breast cancer survivors were invited to attend the VIP event, and enjoy the show, with their friends and families. John Cena wore pink and “Rise Above Cancer” apparel in honor of this event and partnership. He also took the time to snap photos, sign t-shirts, and chat with all the fans at the VIP event. John Cena has also created a team to participate in this year’s 20th Anniversary Race on October 20th in South Boston. Anyone can join his team, and help support all women in the fight against breast cancer. According to John, “We’ve got to RISE ABOVE BREAST CANCER and NEVER GIVE UP!” To join Cenation, please go to this link.

- WWE Hall of Famer Edge opened this week's Smackdown with a promo. He promoted his appearance on SyFy's show Haven and discussed the Kane & Daniel Bryan storyline before being interrupted by Bryan.

- Silvervision announced they will end their WWE DVD distribution deal at the end of the year. They announced the following statement here on their website:

After 22 years of dedicating Silver Vision exclusively to WWE, the WWE and Clear Vision Ltd will part company on the 31st December 2012. Silvervision.co.uk (owned by Clear Vision Ltd) will continue to sell WWE DVDs, Blu-rays and WWE films after this date while stocks last, but we will not be able to offer new releases for sale on our site. SummerSlam 2012 and nWo: The Revolution will be the last new WWE releases we will be producing ourselves. Clear Vision and its staff are saddened by this news as we have worked very hard over the years to bring the best possible service to all WWE fans and we would like to thank you all for your continued support over the years. Silvervision.co.uk is looking forward to a new future which will amalgamate all the products and some new programmes of its mother company, Clear Vision Ltd, on one site. Please be assured this will not affect your current and future orders in any way and you will continue to receive the same great service.

- WWE has updated their coverage on John Cena undergoing surgery on Tuesday to have pieces of bone cartilage removed from his elbow through a scope. Below is an excerpt featuring quotes by Dr. James Andrew:

“He had begun to lose motion in his arm, and it had been locking up,” Andrews said. “I performed an orthoscopic procedure on his elbow and took out a bunch of spurs. Everything went really well.” Andrews described the procedure as “straight-forward” despite Cena’s “big, old arm.” “Cena’s rehab will start on Monday with trying to improve his range of motion and getting the swelling down,” Andrews explained.

WWE reports Cena is expected out two to three weeks.

- Wrestling News World reader Steve Minor sent this link which goes to an article on FoxNews.com on WWE removing Attitude Era content due to its usage against the Linda McMahon for Senate campaign. The article notes that Democrats put together a video package of past WWE content that was later removed by the company.

- Wrestling News World reader Shannon sent word that Edge finally joined Twitter at twitter.com/EdgeRatedR

- Last week we reported on a proposed plan of Ric Flair returning to WWE by being paired with Dolph Ziggler. I'm told the idea stems from the fact there has been talk of wrapping up AJ Lee's role as General Manager and giving it back to Vickie Guerrero. This, of course, would leave a clear path for Flair to operate as Ziggler's mouthpiece.

There are those in the company that feel despite success this summer in her gimmick with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, AJ hasn't worked in the GM role as they had hoped. When replacements are discussed, Vickie Guerrero is a name that continues to draw a lot of support although there has also been talk of keeping her with Dolph and bringing Flair back as GM. The constant in all the talk is replacing AJ Lee as the Raw General Manager.

I'm told Triple H in particular feels AJ as GM has run its course and they need to go in different direction. While Vince McMahon would typically be against any role that would frequently put a live mic in Flair's hands, there have been an increasing number of situations lately where Vince would typically object where he has been biting his tongue. This has occurred especially when Hunter is anticipating an objection from Vince. A few people have told us Vince is going out of his way to drop old grudges in situations where Hunter is a supporter of the guy in question as a sign of good faith that Hunter's opinion will gradually become the final say on matters.

- WWE has reportedly signed Jacob Southwick, a two-time NCAA All American wrestler from Ashland University, to a developmental contract. You can view his college wrestling profile at this link.

- There is an interesting rumor making rounds that is at least worth mentioning. According to publications out of Japan and the Keeping the Spirit Alive Tumblr blog, All Japan Pro Wrestling's President Masayuki Uchida met personally with John Laurinaitis when Smackdown was in the country in August. Apparently there was some type of deal proposed where the promotions would work together in some capacity. I cannot confirm any of this but you can read more at this link.

- While the McMahon family has contributed financially to the Mitt Romney for President campaign, Linda McMahon expressed her disagreement with the Republican nominee over recently-revealed controversial comments about 47% of Americans believing they are victims. You can read her response at this link.

- TheTVAddict.com interviewed Edge (as Adam Copeland) at this link.

In it, Edge explains the decision to cut his hair:

I was just tired of having long hair. I just chopped it off before I got inducted in the Hall of Fame for WWE in April. The day before, I just thought, “Why not come out on stage with a new haircut?” So I did. And I thought if Dwight’s an ex-Army Ranger, at some point he’s had short hair so it’s not that far a stretch that he would have short hair again. Then in the context of timeline-wise, you can get your hair cut any day and look different. I don’t know. I just wanted to do it.

- Jerry Lawler addressed in the media at a news conference in Memphis, Tennessee Wednesday afternoon to talk about the heart attack he suffered during the September 10th episode of WWE Raw. Below are the highlights:

    • Lawler feels his heart attack was hereditary due to the fact his father died of a heart attack and he's lived a healthy lifestyle, never having drank or smoked. He said doctors advised him to clean up his diet and exercise regularly. Lawler confirmed he has no permanent damage.


    • Jerry said his next doctor's appointment was in six weeks and he absolutely plans to wrestle again. He said he has received support from Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, who have both called him.


    • Jerry said he had some chest pain the weekend before he suffered the heart attack while vacationing in Aruba. He said the pain didn't last for more than 4 or 5 minutes and he wrote it off as indigestion.


    • Lawler said he felt fine at Raw during the day of the heart attack and remembers coming out for the show and the opening segment with WWE Champion CM Punk, Bret Hart and John Cena. He doesn't remember anything after that, including his own match.


    • He said he is in good health and his blood pressure is the lowest it's been his entire life. Lawler said the CPR he received backstage saved his life and his ribs are sore from the chest compressions.


- John Cena took to Twitter today to refute an earlier report on the official WWE website that claimed he would recover within 2-3 weeks. He claims that the original report was correct, and that he expects to recover in 6 weeks. His tweets are below:







- WWE is officially advertising Edge for this week's Smackdown. Edge, who taped the appearance on Tuesday night at the WWE television tapings, will promote "Haven" while being involved in the Daniel Bryan and Kane storyline.

- Big Show will replace John Cena on this weekend's Raw live events, facing CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Paul Heyman will be on the loop as Punk's manager.

- Once John Cena corrected the staff over at dot com regarding his return timetable, the official WWE website posted the following statement:

"The information published about John Cena's recovery was given to WWE.com prior to surgery. In speaking to Dr. Andrews after the procedure, in light of the amount of work that needed to be done and the number of bone chips removed, the prognosis for recovery is closer to six to eight weeks. Knowing John Cena, the former WWE Champion will do everything he needs to get back in the ring as soon as possible."

- Sycho Sid's son Frank Eudy won $25,000 after winning America's Choice for the "favorite house guest" on CBS's "Big Brother." - When Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker tore his right quadriceps tendon against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, who is the first person he thought of? Triple H.

“I’m laying there on the turf at the Edward Jones Dome and there’s one thing going through my mind and it’s the image of Triple H tearing his quad tendon off his knee in the ring,” Carriker told Chuck Carroll on an upcoming episode of 4th & Pain.

Click here for more.

- John Cena will make his scheduled appearance at the WWE NXT tapings Thursday night in Winter Park, Florida, just two days after undergoing orthoscopic surgery to remove bone spurs in his elbow. Cena noted on Twitter he'll also be at next week's WWE Raw from Albany, New York:


- Steve Austin has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are the highlights:

As I have talked about on Twitter (@steveaustinBSR), I recently finished signing 35,000 autographs for THQ’s new video game WWE 13. The picture cards I signed will go in select Austin 3:16 Editions of the game. I had originally agreed to sign 25,000 cards. Then THQ wanted an additional 10,000. Since I am recovering from knee surgery I certainly have the time. I agreed to the extra 10k cards. I let the boxes of cards sit in the garage for a while and figured “I’ll get em done later”…I should have started signing them immediately…I finally got around to opening one of the boxes and at that time it dawned on me. 35,000 is a shit pile of signatures. On another note, yesterday we shot the PR stuff for Redneck Island. Last season was damn good. Deep thinking, far reaching, philosophical television that changed the lives of literally millions across the globe…Alright, BS! Redneck Island was a damn good time last season. Great cast and a cool host. Season 2 will be BIGGER, BADDER, AND REDDER THAN EVER. I leave for Mexico in a few days. Couple days to settle in and then we roll cameras and start filming the brutality, calamity, and hilarity, that is Redneck Island. I am going to push these people to be there bestest,(invented word) and reddest, in an all out endeavor for one person to walk off the island with $100,000 dollars.

Click here to read Austin's latest in its entirety.

- Alex Riley spoke out on his official Twitter account earlier today and revealed that he underwent surgery on his knee and elbow. The tweet is embedded below:


- WWE has hired Tony Luftman as an announcer as he'll begin with the company at this week's WWE NXT tapings from Full Sail University. Luftman has worked as a TV sportscaster for St. John's University.

- WWE will tape Raw from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on December 10, 2012.

- Wrestling News World reader Professor C saw WWE Champion CM Punk and Amy "Lita" Dumas at the Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs MLB game on Thursday.

- Wrestling News World reader Fernando sent word that WWE has added Big Boss Man Ray Traylor to the Alumni section over on dot com.

- Big Show was in Pittsburgh this week, taping an appearance for the Nickelodeon series "Supah Ninjas" that will return to the network in 2013. You can read more information on dot com at this link.

- Damien Sandow spoke to GoLocalWorcester.com to promote Sunday's WWE Raw live event this Sunday. You can read the interview at this link.

- Amid criticism during her race for United States Senate, Linda McMahon vowed that she and Vince are working to repay creditors from their 1976 bankruptcy. You can read full details by the Greenwich Time at this link.

- Wrestling News World reader Kevin Eperjesi contacted MetLife Stadium via their Facebook page and they told him tickets for Wrestlemania XXIX are scheduled to go on sale Saturday, November 10, 2012. You can view a screenshot of his conversation on Facebook at this link. Wrestlemania XXIX will take place Sunday, April 7, 2013 from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

- WWE has a new video here on dot com with John Cena vowing he will be ready for next week's Raw despite undergoing surgery on Tuesday. Cena says the surgery was a bit more intricate than they thought and encouraged fans to follow him on Twitter. He said his rehab is currently remedial. Regarding Raw, Cena said he will be there to give an update on his condition and when he can work again.

- Dolph Ziggler recently took part in an audio interview with Brian Soscia. During the interview, Ziggler discussed his career in depth, from his time as Chavo Guerrero's caddy to Nicky in the Spirit Squad. In the following excerpt, Ziggler explains the origin of the name "Dolph Ziggler":

"It was a little bit of a combination of the boss and myself trying to think of something that stuck, would stand out and be totally different. And I could make my own waves with it, getting away from The Spirit Squad, getting away from being a caddy. Something totally different and now I can make my own waves in this business.

Ziggler also discussed the period in 2011 when he debuted a new short brown hairstyle:

"You know, at the time, I was in a little bit of a rut. The whole reason I have long, blond hair is to stand out and be myself. I love being different. If everybody else had long, blond hair, I would have short black hair right now. But, they don't, so, I like standing out. I like having my matches be different. I like me moving around the ring differently. And for some reason, I was in a rut and I thought, 'Man, you know, I'm not progressing like I want. Why is that?' And I notice all these guys that seem to be going in the right direction have these clean cut, everybody-looks-the-same hair cut. Maybe me standing out isn't so great for my career right now.

"So, I gave it a try. It didn't work out. And I said, 'Listen. I don't like pretending to be something I'm not. I need to be this show-off guy who stands out, who goes out there and just steal the show. Let everybody else look cookie-cutter. I'm going to look different.'"

- A recent article on the official WWE website speculated on whether Wade Barrett would reform The Nexus or Corre. An excerpt from the article is below:

Barrett has always been a natural leader, and many of his greatest successes corresponded with his role at the head of a likeminded group. If not Nexus, perhaps he could reunite The Corre or assemble a new group from other discontent Superstars on WWE’s roster?

Barrett took to Twitter to reject the idea of reforming the core. His tweets are below:

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