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What is the policy for signs in the crowd at televised WWE events?

What signs get in and what signs do not start with the live event staff at each venue. Some venues have a reputation for being strict while others are more lenient. WWE has their producers and cameramen monitor the signs that are getting on television and will remove any that are even questionable. Signs that are certain to get taken are those that advertise something, include profanity or reference a worker in which WWE has recently fired or wants nothing to do with.

What's the latest update on Dean Ambrose?

Dean Ambrose worked a dark match at the latest WWE NXT tapings at the campus of Full Sail University. We'e heard for several weeks his debut on the main WWE roster is seemingly imminent. Click here for full NXT taping results.

I understand WWE is in business to make money and the more commercials on their programming, the more money. However, I feel the commercials have became excessive and are drawing viewers away. What are your thoughts?

There is a direct correlation between the amount of commercials and the number of viewers that watch WWE programming. Remember the commercial-free episode of WWE Raw from 2009? The show did an outstanding rating and showed company officials how they could benefit from product-placement type advertising and ditching commercials outright. However, back to today and the quality of ads for WWE programming isn't as good due to the demographic so they have to make up for the lack of quality with quantity. We experience the same thing with this website.  The biggest reason Vince McMahon decided to expand Raw to three hours is the extra hour of revenue from commercials.

Why is Sheamus not considered a top WWE talent. You always list John Cena, Randy Orton and CM Punk.

Sheamus is a current main event star  in WWE but he's not yet "the guy" or one of "the guys." WWE officials, specifically Triple H, see Sheamus as one of the future "faces of the company" but he's not there yet. Cena, Orton and Punk are going to work in the main event no matter what because they are the top draws.

What are the odds the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage will be accepted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

I actually heard there is interest in inducting Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame over Wrestlemania XXIX weekend next year. Whether or not a deal gets done remains to be seen but I found it was interesting his name was already being mentioned as a potential Hall of Fame candidate. As for Randy Savage, we all know of the issues between him and Vince McMahon that blocked him from the company for latter part of his life. Savage was unbanned in death as the company paid tribute to him although I do not know his status of a possible posthumous induction.

Given the fact the brand extension is essentially over what's the point in having the World Heavyweight Championship?

The brand extension is over in terms of television, however, it is still used for WWE's touring schedule. Having both a WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship gives WWE an opportunity to expand the main event scene and I feel two world titles are warranted. It's amazing how many people want to see another secondary title yet are upset about two world titles.

What is your opinion on active WWE superstars joining commentary? I enjoy it and feel it adds to programming.

A lot of readers were high up on The Miz on commentary on this week's WWE Raw. Two workers I enjoy hearing on commentary are CM Punk and Chris Jericho. So to answer your question the usage of active workers on commentary can be an asset if done correctly and with the right worker.

Do the Dudley Boys have to wait 90 days before they can sign with WWE or can they sign right away?

Devon is gone from TNA Wrestling and he has been teasing a return to WWE. Bully Ray has kept his contract status close to his vest with the only thing known being his TNA contract was coming up. With that being said, I can confirm neither have WWE deals as of this writing and can tell you WWE has not been hiring former TNA names because of the ongoing litigation. A 90-day non-compete agreement is not in effective with an expiring contract as the clause is used when an agreement is terminated early. I talked about non-competes in detail in Monday's Premium Mailbag at this link.

What are the chances we see a stable of CM Punk, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar and The Dudley Boyz?

The Internet has been abuzz following CM Punk aligning with Paul Heyman on this week's WWE Raw, however, I wouldn't go creating a stable just yet. First of all, just go ahead and throw the Dudley Boys out of the equation, as neither Devon nor Bubba has a WWE contract as of this writing. As for Brock Lesnar aligning with Punk, keep in mind Lesnar is a part-time star that will do whatever WWE asks of him so it depends on the direction creative wants to go. I'm not surprised to see the company pair Punk with Heyman as it was Punk that pushed WWE to sign him and suggested he could be used to fill the gaps in Lesnar's absence due to the limited nature of his agreement.  An outsider would assume Lesnar brought Heyman in but that's not how it happened.

The Undertaker has delivered some o the best matches in his career at Wrestlemania over the last several years. Do you agree?

The Undertaker had a storied career but he took it to a new level beginning with his match against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXV in 2009. Let me be clear. I'm not saying all of Undertaker's [Wrestlemania] bouts before this weren't good, in fact some were excellent, however, beginning at Wrestlemania XXV, Undertaker has gone on to have some of the best matches in WWE history (two against Michaels and two against Hunter). There are more than a couple things worth noting including the timing of the matches (during the latter part of his career) and the fact more than one was a "show saver."

Why did Shaquille O'Neal vs. Big Show not take place at Wrestlemania 28 this year? Any chance the match takes place at the show next year?

WWE yanked the proposed celebrity match after Shaq leaked word about it in a public interview. Not only that but many in WWE didn't want Big Show to go under to another outsider. We broke the story back in February here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium. As for celebrities at Wrestlemania XXIX next year, we currently have a story now online about a major celebrity angle at the show here.

With some of the talent backstage in WWE complaining about not getting any in-ring time, couldn't the company pair some of these talents up as tag teams and push the tag team division a little more than they have been?

It's easier said than done to provide more in-ring opportunities for talent on WWE television. In a business where outcomes are predetermined yet how one is booked has a direct correlation in how much money they make, there are always going to be people complaining about not getting on television. The best advice I can give is if an opportunity is given, it's in the worker's best interest to take full advantage of it.

Why has Christian not been seen on WWE television?

As we reported exclusively here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium last week, Vince McMahon gave a directive to make sure Christian is not prominently featured on WWE television until after he appears at TNA Bound For Glory next month. The idea is McMahon wants Christian to appear in TNA "cold." We were the first publication to break this story despite others running it without credit this week. For more, check out our exclusive update at this link.

Is Edge still under WWE contract?

No, Edge is no longer under WWE contract. His deal expired on April 30, 2012 and while the company tried to re-sign him to a deal that would allow him to still making appearances, the two sides were unable to come to terms. I was told Edge wanted something like what Shawn Michaels has to the tune of a reported $300,000 per year and WWE wasn't willing to pay that much.

Any shot Sin Cara gets a chance in the title scene?

WWE officials are high up on Sin Cara because of his international appeal and kid-friendly masked character, however, he is not seen as a main event talent in terms of WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship material. If WWE goes forward with plans for a show dedicated to cruiserweight talent, he's expected to be the focal point and would obviously be a viable candidate for cruiserweight champion should WWE decide to bring the title back.

Why is Tensai continue to get on television? Could WWE at least revert his character back to Albert?

While it's clear Tensai's push is over, he's still getting on television because he's under contract and the company is seeing what they can get out of him. As for WWE bringing him back as Albert I guess it's not out of the question since Tensai has failed but they are now booking him as a mid-card heel talent.

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