Huge Backstage Post: Updates on Finn Balor, Bray vs. Orton, Broken Hardys, Dash and Dawson, Rollins vs. Joe, and more!

Finn Balor 2017

-Finn Balor passed his impact test just after 4 PM EST. Officials were not optimistic that he was going to pass but were very happy when he did. I'm told they are going to play it safe for a little while to let him recover; it's unlikely for him to take any bumps at house shows if he works them. I'm also told it's highly likely if he does, the house show matches that he works will be very short, similar to his match on Raw. On a side note, it did visually look as though Finn wasn't 100% but he is tough as nails.

-The Bray/Orton match not only has not been finalized as of yet...it's not even close to being finalized at all. There is talk of a Balor distraction in that match and Orton not pinning Bray clean. With those things being said, don't look for WWE to address the fact that if Bray wins he would be the Smackdown Champion on Raw as they do no want to remind fans of this. Some are scratching their heads as to why WWE is pointing it out with Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho when they want fans to forget the same fact with Bray/Orton.

-Jeff Hardy has been working banged up since he arrived in WWE. While nothing is serious, he just hasn't had a break to heal up and rest. On a bigger update that everyone wants to know, the plan is for the Hardys to become BROKEN after losing the tag titles, however, there is so much more to this. WWE is working out a deal with Anthem, however, WWE will not give Anthem any royalties or perpetuity long term on merchandise. What they are trying to do is give them one lump sum to take control of the gimmick. Once settled, the development of them being Broken will then begin.

WWE realizes that the old Hardys gimmick will run its course quickly, much like the Dudleyz, and are planning long term because they realize there is lots of money in both Matt and Jeff. Here is where it gets tricky - Vince wants to split off Jeff on his own sooner than later and he wants to give Jeff a main event singles run. You may have noticed the information passed on the headset about Jeff's size about "not being small." This is due to Vince realizing how much bigger the Hardys are than most current talent, which is the opposite of 15 years ago when they were the smallest guys on the roster. Let's not forgot that not only does Vince love Jeff, but Hunter has always been big on him as well. That's always good news for a wrestler. Vince would like to do Finn vs. Jeff as well as Jeff vs. Brock down the line. So the future for both brothers looks very, very bright. At this point, as long as neither does anything incredibly stupid, both their futures are pretty much set for success.

-Big Show was a little banged up following his match on Raw.

-It is unlikely that they will use Dawson while Dash is out with the broken jaw. The broken jaw is actually much worse than we are being told as they are waiting until the swelling goes down to wire the jaw for it to heal in the correct spot. This also really hurts the Raw tag division as the only heel team they now have on is Gallows and Anderson. Look for one team to possibly flip to heel to balance things out.

-They currently are not sure how they are getting out of the Rollins/Joe finish as they don't want either guy to go under. I talked about booking into a corner months ago prior to Seth getting hurt in this feud and there is no win win.

-Speaking of a finish, Braun vs. Roman is going to be gimmicked as an Ambulance Match so that Roman does not have to be pinned.

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