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Backstage News On Ronda Rousey's Progression, Tag Team Division, Stars Going Back To NXT

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Ronda Rousey

Thomas Fenton Reports:

While Ronda is working 6 woman tags in the UK and not singles matches, there is much more to it than she is just "not ready" for a one-on-one match. A few of the underlying issues is that the call was made to make Ronda's first one-on-one match special and to keep her away for the one-on-one matches until that first big match. While this is counter productive action to due the fact house show matches are often used a tuner match and to work out things. In addition to this, WWE wants to make sure that she is fully ready for those one-on-one matches. Whether Ronda is ready or not, I am being told that is only half the reason they did not move forward with the Mickie James one-on-one program. Ronda's attitude and professionalism during all of this has truly opened many eyes at how bad she wants to be the best at it, and is putting in the hours.

Tom's Take: You're probably asking yourself as most of us are, if they are worried about Ronda's in ring work, then why is her first one-on-one PPV match against Nia Jax of all people? Well I can give you the simplest yet still head scratching answer. Official's feel that Nia is the biggest match they can do with Ronda on the RAW side and went with this minus all of the obvious and glaring issues that it may and likely will present in terms of in ring work.

Vince has once again turned on the off switch on his teeter totter views of the tag team division. For those that have likely heard me talk in the past, Vince goes up in down on tag team wrestling multiple times a year. At some points during the year he wants the tag division booked strong and many teams on each brand. You may notice this also play out on TV during different points of the year, and one of those things you can see now on both brands is on the RAW brand you have The Authors of Pain which has for the most part have been irrelevant or derogated to the Main Event show since they were brought up. On the Smackdown side we have Sanity who were sent to Smackdown during the shakeup and had vignettes made for them, almost had a name change and have not been mentioned recently.

A local advertisement in Chicago has Samoa Joe as one of the 8 men pictured in the MITB ladder match, while we all know that advertisements are far from a crystal ball of the future, with the way Big Cass has been booked and the heat on him, I think this one is pretty safe to go off of.

The recent main roster workers appearing on NXT is deeper than just a worker appearing to do a show. The Revival has died on the main roster and if you had to blame one thing you could say it was the start stop pushes over and over, due to unfortunate injuries. It has been talked about for over a year now about talent that may not be getting over on the main roster to return to NXT to get a refresh or even in some circumstances get a new character instead of cutting bait with a worker altogether. In the case of the Revival, when NXT lost Sanity and AOP in 48 hours they did not do a great job of building those next teams in line, and are still now trying to get the depth back up. In WWE's mind it was too early to push WarRaiders to that level and wanted them to grow. Now that the Revival is back in NXT for the foreseeable future, well that has not been decided yet. However this was not a one off like in the case of TylerBreeze who was brought in just over the weekend to give the show some more star prior as AdamCole was granted time off for the graduation ceremony of his partner BritBaker on her DMD.

For those wondering, the SashaBanks wanting to return to NXT full rumors that were circulating over the weekend were just that rumors. Sasha had a quote that was taken completely out of context and there is zero truth to her wanting to return their full-time.

Tom's Take: I have been saying for a long time now that I think with the popularity of NXT it is not a bad thing at all for a main roster talent that needs a character overhaul or someone who is completely stale to head to NXT. Ideally they would be there anywhere from 3 months to 6 months, build a program, have a great takeover match, and help younger talent. I think someone like a MikeBennett, who skipped over NXT would have had major success there and could have translated to the main roster better as well. To touch on the tag team portion of this, even without the injuries to the Revival, WWE has done a terrible job with tag teams coming from NXT to the main roster. If you classify Big Cass and Enzo as a team and a success then that is about the only one, from The Vaudevillains, American Alpha, The Ascention, and Lucha Dragons these teams either did not translate well to the main roster or were given up on before they could ever get started.

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