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Backstage News On WWE Wanting Current Impact Star, ROH Star's Status With The Company


While there have been recent reports that the status of former Impact champion Eli Drake is "up in the air," the truth is that WWE fully intends to sign him after a brief waiting period once his contract expires. WWE and Drake have been in communication via off the record talks through William Regal, but WWE is very sensitive to accusations of tampering and Drake has been told he might have to wait a little while before they would sign him.As we've reported, Impact is interested in selling off to WWE and although they did recently become aware of Drake's talks with Regal, they don't plan to pursue any claims of tampering as Ed Nordholm is trying to stay on the best terms possible with WWE right now, especially with the company in such dire need of revenue and WWE beginning to license more footage from Impact.

Impact hasn't given up though on resigning Drake and he's one of the few wrestlers recently to have their contract come up and actually be offered a raise by Impact instead of a pay cut. Drake originally signed with WWE five years ago, but was used sparingly and was ultimately released a year later. Like with EC3, when a former WWE developmental wrestler has made it big in Impact, WWE pulls out all the stops to right the wrong and bring their original discovery back into the fold.

ROH wrestler Flip Gordon is set to become a free agent on the first of the month and contract negotiations have hit an impasse. ROH is offering a guaranteed $1,350 per week, but wants full exclusivity on Gordon. Gordon has reached out to Impact seeing what their interest would be in a non-exclusive deal, but with Impact still trying to retain Eli Drake, they're not looking to make a big offer to Gordon.

UPDATED Friday 8:45am est: ROH increased their offer to flip gordon today to keep him, hes signing a new deal with roh.

A lot of ROH talent is frustrated by the lack of freedom they have in the company, especially with Impact beginning to allow many of their wrestlers to appear anywhere they please. While The Young Bucks are able to keep themselves relevant outside of ROH due to exceptions made in their deals, the contract being offered to Gordon, like so many ROH contracts, is extremely restrictive.

WWE has gotten themselves in hot water after it emerged recently that they were attempting to sign wrestlers already signed to the upstart Major League Wrestling promotion that recently began airing on national TV on beIN Sports.

While it was lower level scouts that were encouraging MLW talent to partake in WWE tryouts despite it being a violation of their existing contracts, the story became big enough that Vince McMahon himself found out about it and has demanded WWE investigate how such a blatant example of contract tampering not only occurred, but became public.

We are aware of the talent scout/employee, however, will not release their name at this time.

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