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Former WWE Star To Impact Wrestling, CM Punk Update, Slammiversary Plans

CM Punk

-The former Enzo Amore, now taking bookings as Real1, has his first announced appearance since rape allegations scheduled for August at an indy show in New York, but he's also been in talks with Impact Wrestling about appearing at their Slammiversary pay-per-view in Toronto next month.

As things stand right now, the two sides are very far apart on money and Real1's asking price, combined with all of the baggage of the rape allegation, have scared off a lot of promoters.

Impact is desperate for buzz and while Impact officials have been split on whether it's worth bringing in Real1, the feeling was that if he was affordable, it would be worth considering. From Impact's perspective, they'd almost be doing him a favor by being the first major group to agree to give him a chance since his legal problems.

On the other hand, Real1 is asking for more than Impact even pays their world champion Austin Aries, so sources at Impact say the chances of Real1 appearing at the pay-per-view are very small unless he drastically drops his price.

-Although CM Punk wasn't victorious at UFC 225, those close to him say he is still riding high after his legal victory over WWE's doctor. Punk believes the lawsuit was being funded by WWE, an allegation WWE has not denied, and Punk viewed the trial as a direct battle with WWE.

Punk was extremely confident heading into the trial, turning down several overtures to settle the case, including a settlement offer that was made the week of the trial after it had began. WWE also made it known to Punk through third parties that if he settled the suit and was interested in a return to the company, WWE was prepared to make an offer that far exceeded the downside of his previous contract.

While there has been a lot of chatter online about the deterioration of Punk's relationship with friends at WWE, including commentator Corey Graves, Punk has been approached a few times by former WWE friends about any interest in a return, approaches Punk understandably believes were orchestrated by WWE itself. Which is one of the main reasons he has cut ties with mostly everyone at WWE, feeling he can never trust that WWE wouldn't leverage those friendships to try to keep communication open with him.

Punk is now 0-2 in UFC and the UFC has made it clear they probably wouldn't book him in another fight, but Punk has told UFC he hasn't made up his mind yet on whether he would want to fight again and has asked that he be allowed to fight for another organization if he chooses to take another bout.

-Slammiversary XVI takes place July 22, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and while the finish of one major match has been agreed upon, the other is up in the air.

Sami Callihan faces Pentagon Jr. in a hair vs. mask match, with Callihan having agreed to shave his head, as his hair has been thinning in recent years.

In the world championship match between Austin Aries and Moose, the creative team has not decided on a finish yet, although when the match was originally booked, the initial plan was for Aries to retain. Aries is working on a short term contract that expires shortly after the show and he would have to sign an extension in order to win.

Aries has agreed to put over Moose in the event that he doesn't resign and has indicated that even if he does resign, he's fine with dropping the title.

A lot of the plans for the title picture are up in the air, but Aries has expressed that if it is decided to take him out of the world title picture for a while after the pay-per-view, he would be interested in competing again for the X division title.

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