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Backstage News On WWE Keeping Their Eyes On Kenny Omega And The Young Bucks, New Japan's United States Expansion


-Make no mistake about it, WWE is completely courting Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. When their contracts expire will The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega choose to go to WWE, or is there another option outside of their current New Japan and Ring of Honor deals?

We've talked about here on WNW Premium now for a few weeks that there will be TV executive at the All-In show who are very interested in how this group of performers has pulled off a 10,000 ticket sell out in less than 30 minutes.

The idea is simple. At this point, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega have invested in themselves, along with Cody Rhodes, who is The Mastermind behind the All-In show. Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks contracts as we've talked about it for a few weeks expire the day after WrestleKingdom 2019, on January 5th.

Well New Japan Pro Wrestling has decided to strap Kenny Omega with the World Heavyweight Championship to not only finish and complete a storyline that has lasted almost 2 years with a feud between Kenny and Okada, the fact of the matter is New Japan Pro Wrestling and their U.S. expansion is still an unknown commodity. New Japan feels that they can expand in the U.S. The New Japan show in Long Beach,California for absolute fellows and is a success for the company. However, the current Cow Palace show in San Francisco has yet to sell out and estimated numbers currently that they have only sold 5,000 tickets to the show. With the card now released, in the main event is set to be with Kenny Omega facing Cody Rhodes for the IWGP heavyweight Championship. New Japan Pro Wrestling has still not moved the number of tickets that they would like to have. New Japan Pro Wrestling will begin heavily advertising locally for the Cow Palace event in the next 24 to 48 hours, however, is it too late? With All In coming in September, you have to also think if that hurt the New Japan show or was it the timing of their event and the U.S. just not a travel expense form too many fans to partake in?

Going back to a TV exec. being at the show. Well no TV company/ and or entertainment company have vocally expressed their interest getting into the professional wrestling game. We've talked about it in WNW Premium previously that many companies have seen it. Those that have seen it may be ready to cash their chips in on The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes and on Kenny Omega.

While the WWE will continue to court Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks to their company, this will not be the only options for the superstars, and far from it.

Could we finally see another major player in the U.S. jump into the professional wrestler game? Well it sure seems like it. The Bucks and Omega, and we leave Cody out at this time due to his deal not potentially being up at the same time, have changed the face of what professional wrestling may look like going into 2019. 6 months ago, the smart money was on Omega staying with NJPW. He was even given the opportunity with their heavyweight championship. However, Omega has even gone on record questioning the booking of NJPW US expansion, venues, and dates. It is my current belief that NJPW is not a favorite and may even be a third option moving into 2019.

Wherever The Bucks and Omega choose to sign, you can expect it to be a joint effort. The question now becomes to continue to try to change the face of pro wrestling or do you cash in the stock that you built in yourself and stop gambling.

It is my current belief and belief of many within WWE that The Bucks and Omega's stock will never be higher. From a WWE stand point of potentially stopping growth of a promotion, stopping a new one from starting and adding talent.

The question transcends outside of The Elite into what do Marty Scurll and Hangman Page do when their respective deals are up in November? As we stated before, Marty turned down a deal last November and invested in himself and banked on it and won. That being said, Marty's stock is very high right now. Adam Page has been on the WWE radar for a while and in many people's opinions, including mine, he was the most improved worker in 2017. Outside of Matt, Nick, and Kenny, those two have been looked after by WWE even before All In and before the potential deals the others could receive.

We also have to understand that these are not just some Indy stars that have a name, The Elite have built their brand so high and financially do not need the machine's money, no matter how high the offer could be. For Kenny who did not sign said two things. One, he had unfinished business in NJPW. Two, they didn't have a plan for him. Well his unfinished business is done with his capturing the IWGP heavyweight championship, and secondly, trust me if they make a deal, a plan will be made. Money aside, a more intriguing factor could be if WWE offers deals that allow them to work 3 days a week. WWE has toyed with the idea starting next fall of having Smackdown stars work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Raw stars would be working Saturday, Sunday and Monday. What this will do long term for WWE is lose some house show revenue yes, that said it will make them a place people want to work for because of quality of life. Hunter and Shawn have proposed this as a way of not braking the bank on new talent as well as given talent above pay grade features to want to be with the company. They feel they will save more money and attract more stars long term than losing in house show revenue. This may be more appealing to a guy like Matt Jackson who has 2 small children.

At the end of the day, WWE will make offers to all these talents. The question remains and will play out the rest of the year is, what other option do these talent have outside of NJPW that may become available?

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