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Exclusive News On Brock Lesnar's Plans And A Possible Return At SummerSlam

Brock Lesnar live event

-WWE is continuing to work the Brock Lesnar contract situation into story-line. Not only with dates but as well with Heyman on social media. Brock has yet to re-enter the USDA testing pool and he is now 90% eliminated from fighting for UFC this year. Brock is now trying to negotiate a small deal with WWE past SummerSlam.

Officials would like Brock to return as they still feel it gives them credibility, as well as having another top name. As of now the original plan was Brock vs. Roman yet again at SummerSlam, however there have been open communications the last week or so on having this be a rematch of sorts from Wrestlemania with it being a triple threat with Brock vs. Roman vs. Rollins. Officials feels this is a better way of making sure the crowd does not completely turn on the match. Again, WWE is trying to make fans turn on Brock by telling them about contracts and him not wanting to be there in storyline. This also plays into the Ambrose factor, as one of the reasons that Ambrose has been put on holt is for a possible outing at SummerSlam. If Brock does resign again with the company they will want to keep him strong no matter what.

A SURPRISE Ambrose return during the match, and lets say a triple powerbomb throw the announcers table on Brock, keeps him strong but then leaves it up to Seth and Roman. But why you? Well WWE has realized they have built no one with Brock during his entire time with the company. They realized if he were to resign for a short time that the strong Brock could still be valuable in putting over a Demon, Monster, or McIntyre.

-As of this writing, one of the matches set to be announced for Extreme Rules is Kevin Owens vs Braun Strowman in a steel cage match.

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