Premium News On Evolution And What Is To Come For The All Women PPV, Raw Notes, Jason Jordan Update, WWE Trying To Sabotage ROH?


-While WWE did introduce the all women's show titled Evolution, they did not introduce the women's tag team title belts.The thoughts on this was because they are 3 months out and that they would have plenty of time to introduce them later and keep the interest building. I'm told having the women's tag titles is still the plan. As far as Evolution goes, Lita and Trish are already booked for the show. One of the ideas already would be to have "Besties" vs The Bellas, but this all would depend on the women involved. This is not the first time this has been brought up and all women involved have discussed this match and have wanted to have it. This show will remind many of an anniversary type special, like a Raw special, with many cameos as well as past stars. It is likely as well that NXT will have matches featured on the show. With WWE making the claim of 50 women it leaves a lot of opportunities.

-If you are wondering where WWE got the idea of the small house for Finn Balor, and I wish I was making this up, one writer saw a post on Finn's social media that had a small house on a beach and proposed that they use that and play off the fact the story-line of Corbin saying and mocking that Balor is small.

-While Jason Jordan has been cleared for sometime now, it goes back to that old term of "Creative has nothing for you". The shame in this is the super talented Chad Gable is not doing anything either right now and Raw's tag team division is so shallow that it wouldn’t be bad for any parties involved to go back to this as it helps the tag division, and gives these talent guys a story and tv time. When this idea was introduced at a meeting it was shot down pretty quickly.

-WWE and Vince in general has made it a priority to scoop up and sign any indy talent that could not only be a star down the line in WWE, but also that has drawing power with other companies. As we have stated before, that is due to selfish reasons. WWE for the most part has played nice with the ALL IN show and has not been on any sort of sabotage plan. This is polar opposite of Ring Of Honor at this point. WWE is trying to send a message that if you run MSG Mania weekend and try to compete, they will make sure they sign any talent that has expiring deals that ROH may be interested in, as well as any ROH talent who's contracts may be drawing to an end before that show. WWE is doing this for multiple reasons, on the surface the first being the obvious they do not like competition, and competition in their backyard especially. A little below the surface is WWE wants to make sure from their end that NXT sells out Mania weekend prior to the Supercard show. Now in the past few years, while shows can be labeled a sell out, NXT tickets were not hard to get at below face value from a secondary market, while ROH ticket went for much higher on the secondary market. This is simply due to the size of the arenas along with supply and demand. While NXT at Barclays seats around 15,500, MSG can seat nearly 20,000. WWE would like to take away the star power as much as the can so that MSG does not sell out that night. The feeling is there is always plenty of fans in the area traveling for Wrestlemania that weekend that both shows could have turn away crowds. The interesting factor is who will be on Supercard come April.

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