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Lesnar Plans, Rock Update, Stipulation On SummerSlam Title Match


Thomas Fenton Reports

-Officials feel Brock drawing a rift between Heyman and himself was one of the final steps in fans turning completely against him. They were happy with the heel reaction Brock ended up with at the end of the show as well as the pro-Roman chants.

- With the recent rumors of The Rock's desire to work WrestleMania next year, many have speculated that the Elias segment was planting seeds for their match. That being said, I'm being told that this is not the big match that they are planning for. If you remember, up until 8pm the day before WrestleMania this year, the plan was for The Rock to interrupt Elias' concert. Due to commitments at the last minute, The Rock was unable to make it to the show. This is an angle that WWE has wanted to do for a while now and it would not shock me if it happened at SummerSlam, but it would just be an appearance. This is not saying that I am reporting that The Rock will be there, but this would not shock me if this scenario happened. As far as a match goes for WrestleMania next year, Vince has wanted to do Brock vs The Rock for five years now, and he feels that there is no bigger match that could happen. If Brock ends up winning the UFC Heavyweight Championship of the World, it triggers him to have another fight in his champion clause, but we are talking about Brock Lesnar and as we can tell, he does not play by the same rules as other fighters. I have a feeling that Vince would pay millions to have Brock walk down to the ring as UFC Champion. In addition to all of this, Brock nor The Rock mind going under anyone. Now the other big money match would be a heel Roman Reigns vs The Rock, but as of this writing and as you can tell by the booking, WWE has no plans in doing just that.

-Brock Lesnar is advertised for the Raw after SummerSlam, now this could be the last hoorah for Brock, or it could be WWE trying to swerve their fans. That being stated, it is not out of the question for Brock to win at SummerSlam and drop the title the next night. I personally think to all the work that has been put into building Roman, it would make sense for him to win at SummerSlam and to defeat Lesnar, but we all remember WrestleMania.

-It was talked about last night of having an arrest angle with Braun with the idea that it would play into the story that Braun could not cash in if he was not there but Brock was (this was then spun into Roman being tossed out by the cops). Another idea discussed was actually having Braun come out when Brock was out in the ring, as Braun sets down the case onto the ramp to pose, while Owens would run out and steal the briefcase. This did not make the second script, let alone make the final one because most felt it would take away from Roman.

-Matt Hardy was nursing a sore back after his match, but was told that it was not serious, however, he is working banged up.

-There has been talks about having Rollins and Ziggler in a Ladder Match at SummerSlam, and I actually expect this. Both men want it, and WWE would play it off as 23 years after Shawn and Razor.

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