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2012 WWE Draft Update - New Possible Date; Dropped Completely?, Alberto Del Rio's Subtle Move To Smackdown, Legends Returning On Upcoming WWE Shows, Intricate Social Media Storyline To Introduce Dean Ambrose, New Unpublicized WWE Couple

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Richard's Backstage Blog

I've been working on a few stories going into next week and have them for you here on my Backstage Blog:


The preliminary date for the 2012 WWE Draft was tomorrow night, however, those plans have changed. Tomorrow's Raw Supershow is a three-hour episode but rather than the Draft, it will be built around the Extreme Rules "contract signing" between John Cena and Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar is scheduled to appear live. There is no update on when the WWE Draft will be held as it could be bumped to a three-hour episode in June (the June 11th episode is scheduled to be three-hours) but there have been rumblings about dropping the concept entirely with Raw now highlighting the Supershow concept.

The brand moves have been more subtle lately with Alberto Del Rioquietly moving from Raw to Smackdown last week as the company wanted another top heel on Smackdown.


- There are plans to use both Booker T and Mick Foley at upcoming international shows next month. Book, who worked the current overseas tour with the Smackdown crew, is advertised for the Raw tour of Brazil next month while Foley is advertised for the Smackdown tour of Mexico.

- Speaking of Foley, his current online angle with Dean Ambrose is the first of its kind. WWE wants to introduce Ambrose to the WWE audience by means of social media outlets such as YouTube and Twitter. WWE officials are happy with the work of Foley, making many question what is storyline and what is legitimate. Just in case you didn't realize, everything put out has been storyline.

- For those that enjoy a dose of gossip, I spoke with someone that attended Heath Slater's wedding last year in West Virginia. I was told that Wade Barrett attended the ceremony with Alicia Fox (as a couple) and Justin Gabriel was there as well. Heath told the photographer not to post photos of WWE workers on Facebook.

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