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Backstage News On The Future Of AJ Lee In WWE & Extensive Details On The *New* Plan To Negotiate A Contract Renewal With CM Punk

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AJ Lee, who is currently away on approved time off, has been keeping in contact with the WWE office. She's been told she can have as much time off as she wants. There is no heat on her and had she not asked for time off, the plan was to keep pushing her.

As for AJ's fiancé, CM Punk, no one within WWE has spoken to him. The company considers it a priority to keep AJ as happy as possible as they are still planning to attempt to re-sign Punk as the expiration of his Performer's contract nears.

We're told they're being careful not to pressure AJ for updates on Punk and simply give her what she wants. Internally, Punk is still expected back, but mainly because WWE always assumes nobody would want to leave. Guys usually change their mind. Although when it starts to get really close, WWE does panic sometimes and finally start to accept that someone could actually leave.

That's usually when talent has their best shot at a great deal, something Mark Henry has pulled off in the past.

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