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Extensive Update On The Future Of AJ Styles - Details On How He's Driving Up Interest & His Asking Price By Working In Japan & For Ring Of Honor, Interest From Jeff Jarrett's Group & When WWE Could Be An Option, Where Many See Kurt Angle Signing & How AJ

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AJ Styles is committed to New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor for the rest of the year. He continues to be "heavily pursued" by Jeff Jarrett's new group, however, AJ didn't want to be inactive this year and Jarrett's promotion isn't likely to get off the ground until the end of 2014.

We're told Styles is also curious to see how things shake out with TNA Wrestling and Spike TV. There are a lot of moving parts. Will Jarrett's promotion end up on Spike? If not Spike, what about another Viacom channel such as CMT? Will TNA keep their clearance for Impact Wrestling? It's this that has caused Styles to take a "wait and see" approach in terms of the United States and he likes working for Ring of Honor because it doesn't prevent him from working for NJPW, which carries a nice payday.

While New Japan isn't paying Styles what TNA was, between working there, ROH and select independent dates, Styles will end up earning more than TNA's final offer when they were trying to re-sign him earlier this year.

Another element to this is Styles would like to go to WWE. He's been informed through intermediaries that if they had any intention of giving him a look, it would be after a year or so when it wouldn't seem like they were bringing in one of TNA's top guys.

Styles' patient approach could end up putting him in a nice position at the beginning of next year. TNA could be more in need of top talent and if Jarrett's group signs Kurt Angle like many anticipate, Jarrett will obviously want AJ as well. Take into account that WWE could be interested by then in addition to his current options with NJPW and ROH and he would have a lot of leverage.

Remember, TNA lowballed Styles because he had nowhere to go so opting out and getting booked independently could end up making him a highly sought after free agent.

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