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All The Big News Heading Into Survivor Series Weekend

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We are going into a blockbuster "Big 4" WWE weekend with Survivor Series and we are here to keep you posted on the lasted news heading into this big weekend.

-While Paige WAS backstage this week at Raw she was also backstage at a few shows over the weekend. Paige's Instagram photo floating around with Alicia Fox was not actually taken on Monday. In fact, it was from earlier in the weekend. While Bayley hadn't been written onto Team Raw going into this Monday's show, neither had Paige. She didn't get herself into trouble and then get pulled from the Women's Raw Team like some are reporting. As of last week, it hadn't been decided officially which show she'd return to. It should be noted her debut is imminent and will happen sooner than later. While many feel it could and should be Paige ending up on Team Smackdown, do not count out the possibility of Nikki Bella making a surprise return.

-Only a select few people knew Hunter was adding himself to the Survivor Series match and even Jordan himself did not know he was out of the match until the final draft of Raw was posted backstage. As we saw on Raw, Jordan was killed and buried. Most assume a heel turn at this point. If not, Jordan will be left to float back down the card. You can't blame Jordan's in-ring work, however, his promo skills did him no favors.

-Brock was actually joking with people at Raw while smiling that wrestling AJ on Sunday is like getting the night off for him. Not in a kayfabe way, but complimentary of how great of a worker AJ and how easy it will be to work with him. Apparently, Brock was not thrilled with having to work Jinder although that is NOT the reason for the title switch on SmackDown Live.

-The decision to take the championship off Jinder Mahal wasn't due to one specific thing, but several smaller reasons. Vince had a change of heart, he has been high up on AJ Styles (even more lately than usual), awful attendance numbers, and even worse the selling of tickets in India. While not entirely Jinder's fault, India tickets are overpriced ($500+ for floor seats for a house show). Remember, attendance and ticket sales were so bad in India that they consolidated the scheduled 2 shows into only one show. However, Vince is going to perceive things the way he does and once that perception is there it's hard to change his mind.

-While I'm not saying Charlotte did or did not know Ric was in the building Tuesday night, what I can tell you is workers backstage did not see Ric until shortly before Charlotte was in the ring. They might have been trying to keep it as a surprise for Charlotte or it could just be she had amazing true emotion. Either way, it came off as a beautiful moment.

-The Owens/Zayn situation as of now seems to have died off. Many of those I have spoken with feel the actual situation is pretty vastly misunderstood with the punishment that followed. Let's face it - if they still had heat they would have been made to look way worse during this week's SmackDown Live. Do they still have a major role to play during Survivor Series? We can't confirm anything at this time. However, it's interesting to note just how many former NXT Champions will be in the match. Bobby Roode, Nakamura, Balor, Joe, add in Owens and Zayn and Triple H as the leader of that group. It could lead to Raw victory OR an NXT invasion.

Speaking of big angles for Survivor Series weekend, we are still being told, as we have been for weeks:


The plan is for Strong to enter last in the WarGames match and turn heel and align with the Undisputed CFO. On another note, they have wanted to do Cole vs. Strong for the title, yet obviously, plans changed. I can further tell you that those plans are not set in stone for Royal Rumble weekend as Drew McIntyre's stay in NXT will not be a long one.

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