Backstage Drama Brewing Between WWE And Current Superstar

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Backstage WWE

There is an interesting situation in WWE right now involving Tyson Kidd. Kidd suffered what is believed to be a career-ending spinal injury in a dark match prior to the June 1, 2015 episode of Monday Night Raw.

The belief within WWE was that the company would let him go when his contract came up earlier this year but they quietly renewed his deal. Kidd even leaked it out to friends to get it out in the public that he had agreed to a new contract. This was something that happened after WWE learned that Kidd was considering litigation against them over the injury.

Once Kidd and WWE agreed to a new contract, which was something WWE’s legal counsel recommended they do, Kidd didn’t want the public getting wind of any discord between himself and the company. His wife, Natalya, is still under contract and there are other reasons as well.

Kidd has been somewhat passive aggressive about his status with WWE, changing his Twitter name from Kidd to TJ Wilson and even admitting publicly that he doesn’t really watch the product.

He took a step forward in the passiveeagressiveness last week when noted on Twitter that he was removed from Total Divas but that fans would have to contact WWE to find out why he won’t be featured on season six. In reality, Kidd was removed due to his injury status and the company not wanting fans to learn more about his situation. This is something Kidd was candid about on Twitter, tweeting that the company did want his situation explained and that he would leave it at that for now.

Tyson Kidd underwent cervical fusion surgery in June 2015 and was lucky he wasn’t killed or paralyzed on the Muscle Buster spot gone bad. The surgery was a success but he’s nowhere near healthy enough to return to the ring and it’s not believed he’ll ever be cleared to wrestle (at least for WWE) again.

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