Backstage Heat On One Top WWE Star Gives Leverage For Another To Get A Main Event Spot, What Was Considered To Be Nonsense At This Week's Monday Night Raw, Plans For The Raw Main Event Scene

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We're told there is still some heat on Ryback for his promo on Raw last month where he proclaimed that he was going to take the entire audience to the morgue with John Cena, not to mention he lost face backstage when he tried to criticize Daniel Bryan after their match on the June 3rd episode.

WWE was planning on another Cena vs. Ryback title match at Money in the Bank at one point but when Vince McMahon started to sour on Ryback, it gave Mark Henry leverage. We're under the impression there was a deal struck for Henry to headline the pay-per-view against Cena when we broke the news of his rib cartilage injury last week. However, Henry continued to kayfabe even his closest friends about his return angle.

As for the retirement stuff, everyone knew it was nonsense and figured he had to be coming back in a prominent spot if he'd agreed to come back, but he was careful to not discuss what his angle was, even with close friends.

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