Backstage Heat Between Two Top WWE Stars

Brock Lesnar

There is massive heat between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman stemming from their match at the Royal Rumble. Gifs of them stiffing each other went viral but Lesnar often laughs that stuff off after the match and what's done is done.

In this instance though, Lesnar and Strowman had a heated confrontation backstage after the match and had to be separated by WWE officials.

Lesnar told WWE he would never work with Strowman again, although that may not even matter if Lesnar moves forward with his plan to leave WWE to return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. As things stand now, Lesnar will be losing the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, sitting out his no compete, and then fighting for UFC in the Summer.

While WWE does want to resign him, they're no longer willing to guarantee the $5 million a year downside that he's become accustomed to and Lesnar isn't willing to take any kind of pay cut. He's made it clear that for him to even consider staying, it would have to be at this current rate. WWE feels he's run out of opponents and isn't worth the money anymore. They're also very skeptical that he would do more than one more fight in UFC and hope they can resign him at a reduced rate after his return to UFC.

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