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More On Why Top TNA Names Were Featured In WWE Night Of Champions Polls, Criticism Of This Week's Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan To Get A Bodyguard?, Why Big E Langston Has Been Off Television

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Backstage WWE news and notes…

- A lot of speculation regarding the use of Sting and Hulk Hogan in the polls that were highlighted on the Night of Champions pay-per-view carried over this week to the television tapings. Both of their respective contracts with TNA Wrestling are coming up and both are believed to have WWE aspirations. While we've written quite a bit about Hogan re-opening his relationship with Vince McMahon and WWE, it's been a while since we've penned any material about Sting.

Sting was as close as he's ever been to going to work for WWE two years ago. Many observers believe if Sting is ever going to do it, this may be his last chance. While Sting is seen as "a true professional," he's trying to set himself up for retirement and knows there is a lot of money to be made in WWE. If he does decide to do a WWE run, it won't be for a lot of matches but it will be enough to collect some hefty paychecks and open up more doors when he officially ends his in-ring career.

- Fans were crapping on the babyfaces that came out on Raw this week, saying it was the B-squad. The problem is that was the top babyfaces minus CM Punk as the roster is ravaged by injury and wasn't deep at the top to begin with.

- We're told there was talk about giving Daniel Bryan a bodyguard, which is a role that's been examined for Big E Langston. This is also one of the reasons why Langston hasn't been on television as much so they could leave the possibility. We're told it may have been scrapped for now but we can also confirm there was talk of making Langston the new Paul Heyman Guy. Obviously, that role went to Ryback.

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