Backstage Insight into Enzo, Rich Swann and Another 205 Live Star in Hot Water


While WWE continues to conduct their own investigation into the Enzo Amore rape accusation, they've recently
concluded two other investigations.

With charges dropped against Rich Swann and WWE concluding that Swann had been honest with them throughout the
process, the plan is to bring him back, especially since firing him could lead to bad PR if his wife were to complain. With
Swann and Su Yung haven't reconciled, the alleged victim in the incident would be punished just as much if Swann were
to lose his job.

The Enzo Amore scandal has made WWE want to wait longer than previously planned before bringing back Swann as
WWE feared that if they brought him back in the midst of the Enzo media storm that Swann would be unfairly tied to
that situation by potentially having his return and the incident he was involved in mentioned in some of the same articles
covering the accusations against Enzo.

While Swann hasn't been told a start date yet, it could be sooner than later as Enzo ultimately being fired instead of just
suspended helps distance him from the company.

As for why Enzo was initially suspended before being fired, while the reports are true that WWE was very upset to learn
that Enzo had been hiding the police investigation from them, they were even angrier that the story Enzo told WWE was
not consistent with the story he told police.

The police report hadn't been made public yet, but WWE still managed to learn details from the police report and felt the
version of events Enzo told WWE and the version of events he told police did not add up. So whether Enzo was lying to
WWE or whether Enzo lied to the police, he was lying to one of them, if not both, and at that point the decision was
made to fire him.

We had reported previously that WWE had been investigating an incident involving 205 Live star Lince Dorado, stemming
from a writer claiming they had been threatened by Dorado. The writer actually claims Dorado threatened to kill him
during a heat argument, which is why Dorado was sitting at home for nearly six months.

During the course of WWE's investigation, they interviewed several people who witnessed the altercation and all of them
backed up Dorado's story that he didn't threaten to kill the writer. The writer is not well liked and while sources we've
spoken with say Dorado did in fact threaten the writer, the fact that nobody would take the writers side in interviews
with WWE meant WWE had no grounds to fire him and even if the accusation was true, with multiple witnesses claiming
it wasn't, WWE decided to bring back Dorado with a bit of a push to make up for sitting him at home for so long.

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