Backstage News On Why Brock Lesnar Was Not on Raw, WrestleMania Plans for Strowman, Miz, Cena and More!

Brock Lesnar

-The Brock Lesnar situation on Raw last night is leaving many scratching there heads on what happened. Here is the update and what we know. Brock had a conversation sometime on Monday before Raw with Vince and Hunter who were looking for some answers in regards to what was going on with the Dana White thing. Brock got upset and in turn was not on Raw. Vince sees Brock using a UFC return as a bargaining chip again. While in the past it was Dana White who was played off by Brock, in this case, Brock is just looking to maximize his value and play both sides on a new deal. While for the most part during this run Brock has been a "good soldier" ...for the most part. He does what he is asked of, however, Brock is said to kind of "over it" at this time. Again, it could just be another bargaining play for Brock, however, Brock does have a track record to get bored with something and then just moving on. From a UFC standpoint, they are desperate for any kind of big fight and their hope is that Jon Jones gets cleared from his failed test and that they can do the super fight of Jones vs. Lesnar late this year. While this has not been discussed and is just a thought, to me, it would help both sides if Brock stuck it out with WWE and WWE helped promote this fight with a PPV cut it would bring more cross over fans than normal. This situation is definitely still developing and we should have more on it tomorrow.

-The Braun vs. Miz WrestleMania match has been scrapped and Braun is being used as a backup plan for not only Brock but if something comes about with the Roman Steroid investigation. As was apparently on Raw, Miz now is lined up to take on Finn and Rollins in a triple threat match for the IC title which also may have a ladder match stipulation.

-WWE has gone back and forth on Asuka at WrestleMania the original plan was for her and Charlotte, and then it went to her and Alexa, and now it is up in the air. The thought is to go back to the Charlotte match but to wait till after Fastlane. One of the issues here is WWE does not feel Alexa vs. Nia is a big enough match for WrestleMania and that there is still a lot of moving parts here.

-WWE's plan as of now is obviously Angle and Ronda vs. Hunter and Steph, if they can somehow land the Rock they would run an angle (no pun intended) to take out Angle and replace him, however, those talks have not developed like the WWE had hoped.

-John Cena will be working Fastlane and likely against Nakamura or Rusev. However, the plan, for now, is to do John Cena vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania.

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