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Backstage News On The Chaotic Atmosphere At This Week's Raw Supershow - The Reason For The Return Of Mr. McMahon Despite Him "Losing All Power" In Storyline, Dysfunction Between Upper Management & The Writing Team, Details On How Raw Was Being Rewritten R

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To recap the atmosphere backstage at this week's Raw Supershow, there was major panic over the 2.7 cable rating the Memorial Day show did last week. The last time Raw scored this type of rating was in December of last year when Monday Night Football did a huge rating.

Vince McMahon blew a gasket over last week's number and laid it out on Sunday that he wanted to bring back the Mr. McMahon character and book John Cena with Michael Cole in the opening and closing segments of this week's show in attempt to hotshot ratings.

One of the major causes of concern from the writing team was how they were going to explain Mr. McMahon coming back to "evaluate the job performance" of John Laurinaitis when in storyline, the character was "removed" and "lost all power." Vince's response to the question was something along the lines of "no one believes or remembers that." I'm told more than one writer rolled their eyes as if to say why are they booking things they don't buy let alone the fans. Another writer was annoyed that not only were they trying to create a new storyline between Cena and Cole but also try and cover up for the long-term McMahon storyline.

This week's show was re-written until nearly one hour before the taping began. In an act of pure unwillingness to write scripts together, a follow-up on Christian vs. Cody Rhodes was scrapped and Sin Cara was added last minute.

I'm told the reason the Abraham Washington storyline "comes and goes" because it's simply forgotten some weeks. It was mentioned he would be managing Primo & Epico this week but as was seen on last night's show, there was no sign of any of them.

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