Backstage News On Crazzy Steve To WWE, Possible Delay Of Women's Tournament?

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Crazzy Steve

While the former Crazzy Steve from Impact Wrestling has not actually signed a WWE deal yet, reports of his eventual signing are true and he's just waiting to clear all of his medical and wellness testing. He's expected to report to NXT next month, maybe sooner depending on how long all of the paperwork takes.

Instrumental in the company's interest is actually Stephanie McMahon, who became very interested when she learned about Steve being legally blind and the challenges he faces as a wrestler due to the problems with his vision. Stephanie felt Steve had an inspirational story that could be of benefit to the company in terms of doing publicity or public relations about the challenges he's faced in his career.

Crazzy Steve isn't the only member of Decay that WWE is interested in. There has also been talk of signing Rosemary later in the year once her contract is up with Impact Wrestling. Triple H wants her in the WWE Network Women's tournament, which has been delayed again. It's not expected to begin until after Rosemary is a free agent and Triple H wants her to represent Canada in the tournament.

WWE has their eyes on other Impact wrestlers as well, but they don't want to get too aggressive until after everything is settled with Anthem in terms of the negotiations for the "Broken" intellectual property. WWE doesn't want to risk talks breaking down over harsh feelings if Anthem feels like WWE is going for the jugular with talent raids.

Once the "Broken" negotiations are fully signed and settle, WWE is planning to ramp up their pursuit of a few more Impact wrestlers, especially with some of the ROH signings being delayed due to previous legal threats from ROH.


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